How To Clean Nail Polish Brushes? All You Should Know

If you love to have perfect nails, you probably focus on taking care of your tools. To own stunning nails, it is essential to ensure that every tool is in the best condition.

Besides picking a high-quality gel or acrylic polish, having your brushes in the best condition is really important. That means the bushes have to be in good shape and stay clean.

So How To Clean Nail Polish Brushes? With the following solutions, you can have your nail brushes ready at any time you need. Shall we begin?


How To Clean Nail Polish Brushes?

For every type of brush, you will have a different plan for cleaning. The most popular brushes for now include a brush for Acrylic nails and for Gel nail. And here are the solutions for those two!

How to Clean Acrylic Nail Brushes

In general, the best solution for brushes of this type is a monomer that is usually used to extend your nail. The question now is, what are the stages of making your brushes new again?

  • Pour a little of monomer liquid into a shallow dish
  • Soak the brushes into the liquid – it depends on the type of acrylic amount in your polish that you can leave your brushes there overnight or for several hours.
  • Wash the brush in warm water gently
  • Leave the brushes on a clean towel and left them there to dry
  • When they are dry, you repeat the soaking steps for another 2 hours
  • Then leave them dry with monomer on the towel

Based on your brushes type, you can choose the alternative and a stronger clean liquid being acetone.

For example, with natural brushes, especially the ones made from hairs of Kolinsky Sable, you should not use a harsh cleaner like acetone. 

Even though you should not use too strong clean liquid, there is a time when it is essential to use a stronger solution than monomer. So if the only option is to get rid of the brush, you can give acetone a try.

First, you should try to wipe the dust away with a pad soaked in acetone. If your brush is still stuck, try to soak it into the acetone. Remember to focus on the process of cleaning your brush with acetone, as if you leave your brush in acetone too long, or your brush might be broken. In the end, before using, you need to soak it into a monomer for an hour.

You should know that this is the final solution for you as the whole process can damage the brush.

That is enough for Acrylic Nail Brushes; what if you have a gel nail brush? Is there any difference in cleaning that type of brush? And what should you notice? Let’s find out more in the next part.

How to Clean Nail Brushes from Gel (Gel Nail Brushes)

Unlike acrylic nail brushes, materials to make brushes used for gel nails are frequently synthetic fibers, which means you do not need a special treatment for these brushes. 

Just by using a lint-free towel, you can keep them clean and in good shape. You can freely clean the brush with alcohol, though you should not do that frequently as you can make it dry. And here are steps to clean a gel nail brush:

  • Soak a pad into isopropyl alcohol.
  • Wipe your brush with the above pad gently from the handle to the top of the bristles for about nine times until the gel disappears.   
  • If you find it hard to take the color gel from your brush, you can add a clear gel into it, and the color gel will be pulled out following the clear gel.
  • Again, use the pad to wipe your brush. 

Now with all the steps, you might know what to do with your brush, right? But wait, there is something you should notice when cleaning and keeping your brush! Here they come!

Tips To Keep Your Nail Brush Clean

  • Clear the excess polish on your brush after use using a towel. Try to clean your brush as much as possible so that the next cleaning task might be easier.
  • Use a lint-free cloth to clean your brush as it will gently assist you in removing the leftover polish. Remember to use a clean towel so that there is nothing stuck into the brush after cleaning.
  • Protect the brush from UV. As there might be paint left on your brush, UV light might make the bristles stick with the polish.

In Sum

With all the steps and ways to clean the nail polish above, you might now have the answer to the question of How To Clean Nail Polish Brushes. For whatever brush you have, try the above solutions and have the best nails ever! Hope you have the best nails in the world! Cheer!

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