How To Clean Bird Poop Off Brick Properly

Brick patios are often the best place for comforting, chatting, and enjoying time with family and friends. However, those wonderful times can turn into a nightmare when seeing bird poop sit on your patio bricks, creating an ugly impression.

So, how to clean bird poop off brick quickly and effectively? Lucky for you, we have researched some methods to keep your brick clean and prevent bird poop from dropping on the brick surface with proper techniques.


How To Clean Bird Poop Off Brick – 6 Common Methods

You have always had a great impression on birds with their beautiful melodies and elegant appearance until their bird droppings invade your personal space!

When your yard suddenly becomes a public “toilet” for birds, their droppings can turn into your worst enemies. Do not allow disease-ridden bird poops to ruin your enjoyment!

First of all, the bird’s poop has a high level of acidic content. Since birds don’t need to consume too much water compared to other animal species, their biological processes generate many uric acids that result in concentrated fecal matter. 

Thus, it would help if you put on your gloves and face mask when dealing with the bird poop. These items will help protect you from several diseases present in the bird droppings. 

Besides, bird fecal can penetrate the surface, resulting in yellow stains and harmful chemical reactions caused by the uric acid. 

Your brick patios will create such an ugly sight with many bird droppings on the bricks. Moreover, exposure to pigeon droppings can lead to various health problems. 

Hence, the removal of bird droppings helps reduce their adverse effects. If you would like to know the methods to clean bird poop off brick, do not worry, we will provide you with the top 6 easy methods for cleaning bird poop bricks.

Act Immediately

You see some annoying bird poops on the brick’s surface and realize they have not yet hardened. It is the best time to get rid of them quickly! Let’s go inside, grab some paper towels, and start wiping out the bird poop. Remember not to let it have any chance of becoming sticky and hardened on the brick surface.

As the fresh droppings can absorb quickly into the surface, quick actions can prevent them from spreading or soaking further. Remember not to use sharp objects while cleaning because you may accidentally scrape off the brick’s outer layer.

It would be best if you brought along stone pads while cleaning the bird droppings. After having everything ready, please only focus on getting rid of those bird poops on your beautiful surfaces as fast as possible!

Use Liquid Washing

The dishwashing detergent can help you eliminate stubborn stains on various surfaces. Since this substance is designed for washing plates, bowls, pots, etc., it works pretty well on other surfaces, too.

Besides, you can also mix a little mild detergent like Dawn or Simply Green with hot water into a bucket.

Also, to effectively use the detergent, you should prepare a soft-bristled brush to scrub away the bird droppings. You apply a small amount of dishwashing on the droppings and use a bristle brush to rub off the stains. 

This might give you the chance to loosen out the stubborn stains and the bird poop in most situations. Rinse with a hose when everything is done.

Make Use of A Hose

When you finish cleaning off as much bird poop as you can, a garden hose is needed to clean the remaining mess. The stream of water should finish the job of wetting the spot. Please direct the hose to go over the leftover stains, and they will be gone in no time.

Nevertheless, there might be a chance that the bird poops “invade” other areas when a hose is in use, so you should remember to pay close attention during this process.

For getting rid of dried droppings, turn on the hose at low pressure to prevent germ-infested droppings from the air. Again, use a gentle stream and rinse with the hose.

Apply Pressure Washing

Another standard method available to most people is pressure washing. This method, also called power washing, refers to high-pressure water to eliminate the bird’s poop from brick objects and surfaces. 

We often use liters or gallons to determine the volume of a mechanical pressure washer (per minute). The sheer gravity generated by the water is enough to remove dirtier stains and bird poop. Moreover, a pressure wash will remove the dirt and grime over the year.

Thus, If you want larger areas cleaned the right way, this method will not let you down. Remember to apply pressure washing sparingly since excessive power washing can harm the brick and mortar over time.

Use Something Permeable

Please note that this method only works wonders when the bird poops are still damp and effortless to wipe off. Simply take a paper towel or a duster, and place it over the spots where the bird poops are. The duster will soak the uric acid and ease the stain from the dirty surfaces.

You can lightly clean the remaining dirt or sprinkle a little water on it for a thorough removal. If the bird droppings’ concentration is relatively high, it’d be best to use cat litter because it can be highly permeable and help remove the stains.

Let the cat litters do its magic for a few minutes; then a broom is needed to sweep everything sideways.

Use Household Cleaners

These household cleaners can leave you in awe when it comes to removing ugly stains from various types of surfaces. To ensure that you find a suitable product, you should buy a specialized carpet cleaner for brick surfaces. 

Next, you apply the cleaning substances on the bird poops and then clean off the stain.

These cleaning products are an excellent and useful method for bird poop removal. It performs like magic to eliminate almost any type of bird droppings. Furthermore, it is also one of the best organic solutions available in case you don’t have a household cleaner available in your home at that time.

It would help if you prepared the mixture using vinegar, laundry detergent, and warm water.  Although this mixture creates a relative substance, it is still powerful enough to remove the bird droppings. You might use the cleaner on the spot that’s covered with bird dropping and wait for five minutes.

The chemical in the wash cleaner will make it simple for you to clean the bird droppings effectively. Also, remember to use a wet washcloth because it will help enhance the cleaning effect.

The scrubbing force combined with cleaning power is enough to deal with all the bird droppings. When the dirty spots have been removed, you should give your brick patios the last cleanup with water. 

A bristle brush is also another great tool to clean your brick. The bristles will dig into the brick, concrete, or roofing tile crevices and scrape away the remaining bird poop. 

Make sure that you have to clean the brush carefully after use because bird faeces is filled with bacteria. You need to fill your bucket with some water, then wet your brush in the bucket and scrub the affected area. Coldwater does not eliminate the bird droppings, so please use warm water during the process. Then, let the brick surface air-dry.


We have given you some tips on how to clean bird poop off brick. When exposed to pigeon droppings, you can easily encounter potentially fatal lung diseases, such as cryptococcosis and histoplasmosis. Hence, knowing how to deal with bird droppings properly can reduce the chance of getting unwanted diseases to a minimum. 

Besides, removing bird poop won’t be that big of a deal if you remain patient and careful during the process. We hope this article has provided you with the necessary information, tips, and guidance on this matter. Thank you for reading!

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