Super Easy Steps On How To Clean Cork

Cork has excellent resistance to temperatures and is a very eco-friendly material. However, do you know how to clean cork correctly instead of over-watering them? You can clean all types of cork things with our quick steps!

Let’s kick right in!

How to Clean Cork

Clean Your Cork Floor

Step #1: You should remove dirt and dust visibly on your cork floor before doing any other cleaning. A vacuum, or a robot vacuum cleaner, or simply a sweeper could be your best assistant for this task.

If you leave dust on your cork floor for a long time, it absolutely can scratch the floor and make unpleasant marks.

Step #2: Next, you could prepare a cleaner mixture to deal with stubborn stains on your cork floor. It is straightforward and affordable to make a cleaner at home.

All you need is ¼ cup white vinegar and 4 cups warm water. In case you run out of white vinegar or do not like its smell, you can replace ¼ cup vinegar with a few drops of soap.

Another option for you is store-bought cork cleaner. Despite its convenience, be aware of the bleaching ingredients in it! It could “dye” your cork floor into a lighter color.

Step #3: Now, get ready to work out with your mopper. You can wet your mop with a prepared cleaner and wash all over the cork surface.

You also want to avoid using a steaming mop since a large amount of water by this machine could damage the cork floor.

Step #4: If you still see some tough stains on the cork floor, you should wear a pair of gloves and do some hand-scrubbing. This step only requires a small amount of soap and a cloth or a brush.

You don’t have to scrub the cork floor every time you clean your house. But scrubbing once or twice a year will help maintain your cork floor.

Step #5: Lastly, you should rinse cleaner and dust on your mop and wash the floor with some water again. Then, let your cork floor dry completely.

Make Small Cork Items Like New Again 


Step #1: There are many small things made from cork such as bottle stoppers, heels, fishing rod grips, etc. The process of cleaning these items is the same as cleaning the cork floor.

The first step you should do is removing noticed dust and dirt on your cork items with a cloth and some water.

You can rinse some cork items that usually are wet, like fishing rod grips, under the running water.

Step #2: Now, let’s prepare some cleaner. You can wash your cork items with the same cleanser that you make to clean the cork floor.

Cleaning products with blenching and Swiffer chemicals are unnecessary and even harmful for your cork things.

Step #3:  In this stage, a cloth or a brush will help take away the stains. You can apply cleaner to cork items by either spraying directly on its surface or deep your cloth and brush in the cleaner.

You don’t need to rub hard on the whole surface. Spotting the tough stains first and only focusing on scrubbing them will help you clean your things faster.

Step #4: After removing all stains and dust on your cork items with your cleaning mixture, you should rinse the remaining cleaner off them with water. Leftover soap on the floor could cause a greasy film after it dried.

Now, let your corks be as dry as a bone. Don’t be impatient and use your items right away.

How to Maintain Cork

Don’t leave water sitting on your cork floor because it could damage your cork surface. You should use some tower paper or a dry cloth to soak and wipe up all the spills.

The water under your indoor trees or the water from your pet bowls could damage your cork floor overtime. If you have some things which often spill water on your cork surface like those, you can put a tray or a mat under them to protect your cork floor.

You can also use some sandpaper for sanding your cork floor or any cork items. Our advice is rubbing gently and in only one direction. Sandpaper could remove a whole layer of dust and the top layer of the cork floor. So, don’t do this too often.

Well, after all the cleaning, you can protect your cork surfaces with some cork sealant. It could last your clean cork surface longer and prevent any deterioration.

Tips for Cleaning Cork Efficiently

Tip #1: You can put your cleaner in a spray bottle to apply smoothly on any surfaces.

Tip #2: After cleaning your cork bottle stoppers, you should disinfect them and store them for the next use. Applying a little hydrogen peroxide or boiling in water are easy ways to get your cork stoppers nice and ready-to-use.

Tip #3: A clean cork surface is excellent, but you don’t want any ugly marks on it. Therefore, you should rub with a soft cloth that will not scratch your surface.

Tip #4: Don’t put too much cleaner on cork items while cleaning them. It will make you clean more instead of helping clean quicker.

Tip #5: You also can reuse your old toothbrush to scrub a tiny resistant stain on your cork surfaces.

Tip #6: Your cork floor may need to be refurbished after a few years. You should note this using direction from the manufacturer to maintain your cork surfaces better.

In Short

How to clean cork is like a piece of cake after our quick steps and tips, right? You can clean all types of made-from-cork goods simply with some cleaner and a cloth.

We hope you find this helpful and don’t forget to like and subscribe to our blogs. See you in our next posts!

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