How To Clean MacBook Pro Keyboard Grease?- A Cleaning Guide And Tips

Over time, your MacBook Pro keyboard tends to accumulate grease, dust coming from the food, your hand, or even other sources. Grease and dust make you uncomfortable, distracted, and aesthetically pleasing. Cleaning grease can keep your MacBook from malfunctioning. However, how to clean MacBook pro keyboard grease

Do not worry! We are willing to help you with a guide on cleaning MacBook pro keyboard grease properly. Check it out now!


How To Clean MacBook Pro Keyboard Grease

Step 1:

Shut down the MacBook and remove the hardware or cables connected to your computer, including earphones, USB cables, and charging wires.

Step 2:

Hold the MacBook upright at a 75o angle and use a can of compressed gas to dislodge the crumbs and dust out of your keyboard by spraying the air along the keys.  

Spray continuously from left-to-right or right-to-left. Besides, blow the compressed gas into other cracks of your machine, such as USB-C port/ USB, charging port, and any other crevices.

Step 3:

Place your MacBook on a flat surface and wipe the keyboard with a damp cloth to remove any grease, miner stains, debris, and dust. Most notably, do not moisten the fabric to the point where water is left on your MacBook, because that will likely damage electrical components. 

Step 4:

Use a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol (or isopropyl alcohol) to remove the grease from your keyboard’s surface. 

Commonly, alcohol (or isopropyl alcohol) on the market has two concentrations: 90% and 70%.  Alcohol 90% is better than the 70% because it evaporates faster and leaves less moisture. In addition, alcohol also helps to remove the grease more easily than water. 

Once again, use cotton swabs rubbing alcohol (or isopropyl alcohol) to apply between the keys and crevices on your keyboard.

Step 5:

Use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe the keyboard’s surface again gently and allow your keyboard to dry completely before reconnecting.

Some Notes When Cleaning The MacBook Pro Keyboard Grease

  • Avoid using excessive force when cleaning your keyboard; this could destroy your keys.
  • Do not use rough wipers or paper towels to dry the MacBook Pro keyboard.
  • Do not leave the liquid on the keyboard for a long time or use a too damp towel to clean the MacBook Pro keyboard. 
  • Do not use disinfectant sprays, bleach, cleaners, abrasives, or solvents containing hydrogen peroxide to clean the MacBook.
  • Do not use a hair-dryer to dry your Macbook; this could cause your laptop to become corrupt or poorly functioning. 

In A Nutshell

We believe that you have already learned “how to clean MacBook Pro keyboard grease” properly after reading this comprehensive guide. Let’s clean your MacBook regularly to increase its longevity, run faster, the keys do not stick, the engine does not overheat, hang or freeze. Do not forget some notes when cleaning it!

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