How To Clean Clogged Toilet Pipes – An Ultimate Guide

Clogged toilet pipes or clogged toilets all negatively affect our daily activities and turn everything upside down. When the waste cannot float into the septic tank, it will decompose and cause a terrible smell for your bathroom, allowing bacteria to grow. 

Do you want to deal with this? Let’s find out how to clean clogged toilet pipes through our in-depth guide below.

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How To Control Situation

Stop Flushing Many Times

When you notice the toilet is clogged, the first thing you might do is to flush many times to wash away the waste or garbage. But you are making a big mistake! If the litter is too thick or condensed, it cannot disappear even when you have let out a vast amount of water. On the contrary, it will overflow, making the case worse than you can imagine.

Take Things Causing The Clog Out Immediately If You Can

You should find the obstruction of your toilet in this situation. In case you see the stuck objects, let’s put on gloves and remove it from the toilet. 

How To Clean Clogged Toilet Pipes By Yourself


Using Plungers – Classic Way!

Using a plunger is considered the most convenient way to clean the pipes as many families own this item. You have to push it as gently as you can so that the air inside can be blown. Remember not to push too hard, or dirty things will definitely jump on you. 

After that, pump it up and down strongly several times, then you can take it out and water will flow away easily. If not, we recommend you to repeat this till things get better. 

Using Plumbing Snake

Another favorable item in every house is a plumbing snake. There is a special version made for the bathroom, and make sure you use it instead of the regular one to avoid damage to your toilet.

Firstly, you put its head in the bowl and clockwise turn the handle slowly. When you feel something stuck inside, let’s take it back. Repeat this step until the water can flow through the pipe.

Using Dish Soap – Let’s Tidy Up!

Dish soap – the kitchen item that we all need. But how effective is it? 

In order to quickly fix the problem, you can pour it into the toilet with an appropriate amount depending on the cause of the clog. It is vital to wait for a moment so that the clog can be handled. Then, let’s pour hot water instead of boiling one and leave it alone. That’s how you clean clogged toilet pipes. Sounds simple, right?

Using Hanger – Fashion Time!

You can consider using a hanger as an alternative solution when it comes to lacking a plumbing snake. First, bend the hanger into a straight stick except for the hook. To avoid damage to your toilet, you had better wrap the hook with a small towel. 

The next step is to put it slowly into the bowl and try to find the clog. When you see the water start running, you can flush the toilet a few times.

Using Baking Soda, Vinegar With Hot Water – Science Time!

Remember this way does not come in handy when you have a hard object in your toilet. You need to boil water as long as it is hot just like your tea or milk, or else, it will destroy the porcelain.

While waiting, you can combine baking soda with vinegar in a ratio of 1:2. Next, pour water (not boiling) into the toilet bowl and let the mixture do its job. Meanwhile, we advise you to go to sleep and see how efficient it is the next morning.

Using Wet Vacuum

You have to use this particular kind of vacuum without using the ordinary. First, suck all the water in the bowl by the vacuum. Besides, you can deeply put the hose into the toilet bowl and take a small towel to maintain its position. Also, let the vacuum work afterward.

Using Chemical Drain Cleaner – Be Careful

These cleaners have toxic chemicals, so it will be best if you use them as the last solution. However, these products are not effective when the cause of the clog is hard, like toys. In this case, you have to use the only toilet – cleaning purposes. 

Make sure to wear a mask and gloves first as well as carefully follow the instructions.

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How to Unclog If You Did Not Success

After all, if you cannot remove the clog when you’ve tried your best with those above methods, let’s call a plumbing service for help. Of course, the workers are all professionally trained, the companies are officially licensed and even work 24/7.

Some Tips To Prevent

Be Aware Of What Can Be Flushed

Many people flush everything down toilets no matter what. However, keep in mind that big objects will block the pipes and just stay in your toilet, then the clog appears as a result. Hence, you should check whether the items can be tossed or not by seeing the way they disintegrate in your water bucket or bowl.

Know When To Flush

The clogs appear even when you only toss things that can disintegrate because there are too many. This is not the trash bin, so you should flush when it is necessary and do not rinse all your wastes at the same time.

Be Tidier

Do not put toilet items on the shelf as they may fall into the toilet bowl and cause a clog. Simultaneously, you ought to clean the toilet regularly instead of waiting till the pipe is clogged.

Observe Regularly

You should know when your toilet needs to be taken care of. Pay attention to the flush to notice immediately when it’s suddenly slow and weak. Don’t wait until things get worse; use the plunger or plumbing snake as soon as possible.


These are many beneficial ways of how to clean clogged toilet pipes that you can consider. They are simple yet effective as well as help you save a lot of your money. We do hope you will find more useful tips for toilet problems after reading this post.

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