How To Clean Oxidized Plastic Patio Chairs

Plastic chairs gain the upper hand in their compact design and the ability to be flexibly moved anywhere, especially in events and meetings held with a large number of participants. 

However, many people do not know how to clean oxidized plastic patio chairs. Does this problem bother you? Refer to the following 3 techniques of washing plastic chairs in the Clairoliviawayman‘s article below.

How To Clean Oxidized Plastic Patio Chairs

There are many ways to clean oxidized chairs

Clean By Baking Soda


  • Baking soda
  • Paste wax
  • A sponge
  • Clean water

How to Clean:

Baking soda is famous for its ability to make skin care products and its power to clean a wide range of tools and equipment.

Initially, you need to wet the sponge with warm water to clean oxidized plastic chairs, then sprinkle baking soda on the sponge and rub your chairs gently and thoroughly with this mixture.

After the steps above, you rinse the chairs with clean water and wipe them with a towel or dry the chairs under the sun for a while.

In case you want to polish the chair to look brighter and newer, apply some paste wax to the soft cloth, then wipe this cloth on all chairs and leave them on for about 5 minutes or more. Finally, use another soft cloth to polish the chairs, and you are good to go!

Clean By Bleach


  • ¼ cup of bleach
  • A ladle
  • Hot water
  • Rubber gloves
  • A brush/sponge

How to Clean:

You should pour ¼ cup of bleach into a bucket of hot water. Remember to wear rubber gloves dipping the brush into the detergent solution to scrub the chairs thoroughly.

It’s better to leave the cleaning solution on the chair for a few minutes to ensure this mixture has enough time to remove the stain. Finally, you will need to rinse the chairs with water, then dry them with a towel, or leave them under the sun.

Clean By Laundry Detergent


  • One teaspoon of detergent
  • 1 gallon of warm water
  • A brush/sponge

How to Clean:

You mix one teaspoon of prepared detergent with one gallon of warm water and apply this mixture to the chairs’ oxidized areas and scrub them with a brush or a sponge to remove all stains.

To enhance the effect of the washing process, you should leave this solution on the chairs for 15 minutes before rinsing them with water and clean them with a soft cloth.

Clean By Lemon or Vinegar


  • Lemon/vinegar
  • Water
  • Soft cloth

How to Clean:

First, you can mix lemon juice with clean water and apply this mixture to the oxidized plastic area. To make sure the solution has enough time to break the stains, you should leave it on for 1 hour or longer, depending on the degree of stains. Finally,  scrub the chairs with clean water.

You can also wipe the stains by vinegar because it is capable of removing stains and oxidized areas on utensils quite well and safely, so you can rest assured to apply this method.

Clean By Ammonia


  • Ammoniac
  • 3 small cups of water
  • A soft cloth

How to Clean:

Ammonia is a very useful detergent that can clean a wide variety of stains from furniture or any other equipment, including oxidized stains on plastic chairs. 

You can mix 1 cup of ammonia with 3 cups of water. Shake this mixture thoroughly, then use a soft cloth to blot the solution to wipe the stains on the chairs. You will see a miracle happen.

What To Do To Prevent Chair From Oxidizing?

Note the following tips to prevent your chairs from being oxidized

Surely you will never want your favorite chairs to be oxidized and lose their original beauty. Therefore, please note the following tips to prevent that nasty scenario from taking place:

Always Keep Plastic Chairs Clean

The ancients said: “The goods are durable by people”, referring to whether an object is durable and beautiful or not depends on user usage and preservation.

To avoid plastic chairs from oxidation, keep them away from rain, dirt, and droppings by regularly cleaning them with a clean cotton towel. If you can’t do this every day, at least clean your chair 1-2 times a week.

In addition, you should also remove mold on the chairs by cleaning them with a solution of vinegar and water. Such methods should be carried out at least once a month, or as soon as signs of oxidation such as dullness or chalk invade your lovely chairs.

Paint The Chairs

Painting the chair is another quite simple way that you should consider to limit oxidation. When applying this tip, you can use the traditional painting method with a brush or spraying paint.

Although this is an easy and effective way, you should not overdo it to avoid causing other damage to your chairs.

The ideal time you should repaint your chairs is about every 6 months.

Upholster Pplastic Chairs for Preservation

If your plastic furniture is frequently exposed to the outside environment (especially ones used in events, outdoor parties, weddings, and so on), you should wrap them up with fabric upholstery to avoid plastic tables and chairs being oxidized or damaged by the impact of dirt.

Additionally, upholster plastic furniture with colorful and attractive coats is also a way to increase their aesthetics, making users feel more sympathetic.

You can also leave unused plastic chairs in a shady place, away from direct sunlight, as long periods of time in the sun will degrade and oxidize your plastic chairs quickly.


For the time being, you have known how to clean oxidized plastic patio chairs. Well, referring to the best three tips and some useful advice above will help you protect your favorite seat from oxidizing. 

I hope you will apply these methods immediately to save money on replacing plastic furniture every year. Good luck!

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