The Ultimate Guide on How To Clean Sea Monkey Tank

Tank cleanup is a very important step in keeping sea monkeys healthy. Regular cleaning and changing water helps remove harmful bacteria that cause diseases for your pet.

However, if done wrongly, you could accidentally kill your sea monkeys. Therefore, in this article, we will walk you through all things you should know on how to clean sea monkey tank.

How to Clean A Sea Monkey Tank

How to Clean Sea Monkey Tank

Step 1: Cleaning Up the Tank

When doing the cleaning, you should not remove everything from the tank. The top surface layer is a growth ground for useful bacteria that act as biological filters. Removing and cleaning aquarium decorations will contribute to collisions or even kill these bacteria, reducing water filtration quality.

To get the job done as efficiently as possible, you should use several tools, such as: 

  • Glass razor: which is a stainless steel blade, a very fast and clean shaver. You can also use a plastic card, credit card for equally clean.
  • Base straw: comes in a very simple structure for ease of use. It is perfect for sucking the dirt on the tank’s base and combining it with water change. When using straw, the tank environment is balanced because the suction power is very small, and you should always aim for the right visible residue.

Step 2: Changing Water

When changing water, the normal rule is to withdraw 10-15% of the water in the aquarium and then replace it with a new amount of water (sedimented and chlorinated water). However, because the aquarium is very small for sea monkeys, the amount of water changed should be 20-25% and more frequent. 

When adding fresh water to the tank, you will need to pour it slowly. We mean, very slow! This will help keep the microbiological environment in the tank undisturbed and keep the sea monkey from being shocked by sudden changes.

Why Do You Need to Clean Sea Monkey Tank?

The aquarium hygiene is extremely important if you want the Sea Monkey to be healthy. When kept in a stuffy environment, the aquarium will easily grow algae or mold, and other harmful bacteria. 

Moreover, the food leftover in the tank will also decompose, causing an unpleasant fishy smell and creating an ideal environment for pathogenic bacteria to grow.

Another less important reason is that when the tank is dirty, it will be very aesthetically pleasing and affect your home space. Trust me when we say you don’t want that to happen!

Tips on Cleaning Sea Monkey Tank 

When changing water for sea monkeys, it’s best to use the treated water that we use to drink. This may sound absurd for large tanks, but with sea monkey tanks, it makes perfect sense. 

In big cities, there is always a residue of heavy metals left behind after the water treatment process. Although the amount is not significant or harmful to humans, but for small organisms like sea monkeys, their respiratory system will be directly affected.

Another tip is to change your tank’s water when its pH is around 7 to 7.5. More easily, change the water every 5-7 days or as soon as the tank becomes dirty.

In Conclusion

Cleaning the tank is a very important step to avoid infecting your pet and keeping them healthy. That’s all you should know on how to clean sea monkey tank.

Thank you for reading!

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