How to Clean Tarnished White Gold? For Easy and Hard Grease

White gold can make us look so charming, but people can spot its imperfections so easily when it gets dirty. Cleaning white gold is not difficult, but you need to know what cleaner to use to clean it properly without ruining its quality or surface. 

Stay tuned; we will show you how to clean tarnished white gold with the most simple and effective methods. 


How to Clean Tarnished White Gold? For Easy and Hard Grease

Clean White Gold That Is Not So Dirt

After wearing your white gold jewelry for a while, it may get dirty and no longer look good. In the event that your ring is only slightly dirty, then this simple cleaning will give you a quick effect.

Step 1: Prepare 

To clean your ring, you need some mild soap, water, and a soft cloth. As your jewelry is not too dirty, you do not need to use strong detergent that contains too many harsh chemicals, especially chlorine. 

Before getting down to the cleaning process, take a closer look to see any loose stone there (especially rings, earrings, and necklaces). If there are any loose stones on your jewelry, clean it carefully so that you do not lose the stone after cleaning, especially expensive stones.

Step 2: Make Your Solution and Soak the White Gold

Mix mild soap with a reasonable amount of water, then stir them carefully until they all mix. Then, soak your white gold jewelry in the mixture, and leave it there for around half an hour.

We need to give white gold enough time for dirt and grease to come off. This will make it easy to clean afterward.

Tips: If you want the cleaning process to be more effective, you can add a few drops of ammonia or vinegar with the cleaning solution. These two ingredients can clean off oils, dirt, sweat, and grease pretty well. 

Step 3: Clean It

Grab the soft cloth we asked you to prepare, then gently clean off all the dirt on your jewelry. The solution might make your belongings slippy, so we recommend you to choose the safe places to clean it. Do not wash your things near the sew or sink because you might lose it when you drop it there. 

Step 4: Dry It with Cloth

After you are done with the process, dry it with a soft cloth. In case your ring is still greasy, you can follow another cleaning process below. 

Clean Exceptionally Tarnished White Gold with Baking Soda

Step 1: Make the Paste

Mix baking soda with a little bit of water to make a paste. You do not need to add too much water to baking soda because it makes these ingredients less effective for stains and grease. 

Step 2: Clean Your White Gold with the Baking Soda Paste

Baking soda can clean off grease and dirt easily

Grab a soft cloth, a soft toothbrush, and apply your jewelry with water first. Then, apply the baking soda paste on the white gold’s surface and rub all the dirt away. Remember to use a soft cloth and soft brush only because harder things will scratch your belongings’ surface and look not nice after cleaning. 

After you are done, dry your white gold with a dry cloth.

What to Do When Its Surface Has Scratches? 

If your white gold already has scratches on it, you can not fix it by using a polishing cleaner such as mild soap, baking soda, vinegar, or ammonia. In this case, you need to bring it to a white gold jewelry store and ask the professional jeweler to polish it for you. 

The professional polishing process must be costly. Moreover, polishing so many times might affect the coat of your jewelry also. So we suggest you take care of your white gold for both dirt and scratches, instead of fixing it. Here are some of the tips you can consider. 

Tips for Taking Care of White Gold Jewelries

Take Your Jewelry off If You Might Scratch It

Sometimes, we go out to do certain activities or sports, and we might unknowingly scratch our jewelry. As earrings and necklace are less likely to be scratched, we might scratch rings quite easily while doing some sport such as climbing or boxing. 

When you are at home, you can consider taking it off because household chores such as washing dishes or cleaning the house might also affect it. If your rings have some valuable stones or small diamonds, you should not wear them daily because they might come off. 

So, if you do not need to wear your jewelry in certain situations, you can leave it at home, and we are sure your precious will look better for a longer time. 

Clean Often Enough

Cleaning often enough will keep white gold shine

If you do not clean white gold often enough, it will become really dirty because it directly touches our bodies. After a few days or weeks, the sweat, dirt, oil from our body, and the dirt outside will make the jewelry look so dull and tarnished. 

So, the ideal time for cleaning your white gold is about once a week or once every two weeks, depending on how sweaty or are and how often you touch greasy things such as washing dishes.

Choose the Right Cleaners

Strong detergents that have harsh chemicals and chlorine will make white gold look bad. Make sure you always search and learn about what cleaners are good for the gold before actually using it. 

Mild soap such as shampoo, face cleanser, and dishwasher are pretty fine for cleaning your jewelry when it is not so dirty. So, just by cleaning your ring. Often enough, with these mild cleaners, your jewelry will remain its best look and quality for so long. 


White gold is valuable, so we should take care of it carefully to keep its polish look. After reading this article, we are sure you know how to clean tarnished white gold, what cleaner to use, and what detergents to avoid. We hope you find it helpful and do not forget to clean your jewelry often.

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