How To Clean Wacom Cintiq Screen? Here Is The Answer

To anyone in the digital art and design field, Wacom is one of the most important tools that need to be taken care of carefully. Dirt, oil, and fingerprints on the drawing screen are simply inevitable while using. The concern of many digital drawers is how to clean Wacom Cintiq screen?

Because with just one wrong move, you might break the machine right away. Let’s start looking for the solution now!

How to clean cintiq screen

Why You Need to Clean Wacom Cintiq Screen?

You might ask why your Wacom screen is dirty? Well, oil from your hands, dust, and grime in the air can build up on your device. Even though this dust might be unsightly, they can actually fog up your screen and make it hard for you to see what you are working on. In addition, your palm movement across the screen can leave oil and dirt. Stains from them can make it harder for you to draw.

Moreover, with a dirty screen, your pen nibs can wear down much faster. And worst of all, in the case of debris on the Cintiq screen, you can cause scratches on it. You definitely do not want that, do you? So how to clean our device? Let’s move on to the next part.

How To Clean Wacom Cintiq Screen?

To clean Wacom Cintiq Screen, you will need a clean anti-static microfiber cloth. You want the cloth to be soft and not abrasive. The kind of cloth you use to clean the lens should work just fine.

First, you should check the cloth and your tablet surface for any sand, dust, debris, or anything that can scratch your tablet. Shake the cloth vigorously, dust it off.

Slightly wipe the screen with a cloth, or you can just blow the dust away to clear off anything that might end up scratching your screen.

If necessary, you can damp the cloth ever so slightly – but do not use a lot of water because using water on your device can actually ruin it.

Use the cloth and move in circular strokes with fairly firm pressure. By doing so, you can remove any gunk and fingerprints off the screen.

Some Note For You

  • Never use detergent or alcohol as a cleaning solution.
  • Replace nibs of your pen frequently to avoid scratching your screen with worn nibs.
  • Keep your machine away from extreme temperatures.

In Conclusion

With all the information on how to clean Wacom Cintiq screen, you can easily refresh your screen at any time you find it dirty. Don’t forget to clean the screen at least once a month, if not once a week. 

Honestly, it does not take too much effort to clean the screen as you just need to take your cloth out and wipe it down. Start to clean now!

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