How To Clean Fabric Sofas Without Water

Fabric sofa is commonly used globally because of its luxury, convenience, and ease of combination with many other furniture items. Besides, a fabric sofa’s cost is also much cheaper than a leather sofa, especially one made from real leather. 

However, over time, fabric sofas can easily become dull by dirt, pet hair, spilled soda, crums, oil from your feet and hands and are difficult to clean. In the usual way, we often have a habit of using water to clean everything. But in this case, water is not the best solution for your fabric sofa. 

Why not use water to clean the fabric sofa? How to clean fabric sofas without water? Let join us to find out the answer to these questions through the article below. This post will give you a comprehensive guide on how to clean fabric sofas properly. Check it out now!


Why Not Use Water To Clean The Fabric Sofa?

To clean any furniture in the house, the first thing that often comes to our mind is water. However, not all fabric sofas can use water to remove stains. In some cases, water can cause the stain to spread further and cause more damage to your sofa. 

Moreover, using too much water also affects the wooden sofa frame and the pillars. Therefore, determining whether your fabric sofa is suitable for water cleaning by relying on the sofa’s tag is the first thing you have to do. 

We will help you explain the meaning of the abbreviations on the tag in the table below.

Acronyms Stand for Meaning
W Water-based detergent You can use water or water-based detergent to clean fabric sofas. In this case, a water-based detergent is a solution that uses water as the key component.
S Solvents You must not use water for cleaning. To clean your fabric sofa, you can use solvents.
S-W or W-S Water and solvent-based cleaners You can use either dry-cleaning detergent or a water-based solvent with a steam vacuum.
X Vacuum only You can use a professional service for shampooing, use either bristle-brush or vacuum alone.
O Organic Your fabric sofa is made from organic materials, and you should clean it by using cold water.

In the scope of this article, we will introduce to you how to clean fabric sofas without water. 

How To Clean Fabric Sofa Without Water? 

How to Spot Cleaning Fabric Sofas Without Water? 

Step 1: Pre-clean Fabric Sofa

To pre-clean the fabric sofa, you need to remove all the particles or debris from the surface with a hose attachment or a dust-buster on a vacuum cleaner.

First, you use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum all dirt from the sofa surface. Then, use the vacuum’s hose attachment to get into the crevices and remove dust in it. Next, vacuum the base of the sofa and remove the cushions cover.

Step 2: Remove the Stubborn Dirt

You can use a bristle brush to break up any stubborn dirt caked in your sofa and suck away the dirt afterward with a vacuum cleaner. However, you must scrub it carefully and not rub too hard, damaging the fabric.

Step 3: Remove Fur and Lint from The Sofa

In some cases, your vacuum cleaner is unable to remove all pet hair or lint. It would be preferable if you were to extract these hairs again by using a lint roller. Make sure that you do not leave any fur or lint on your fabric sofa.

Step 4: Clean the Hard Surfaces

Some sofas are designed to expose slats or other materials to the outside, which you need to clean. You can choose a versatile surface cleaner or a cleaning product appropriate to clean exposed hard surfaces.

Most importantly, to avoid unwanted chemicals on your fabric sofas, you should spray detergent on a clean tissue or towel before wiping the chair instead of spraying bleach directly onto the hard surface. 

Step 5: Clean Fabric Sofa with Alcohol or Vinegar

For fabric sofas that cannot be cleaned with water, you can use alcohol or vinegar to clean them. Prepare a clean towel, dip it into alcohol or vinegar, and then rub the stains until they disappear. 

In case you use alcohol to remove the stain, you should use a clear alcohol, such as rubbing alcohol or vodka. Besides, if you are unsure whether your sofa can use alcohol, or vinegar for cleaning, you can test the product in a discreet place before mass cleaning.

Step 6: Repeat All of The Process as Needed

In the event that you have followed all the above steps, but the stain has not been removed, let’s repeat the procedure until it disappears. You can also use a commercial cleaner, upholstery, or carpet cleaner to remove the stubborn stains. You have to spray these detergents on the stain and then wipe them off after letting them sit for 10 to 20 minutes.

How to Deeply Clean Fabric Sofa Without Water – Using Dry Cleaning Solvent

Dry cleaning solvent is a water-free solution in its composition. This article will show you how to clean fabric with dry cleaning solvent following the steps below. Before starting the step tutorial, you need to prepare a dry cleaning solution bottle. You can order it over the internet or buy it in the supermarket. Now, let’s start! 

Step 1: Ventilate Your Room Before Using Dry Cleaning Solvent 

Before cleaning, it is recommended to open all windows and doors for your room to be well ventilated because dry cleaning solvent smells very badly. 

Step 2: Vacuum the Fabric Sofa

After ventilating your room, you need to preliminary clean the sofa, similar to spot cleaning. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove all of the dead skin cells, debris, and dust from the fabric sofa. 

Step 3: Use Dry Cleaning Solvent

First, prepare a clean towel and apply the amount of dry cleaning solvent to it. You should apply dry solvent to a clean towel before wiping the stain instead of applying it directly to the fabric sofa. This helps you minimize the effect of detergent on the fabric sofa, such as color fading.

Then, find an invisible corner on the sofa, rub a rag on it and wait 10 minutes to check if your bleach is causing the fabric to fade. If detergent does not fade the fabric sofa color, you can continue using it. 

Next, press the rag soaked with the dry cleaning solvent on the fabric sofa’s stained part until the stain is gone. This phase might take a long time, and we need your patience. 

Do not rush to add too much dry detergent to the stain, as this will damage your fabric. For stubborn stains, you can apply more dry solvent and repeat this process if needed. 

Step 4: Dry the Fabric Sofa

Clean fabric sofa with dry cleaning solvent

Detergents that have remained on the sofa can stain or even damage the sofa’s surface for a long time. Therefore, to keep the sofa always durable and beautiful, you need to remove dry cleaning solvent right after wiping. Using a new clean cloth soaked in water, wring it out to blot up the detergent, and let your fabric air dry after that.

In A Nutshell

Fabric sofas are commonly used today because of their variety of colors, designs, and affordable prices. They give you a dynamic, modern, and comfortable living room space.

However, these sofas have the disadvantage of being difficult to clean, and not all can be cleaned with water. We believe this article “how to clean fabric sofas without water” will help you clean the sofa faster and not need too much time. The fabric sofa of your family will be as bright as new, making your family’s living space cleaner and more beautiful.

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