How To Clean Up A Gas Spill In Your Garage Or Driveway Safely

Gas diffusion in the driveway is a common accident in modern households. The gasoline can spill out of the car trunk or the mechanical devices that you left in the garage. 

You can recruit the on-demand housekeeping services. However, it may cost you an arm and a leg, and the sanitation staff will never come immediately. Follow this Clairoliviawayman‘s post, and I will illustrate how to clean up a gas spill in your garage or driveway by yourself. 

How to clean gas spill in garage

How To Clean Up A Gas Spill In Your Garage Or Driveway 

While learning how to clean up a gas spill in your garage or driveway, keep in mind that it requires extra steps and attention. Otherwise, the oil stain will not only besmear your house but also cause conflagration and miasmas.

Clear Up Space For Safety Purpose

The initial approach on how to clean up a gas spill in your garage or driveway is to clear up the surrounding space. It is a crucial step that many people often neglect. Yet, this carelessness can easily cause unfortunate accidents later.

Gas spill on your driveway is inevitable

First, you have to evacuate the area. Specifically, please do not let your children or pets play near the gas diffusion. This fuel can catch fire when contacting other ignitable objects or abrading with metal tools in your storage. 

It leads to the second step: You have to bring all the wood and paper away from the petrol spill as they are susceptible to fire. You also have to remove firelighters, mechanical machines, or electrostatic materials. 

One common mistake is that people often keep the broom in hand because they think it is essential during the cleaning process.

Let me shed light on this misconception: the straw broom is a burnable stuff. When you rub it on the naphtha, the friction can cause fire. 

Thirdly, please ventilate the area as quickly as possible. If the spreading oil is inside your garage, you’d better open the door, windows, and the ventilating machines before the potent scent causes you to suffocate.  

A clear space will help you to work conveniently and productively.

Soak The Residue Oil With Absorbances

Gasoline has a thick consistency that is extremely difficult to wipe off. Finding some substances to soak the oil is crucial in this situation. Even the professional workers utilize this method for large oil spill accidents on the street.

You can buy the commercial oil absorbance in the nearby supermarket. On the other hand, you can also use some alternatives that may be available in your household. For example, cat litter, sand, cornstarch, or even residue hair after a haircut. 

Next, sprinkle the chosen product all over the diffused fuel and then wait for approximately 30 minutes to allow the natural absorbance to do their job. 

Later on, scrape out the absorbance using a shovel and put them into a heavy-duty plastic bag. I have to remind you that gasoline is a potent chemical that can cause rashes or swelling when touching our skin, so please wear protective gloves in advance.

In my experience, it is necessary to place the trash bag separate from the bin as it contains flammable waste. It will help if you stick a note on it so that the janitor can acknowledge the special situation and handle it with caution. 

Clean The Leaked Gas With Soap

Soap is a convenient and cheap cleanser that is always present in every family. You can clean the oil stain effortlessly using common dishwashing soap. However, it is only appropriate for small and light stains.

All you need to do is make a mixture of soap, which is denser than the standard solution, and utilize it on your driveway’s concrete surface. I will recommend a ratio of 3 to 1 for soap and water. 

After that, apply this homemade solvent and wipe the facet with a rough brush. It may require extra force and pressure to rub the floor as it allows the soap liquid to attach to the concrete texture and emulsify the oil entirely. 

You can then mop or spray the pavement using the gardening water hose to clean the leftover foam. 

For Stubborn Oil Stains, Use Industrial Degreasers

Generally speaking, fuel oil stains are more obstinate than you think. They are usually considerably stubborn, so that you may have to spend more time and effort to handle them. 

Fortunately, there are many high-quality solvents in the market that can support your chores. In this section, I will guide you on how to use some specific over counter detergents. 

The first example is detergent containing alkaline character. Alternatively, you may find it under the name “concrete cleaner.” This cleaner is best suited for concrete doorways.

You will need to dilute the product by following the producer’s instructions. Next, pour it carefully over the gushed petrol. According to the instruction, the emulsification time may vary between one and two hours. Finally, you can blot the tailings with disposable rags.

The second product I want to introduce here is microbial cleaner. It is an up-to-date innovation using biological enzymes to digest the grease. There is no need to blend the substance before cleaning. 

You have to pour the enzymes directly onto the oil stain or sprinkle them in case of a powder form. Then, let it sit for a few days. If there is any waste left, you can easily wash it away with a water hose.

The perk of this method is that biological products do not produce harmful fumes. Nevertheless, only the minority can have enough patience to count the days until the mess is gone in this hectic lifestyle.

Scrub The Oil Stain Properly To Get The Best Result

A good washing-up liquid is just one factor contributing to the success of the cleaning process. To get the best result, you have to prepare a rough brush as a supplementary. 

The reason behind it is that people usually choose hard materials in constructing their driveway or garage floors, such as paving stones, concrete, gravels, or bricks. Those materials may seem fancy, yet they are very difficult to clean. 

In this situation, I consider a wired brush as an ideal solution. Its bristles are steel wires, making the brush stand out among other common tools in the market. Due to the scabrous feature, it can create a massive force onto the surface. 

Hence, experienced workers usually use it to remove stubborn rust and paint. However, the steel wires are originally abrasive and combustible. Before handling this appliance, you have to conduct the previous steps properly, especially when applying the solvent. 

The wired brush will allow the solvent to penetrate the grainy surface effectively. Rub the brush back and forth as many times as you prefer. Besides, do not hesitate to add more solvent and a little bit of water whenever you see the floor is dry. 

You may choose the one with a long grip to minimize arm fatigue. Trust me, this cheap tool can bring you a promising outcome.

Get Rid Of The Petroleum Odor

After the visible stain disappears, sometimes the gasoline scent may still linger, and it can last for several days. The situation can get even worse when the naphtha smell blends into the smell of your cleaning products.

You will feel so distressed that the unpleasant smell sticks to your clothes and car furniture. As people always say, time is the answer to everything, so you need to let the scent vanish. 

To boost the process, you should open the front door and power the air regulator more often. Many people have succeeded in utilizing apple cider vinegar spray to control the interior odor. 

This homemade method is as simple as its name suggests. You only need to pour vinegar in a compact spray bottle and spray it around your garage. 

On the other hand, some people favor baking soda over the sour fragrance of vinegar. In this way, you sprinkle a good amount of baking soda in every corner and then vacuum or sweep the powder out the next day. 


Petroleum diffusion is an obnoxious mistake that everyone has to commit several times in their life. Knowing how to clean up a gas spill in your garage or driveway can help you solve the puzzle quickly. 

In summary, the first thing to do is to clear the space as it relates to your family’s well-being. Next, blot the gas, then apply mild soap and potent degreaser. Additionally, you will need a wired brush. The last step is to get rid of the odor using a natural air refresher.

I believe after following the instruction, your gas stain will completely disappear. Thanks for reading my post and stay tuned to my next sharing.

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