Easy Guide On ‘How To Clean Red Vans’

Vans are popular among the footwear lover community for its combination of colors and different types of fabric, material, and designs. However, to clean a pair with pop-up colors, especially red, is sometimes a nightmare.

Worry not! Our easy guide on ‘How to clean red vans‘ is here for you. Keep reading!


How To Clean Red Vans? – Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Untie The Shoelaces

First thing first, untie and remove shoelaces – the easy task that people somehow always tend to skip.

Trust us! This one simple action will do you wonders in saving time and effort cleaning later on. 

Step 2: The White Strip Cleaning

While lots of people will probably clean the fabric first, we personally recommend cleaning the white stripes first. 

After all, the white element is always the hardest to clean, and the last thing you want to do is to harm the colored part of your Vans with bleaching products. 

The list of cleaners that you can use is:

  • Liquid nail polish remover (acetone)
  • Bleach
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Magic eraser
  • Window cleaner
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Lemon juice
  • Baking soda and water

What you’ll need is one of the listed cleaners above, a small bowl, paper tape, and a brush. 

First, use the tape to cover the red canvas so the cleaner can’t mess up with the color. 

Secondly, pour a small amount of cleaner into the small bowl. Dip the brush into the liquid, then slowly brush back and forth or in circles till the white strip reaches the result you expect. 

Lastly, use a clean towel with clean water to wipe away the liquid cleaner or rinse under the sink.

Step 3: Fabric Cleaning

We have just done with the whitening strip part. Let’s move on to the next one – Fabric cleaning.

Since red vans’ cover is made of canvas, avoiding detergent that contains too much bleach is the safest way to go.

Firstly, mix the detergent with warm water. Then, take the shoes by one hand while using the other hand to work with the brush. Repeatedly brush it back and forth or in circles.

Finally, rinse the shoes with warm, clean water. Dry the shoes thoroughly with a clean towel, then let it dry naturally. 

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Dos And Don’ts


#1 – Get Rid of Excess Dirt (if Necessary)

A world full of ‘danger’ like the one we are in today can give millions of reasons to get your shoes dirty. 

In case you decide to clean your shoes (or must) because of the dirt sticking on it, get rid of the dirt first. 

Doing this will make the whole cleaning process easier. It will save you time on letting the detergent to have better contact with the fabric, therefore, save time on brushing later on.

#2 – Use only Bleach That is Free From Dye

Since it is a maze of bleaching products on the market right now, be very careful of what you use to whiten the shoe strip. 

The bleach with dye can easily turn your white strip dream into a disaster by leaving the unpleasant yellow stain color on the strip. 

#3 – Dunk-in

Shoes are too big to hold, or you just get lazy to do so? Dunk-in is a great solution for you!

All you need is a bucket that is big enough to fit the shoes. Then, fill the bucket half full with warm water with a tiny amount of cleaning detergent. 

Note that mixing more detergent in the water doesn’t make your Vans cleaner. It only makes the mixture thicker and harder to rinse off of your shoes. A tiny bit of 15 to 30ml of detergent for a half bucket of water is okay.


#1 -Think Twice Before Using Washing Machine

Using washing machines to wash shoes, especially Vans, is not a recommended method.

However, if using the washing machine is a must, as long as you pre-treat the stains on the shoes (if any) with light detergent, set the cycle to gentle, put the shoes in a pillowcase or laundry bag, use half of the normally-used washing product, your Vans will come through.

But, remember, no matter what you do, canvas or synthetic vans are the only two types of Vans that can survive the washing machine.

#2 – Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Just like strong bleach, harsh chemicals are not every products’ favorite. 

Something as ‘fragile’ and fashionable as Vans shoes need more care and gentleness than harsh chemicals, don’t you agree?

#3 – Don’t Wash Too Often

Unlike clothes, shoes always come with glue. Glue, detergent, and water are not a good mix. 

Washing your shoes with detergent and water once a year will save the shoes from expiring young.

#4 – No Air-dry in Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can tone down your shoes’ color, make it less bright, or even ashy. 

Imagine your red vans cover in a light, faded kind of red, instead of the bright, lively red color. Do you like what you see? If not, make sure to air-dry your shoes in the shade.


Vans in general, especially red vans, is one of the must-have items that any fashion lover should own. As long as you use the right shoes cleaning method, keeping your red vans look new is easy.

We hope you find it useful in our most-basic-but-completed guide on ‘How to clean red vans‘. Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you next time!

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