The Ultimate Guide on How to Clean Bird Poop off Concrete

Animal waste is a threat to humans’ health and the environment as it contains various micro-bacteria and pathogens harm, which can cause severe infectious diseases and conditions for humanity. 

However, cleaning them up can sometimes be tiring because they often have a very nasty and dirty odor. Therefore, in this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know on how to clean bird poop off concrete.


Why are Bird Droppings Hard to Clean?

The major reason bird droppings are so difficult to clean is that they are often small and lumpy. Moreover, the hand-cleaning of any animal feces makes many people feel disgusting and shivering.

Bird feces are composed of ammonium oxalate (C2H8N2O4) and urate, phosphoric acid, and other salts and impurities. Nitrates are also high in bird droppings. According to chemical analysis, guano is 11-16% nitrogen (mainly uric acid), 8-12% is phosphoric acid, and 2-3% is potassium carbonate. These are the main chemicals that cause the unpleasant odor of bird waste.

How to Clean Bird Poop off Concrete

Clean bird droppings off concrete

Use A Carrying Bag and A Shovel

A feces shovel is a tool with a long handle specialized for removing bird droppings. This is always an important item in many bird-raising families’ inventory because they are truly a savior.

The benefits of a shovel is that you don’t need to bend over to remove the stool or directly touch it. This great tool will help prevent many types of waste-borne diseases because many bacteria and viruses are living in animal waste. Therefore, using a long-rolled shovel helps you to avoid the risk of serious illnesses such as abdominal pain and infections.

Another reason is the psychological factor because shovels eliminate the need to use your bare hands to directly remove the stool. Touching bird droppings from a close distance is terrible for some people. Also, you do not need to use plastic gloves, which are both inexpensive and environmentally friendly. This will surely make a lot of people happy.

Using the shovel is also very simple. All you need to do is stand from a distance, pick up your shovel and scoop up dung. The shovel is usually quite small in size, so you can easily carry it around the garden and clean it. Then, please put them in the trash.

You can also put the stool in a special stool bag – a well known and commonly used method of handling guano. This method reduces the amount of odors you have to be exposed to. Even if you leave the bags in the trash for a few weeks, you won’t have to smell unpleasant if the stool bag is carefully tied up. 

It would be best to have a separate trash can for animal waste, and you need to clean it up regularly. If you put bird droppings in the same garbage can as household waste, the smell of waste will mix with the smell of other types of trash, isn’t it disgusting?

Use Chemicals for Cleaning

Another method that comes in handy when handling bird droppings is the use of chemicals. Using specialized industrial cleaning chemicals is the simplest way to return clean space to all surfaces.

The most effective for concrete surfaces is to use detergents with a cleaning composition consisting of acid and sulfate radicals. These chemicals typically have a pH> 7 when tested with anemone, helping to clean surfaces contaminated with bird droppings quickly.

You should pour the detergent directly on the guano. The chemicals will react and cause dirt to come off the concrete surface. It would help if you used a brush and scrubbed it gently to make the cleaning process faster. Last but not least, rinse it with clean water. If you love cleanliness, you can choose deodorants to help get rid of the smell of guano.

When using non-organic detergents like these, you should wear gloves when handling to avoid peeling or blistering hands. In some more severe cases, chemical burns can result, causing serious consequences in the future. 

Use Probiotics to Decompose Waste

In recent years, scientists have invented probiotics to help bird manure decompose and reduce odor and toxicity. Simply understood, this is a microbial population that is isolated, cultured, and preserved for application to waste treatment purposes.

This technology applies microorganisms’ activity capable of decomposing garbage into smaller components, metabolic products of microorganisms or CO2, CH4 gases. During operation, they will speed up the decomposition of bird droppings and help minimize environmental pollution around you. 

The main ingredients are Bacillus bacteria and the thermophilic Streptomyces bacteria. Using probiotics helps you not have to clean manually anymore; also, you can create a natural fertilizer source for plants.


Cleaning stools can be difficult and sometimes frightening when exposed to dirt and odors. However, it helps if you still do them to keep the environment clean and prevent diseases. After reading this article, we hope that you can find a simple yet effective solution on how to clean bird poop off concrete. Thank you for reading.

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