How To Clean Nike Air Max For Amateur Sneakerheads

Cleaning a sneaker periodically is a must that any sneakerheads should do to maintain the condition of their shoes and make it last longer. 

And, wearing a stained sneakers isn’t a great image of a shoe fanatic for public display.

Let’s learn how to clean Nike Air Max right away to keep your shoes fabulous and shining every day.


How To Clean Nike Air Max

Step 1: Prepare for Cleaning Your Sneakers

First, taking laces and other materials apart from your Nike Air Max. You can wash laces by hand or throw them to the washing machine. If the laces are stale, you may want to replace it with the brand new one. 

This step is just a preparation for the cleaning process. Let’s jump to the next step.

Step 2: Remove Dry Dirt

In this step, you may need an old toothbrush to remove any dry specks of dirt from your sneaker. Remember to scrub down carefully tiny dirt in any small corner of the shoes. 

Step 3: Making a Remover Mixture

Pour about 500 milliliters water into a bowl. Then, you have to mix a mixture of water and dish soap or shampoo. 

Why should we use dish soap and shampoo as the remover for sneakers instead of normal detergents? Because these detergents are all power cleanse that make your shoes stain, wear and tear in short term use.

A tip that I learned from some experienced sneakerheads is, apply a small amount of toothpaste on the heavily dirtied areas. It is a secret that sneakerheads usually pass word of mouth from person to person.

Step 4: Washing Overlapping Circles on Stains

Prepare a sponge or soft bristle brush to clean your sneaker in this step. You will dip and remove equipment in the mixture. Do not soak the whole shoes and leave them in the solvent for too long because it will make the sneaker’s color wear in a short time.

Scrub gently in small circular motions on the stained spot. You may want to wash overlapping circles with an amount of pressure to remove any hard stains.

Step 5: Remove Scuff Marks with Pencil Eraser

Remove any scuff marks from the shoes with a pencil eraser.

If you decide to purchase a Nike Air Max, don’t hesitate to buy a pencil eraser. This eraser will help you to remove scuff marks on the surface of the sneaker.

Step 6: Wipe Down Your Sneaker

You have to use a moist towel to wipe down the shoes, both inner and outer parts.

Step 7: Dry Your Nike Air Max

Use a dry towel and press on the entire sneaker to absorb water. Then, air-dry it until it is dry. Remember not to put the Nike Air Max under the harsh sunny place to dry because it will make your shoes stain.

Step 8: Prepare for The Next Use

Insert the shoelaces once your sneaker is completely dry.


It’s all the step on how to clean Nike Air Max for beginners and amateur sneakerheads. It would take you a day for the whole process from cleaning to completely drying your shoes.

I hope you enjoy it! For any questions to care for your sneakers, write below. I appreciate your contribution very much.

Thanks for reading!

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