How To Clean Skechers Shoes – Things You Should Know

There’s nothing better than opening a new pair of Skechers. California’s famous brand is making headlines in the market with its comfort, ease of use, and suitability for women, men, and children. 

And of course, the more you wear your favorite shoes, the sooner you’ll realize the shoes are getting dirty. However, don’t worry; we will show you how to clean Skechers shoes and some caring tips that are most suitable for cleaning this shoe type, helping to extend their longevity and appearance.


How to Clean Skechers Shoes: Performance or Light-Up Skechers

Step #1:

Performance or Light-Up Skechers are not suitable for machine washing. When put in the washing machine, the sporty version of the Skechers is more susceptible to damage. Meanwhile, the lights on the Light-Up may be out of order.

Step #2: 

Please brush through the dirt on the shoes before using water to clean. Start by using a small brush, sponge, or rag to remove excess dirt on the shoes’ upper and outsole. Note that in the process of cleaning dirt on the Skechers pair, you should avoid rubbing dirt.

Step #3: 

Prepare a pot of warm water; avoid cold water as it does not aid in the cleaning process. Then, make a soap mixture by mixing detergent with water until a thick consistency is obtained.

Step #4:

It is best to take the inner lining and brush them off before wiping. Then, dip a rag, toothbrush, or towel in the soap mixture. Carefully wipe the dirty area, including the sole of the shoe. Pay special attention to the particularly dirty part.

Step #5:

Take a pot of clean water with a clean rag, sponge, or towel. Then, remove the entire soap on all the shoe parts by soaking a little warm, clean water on the tool.

Step #6:

The heat from the dryer can destroy your favorite shoes. Shoes and insoles should be allowed to dry naturally at room temperature. If you want to speed up the drying time, you can put a fan next to your shoes.

How to Machine Wash Skechers Shoes: Nylon/Mesh Skechers

Step #1:

Machine wash is suitable for most normal shoes not made from leather. However, to protect shoes from water, the Skechers Water Proofer Spray is necessary to apply before washing. Then, separate the laces and shoes. You can insert the shoes into a soft bag or a pillowcase that has been tied before putting them into the machine.

Step #2: 

Shoes are best washed in cold mode with a maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. Even if you only wash your shoes in one wash, you should still use the same detergent amount as a normal wash — no need to worry if there is any clashing of shoes during washing.

Step #3: 

Likewise, high temperatures are harmful to Skechers shoes. Washed inner lining needs to dry the outside before putting on shoes. Depending on the humidity, your shoes will take several days to dry in the air completely.

How to Rush Skechers Shoes: Suede, Nubuck, or Leather Skechers

Step #1:

The first thing to remember, suede needs rubbing to be velvety smooth and nubuck needs polishing. Soaking suede, nubuck, or leather shoes in water destroys the material, so a washing machine is not a viable option.

Step #2: 

You need to prepare a suede brush to clean suede shoes or nubuck shoes. If the suede brush is not available, you can replace it with soft brushes similar to a brass iron brush, crepe brush, suede eraser, or even an old toothbrush.

To avoid material damage, you need to use quick and gentle strokes when brushing shoes. You need to pay attention to brush the naps in the same direction on the last path. This will help keep your shoes in their best shape.

For suede or nubuck shoes, you absolutely must not use shoe polish or conditioner. To treat stubborn stains, you need commercial wound cleaners that match the material of the shoe.

Step #3: 

You can completely use soapy water and a rag to clean non-suede or suede leather. Like Performance Shoes, you dip a rag in a mixture of warm soapy water and wipe your shoes with a soaped cloth.

Then use a clean rag to wipe off excess soap and let shoes dry naturally. Skin will always be soft if you apply lotion or oil periodically.

With leather shoes, you can add a polish during the cleaning process.

Hand rubbing is the best way to remove minor scratches for scratch-resistant skin because there is nothing as good as natural oil in your hands. 

Soft and neutral polishes are better suited for deep scratches. Chemical coatings will help prolong and maintain skin wear by moisturizing and replenishing the skin’s natural oils.

For smooth leather, choose creams or shoe polishes that are neutral in color or close to the shoe’s color to clean and care for the shoes.

Step #4: 

You can also spray protection like Skechers Water Proofer Spray to protect shoes from water and stains. Usage is very simple; a few hours before wearing, you spray the shoe’s whole upper part. Then, let the shoes dry naturally for a few minutes, then spray on another layer. The excess parts should be cleaned with a towel.

How to Manual Wash Skechers Shoes: Memory Foam Shoes

Step #1:

We do not recommend throwing Memory Foam shoes into the washing machine. 

However, the manufacturer recommends, if you choose a gentle washing cycle while placing the shoes in a thin pillowcase with the upper part tied, you can completely use the washing machine to clean your clothes.

Step #2: 

For the quality and durability of shoes to be maintained, use manual washing to clean them. To remove all the dirt around the top and the outsole, gently use a rag or shoe brush.

Step #3: 

You take a small basin of warm water and then add a few detergent drops, which will help you create a soap base. Next, you use a rag or brush dipped in the mixture to wipe the shoes’ dirt.

Step #4: 

To remove leftover soap, do not soak your shoes in water. Instead, use a rag soaked in clean warm water and gently wipe them off.

Step #5: 

Since the shoe layers’ structure is easily affected by high temperatures, you should avoid throwing them in the dryer. It takes up to 12 hours for the Skechers Memory Foam Primer to dry completely in the air.

In Sum

We have told you some necessary information on how to clean Skechers Shoes, even if your pair is a Performance or a Leather.

The article also provides information to know the proper way to take care of each type of Skechers Shoes.

We hope that this article will be useful to you. Don’t be afraid to ask more detailed questions in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!

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