How To Clean Cowhide Rug Dog Urine

Cowhide rug has become a stylish decoration for modern housing. Though considered a short-lived, chemical container that can not be cleaned, a cowhide rug needs proper maintenance and care, just like the other housing rugs and interiors.

One of the most frequent questions in washing this type of rug is how to clean cowhide rug dog urine. Having a pet alongside is the simple happiness of the owners. However, what would you do if your dear puppy leaves its drops on your cowhide rug? It is easier than you think. Keep scrolling down for more details.

How to clean urine from cowhide rug

How to Clean Cowhide Rug Dog Urine – A Detailed Guideline


A cowhide rug is easily maintained, durable, and a bonus, a stain-resistant one. It seems to be effortless to clean; however, the cowhide rug needs special and proper care to maintain its brand-new look, fresh smell, and durability. 

To begin with the cleansing progress, you should wrap up these simple  elements: water, white vinegar, sponge, vacuum cleaner, baking soda, and a blunt knife.

Please keep in mind that a cowhide rug should never be soaked and saturated with water since that will damage its texture. Following up, we provide you with six-core steps in cleaning and deodorize your rug.

Six Basic Steps

The first step is making a mixture of water and vinegar. Its proportion should be two glasses of water and white vinegar (about one tablespoon). This combination is used as a light detergent to remove bacteria and slightly decrease the smell.

Next, apply the solution with the sponge and gently tap on the urine area so that the mixture drop by drop permeates through the rug. You may pour the liquid inside a spray bottle and spray the other side of the spot. This action will make sure that the odor is removed and balance PH.

Then you leave the rug dry outside the house, perhaps on your backyard or rooftop. Let the sun penetrate to kill all the moldy germs and uric odor.

When the three first steps are done, we begin the final three ones. Starting with the baking soda, sprinkle it on the uric area once the rug is completely dried. Baking soda is used as a diluted odor neutralizer, removing the scent and bacteria remaining inside the carpet.

  • You should sprinkle just enough baking soda only on the uric area and leave it for 24 hours in case the acid characteristic in baking soda may damage your rug. But in general, do not worry because natural enzyme solutions like baking soda are safe for cleansing rugs.

Afterwards, use the vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda and the dust as well. 

  • Note that you should put the cleaner on the hard floor setting when vacuuming to suction easier and quicker. By then, you need to lower the suction mode to reduce the  damage to your rug hair. This action is like using a hairdryer; you use the lower heat after a low heat mode to maintain the texture.
  • Another notice you should follow is that vacuuming must be along with the hair’s lay, or else bald spots will appear as hair falls out. 
  • Starting vacuuming from the middle out is the ideal way. You might begin with the urine spot, then turn towards the edge, make a full circle to finish this step. The rug will be vacuumed with the lay of hair; not only is dust washed away, but the texture is also maintained.
  • If baking soda or dust still sticks on hair, use a bristle brush instead. You brush the rug and vacuum it after that.

Last but not least, take a blunt knife and scrape the uric spot. The purpose is to let your cowhide rug become fluffy as it is new. In case trying all this process but still have no positive results, you should look for the right tools and specific detergents to remove it.

General Advice

Caring and maintaining a cowhide rug requires patience since beautiful things need special care. You want to keep your wig away from pet urine; then, firstly, it is necessary to teach and train your pet where they should urinate.

Dogs, as well as cats, are animals, and all animals are creatures of habit. Unless you teach them well, they will time after time mistake the rug for their toilet. They, for sure, really enjoy doing that as it marks their territory. According to animal studies, when dogs smell their scent, they keep refreshing that scent to warn other animals.

Training your pet is another way to rescue your rug

This means they will keep urinating on your lovely cowhide rug if there is no punishment or toilet training from you. Dogs will take it as permission unless you do something, trust us.

So the very first step in rescuing your rug from pet urine is teaching them where to urinate and have bowel movements. Do not spare the rods because you will spoil your pets. 

The following advice is that you should clean your rug regularly to maintain a fresh look. And remember, you should also keep an emergency cowhide cleaning product in case your pet pees and you have guests at the same time. You probably do not want to leave odor and stain while your guests are still in your house.


After skimming through this article, we believe you have found yourself an answer on how to clean cowhide rug dog urine properly. We have provided you with detailed preparation, an easy process with six steps, and general advice to maintain your cowhide rug’s brand-new look, fresh smell, and durability.

Try to apply this and let us know if you have another method.

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