How To Clean Gold Plated Silverware – Effortless Cleaning Tricks

The gold plating method is nothing new! People use it widely in cutlery decoration to make them more valuable or even protect them. However, painting a thin layer of gold on the surface of another metal can turn it into a pretty delicate one and requires special care.

This article is to provide you with an informative guide on how to clean gold plated silverware in the blink of an eye. Let’s check it out!


How To Clean Gold Plated Silverware

Steps To Clean Gold Plated Silverware

Step 1

It’s important to ensure hygiene by cleaning your gold plated silverware before using them for the first time. 

First, create a mixture of a few drops of soap and hot water. Next, use it to clean each piece by hand, and leave them under running water to rinse off the soap with lukewarm water.

Step 2

After completing rinsing off the soapy water, you need to use soft paper towels to wipe away the water stains or mineral deposits immediately to avoid leaving annoying residue behind.

Step 3

Rub the gold plated silverware’s surface gently and carefully with the polishing cloth to restore the gold’s shine. If there is no equipment available, you can use your finger and rub the surface lightly. 

Avoid using sponges, hard fabrics, or any aggressive techniques in the cleaning procedure because they can cause unwanted scratches.

Step 4

The last step is to keep the gold plated silverware in a clean, dry, and well-ventilated place. The ideal solution is to find a position where it can resist tarnishing.

Pro Tips To Bring Back The Luster For Your Gold Plated Silverware


  • If you do not use the gold plated silverware regularly, the best way to keep them in perfect condition is to store them in their containers, preferably velvet or lined boxes. In this way, the gold plating can adhere tightly to the metal underneath it. 
  • It would be better to divide them with velvet or wrap them individually with paper towels to avoid scratches created by touches.


  • Get rid of the thought of putting all the gold plated silverware in the dishwasher just because it is more convenient for you to clean up after a meal. Dishwasher is the enemy of gold plating because it can quickly peel any coating off.
  • After eating, all the silverware must be cleaned and should never be left overnight because food fragments can accelerate metal objects’ oxidation below the plating and damage them.

Let’s Recap

How to clean gold plated silverware is a tricky mission that can create annoying scratches with only a small act of carelessness. Fortunately, people of all ages can apply this quick and easy tutorial in almost every case.

Now, the way to restore your gold plated silverware to pristine conditions is no longer a frustrating problem.

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