How to Clean Mud off Uggs? Simple Guide to Clean Uggs

Uggs are not appreciated for their appearance because they are not fashionable, but many people still love to choose them because they can perfectly keep warm and create a sense of comfort for the feet. However, it is not always easy to clean off uggs, especially when mud sticks in. So, how to clean mud off uggs and maintain their quality at the same time? 

In this blog, we will share with you tips and guides so you can clean mud off your uggs quickly and easily. Moreover, we will also let you know how you can maintain your favorite shoes for longer. Let’s find out how!


What Are Uggs Made from?

If you are a fan of shoes, especially uggs, you may know this type of shoes have been facing controversial opinions about their ethical producing process as they are made from real leather. However, despite the controversy, many people still choose to use them as they are comfortable.

So, what kind of leather are uggs made from? Uggs are made from real sheepskin and lined with genuine wool. For this reason, uggs can do a perfect job of keeping your foot warm no matter how cold the weather is. 

Many people have also reported that they choose uggs over other shoes because uggs are super comfortable to wear and never hurt their feet like other harder shoes!

Besides the advantages of uggs, there are some inconveniences too. Because uggs are made from real sheepskin, it is not easy to clean at all. If you attempt to wash your uggs just like how you wash your flip flop or sneakers, you might reduce the quality of them right away. 

Cleaning uggs is not so difficult. But, you will need specific cleaners made for uggs and some useful tools. Moreover, you might also need to notice certain things to make sure your favorite shoes are maintained. In the next section of this blog, we will provide you all of these pieces of information!

How to Clean Mud off Uggs? Step-By-Step Guide

Different types of dirt might need different cleaning methods and cleaners, and in this article, we will focus on cleaning mud off uggs. Now, let’s see what we need to prepare before starting to clean both new and dried mud stains off your favorite shoes!


To clean uggs, it’s advisable for you to prepare a sue brush, some cloth pieces. Besides, we also need some sponge if your uggs are so dirty and need more than dry cleaning. A cleaner is necessary too. To keep your uggs’ best quality, you should find the ugg cleaners that were made specifically for uggs. 

If you want, you can purchase the whole kit of ugg cleaning tools and cleansers. Normally, the kit comes with a suede cleaner, a brush, and even a rubber eraser. You can use all of these to remove most stains on your shoes. 

When you already have all of these things, let’s start cleaning your favorite shoes now!

You can purchase an ugg cleaning kit in many shoe stores <Via>

Step 1: Removing Mud and Dirt from the Surface

Right in the first step, we are able to clean off the mud from your uggs. Use the suede brush we asked you to prepare early on to brush all the dried mud off your uggs. This cleaning process should only be done gently to maintain the quality of your shoes. 

For new or wet mud stains, it might not be easy to clean them. In this case, you can try to get rid of as much mud stains as possible. 

Not just mud, you should also clean off all kinds of dirt and stains on the surfaces with the suede brush, but do not try so hard. If some stains cannot be removed, it is still ok. We are going to clean it off in the next steps. 

Step 2: Clean the Shoes with Water and Ugg Cleaner

After dry cleaning your shoes, we will clean them with water and uggs cleaner. Soak the sponge into cold water, then squeeze all the water to make sure your sponge is not too wet. 

In this wet cleaning process, you need to avoid making the shoes too wet because too much water or cleaner’s liquid might reduce the shoes’ quality or even separate the sheepskin and the wool. Never soak the whole ugg in water because you may damage it completely. 

Gently clean the whole boots of your shoes with this sponge and try to clean off the remaining stains out of the shoes’ surfaces. Next, spray or pour a little bit of ugg cleaners on the sponge, then use the sponge to clean the whole shoe again. 

Do not use too much ugg cleaner at once. The best thing to do is use it a little bit, clean one area of your shoe, and then use it more if you need more cleaner. Gently scrub the whole ugg, especially the stains, to get rid of them. 

As the ugg cleaner can protect your uggs’ surfaces, you do not have to clean the shoes with water after this cleaning process. Another thing to keep in mind while cleaning is that you should always spray or spray or pour the cleaner on the sponge first, then use the sponge to clean the uggs. Do not spray or pour it directly on the shoes. 

Step 3: Dry Clean Your Uggs Again with Dry Cloth

You do not have to wet clean your uggs with cold water again because, just like other leather cleaners, ugg cleaners contain substances that protect your ugg surfaces. The best way to do so is to use a new dry cloth to wipe the wet cleaner on your shoes.

Step 4: Dry the Shoes

After dry cleaning the uggs, you should keep them in cold condition for around one day for using it again. It will also help when you put them into their boxes to make sure they maintain the shape. 

That’s it! With these simple steps, you can clean off all the muds from your shoes successfully. 

How to Maintain Your Uggs? Useful Tips

Tip 1: Clean off the Muds and All the Stains Right Away

It is always the best to clean off the mud stains, oil stains, dirt, and all kinds of stains on your uggs as soon as possible. The longer you leave them there, the harder it is to clean them after. 

Tip 2: Do not Try to Make Your Own Cleaner at Home

If you do not have any professional experience in cleaning shoes or making ugg cleaners, do not attempt to make ugg cleaner at home because you might damage its quality, color, or shape. 

We know it is quite easy for us to make home-made cleaners for many types of shoes such as sneakers or flip-flops, but uggs are made from real sheepskin, which can be damaged quite easily. 

Many people have been successfully cleaning their shoes with vinegar, but this cleaner might sometimes ruin your uggs’ color and make them look ugly after the cleaning process. 

We know you do not want this to happen with your expensive shoes. So, the best thing to do is always choose the right cleaner for your uggs. 

Tip 3: Keep Your Uggs from Water and Liquid

In the training or snowy season, your uggs will easily get wet. As we mentioned above, when your uggs get wet, the skin’s part and the wool will separate, and your shoes will be damaged forever. 

So, to maintain their quality, the best thing to do is not to wear them directly under the rain, the snow, the muddy areas, or anywhere with liquid substance in the first place.

Tip 4: Keep Your Uggs Away from Strong Sunlight

When you try to dry your uggs or wear them outside, always keep them away from direct and strong sunlight because the heat can also damage your uggs easily. In case you have to wear them under strong sunlight, try not to spend a long time there and walk into the shady areas as soon as possible. 


Uggs are comfortable and warm to wear, but it is not so convenient when they get muddy stains on. In this blog, we have shown you how to clean mud off uggs, and we believe that the cleaning process is not difficult to follow if you have the right tools and cleaner. We hope you find it useful, and we will see you next time with more valuable tips!

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