A Short Guide On How To Get Rid Of Crickets In Garage

It’s always so convenient to have your garage at home, right? With the garage, you can store your favorite car collection; you can wash, decorate, and refurbish the car as you want.

However, having a garage also provides you with some problems to resolve. Maintaining a hygienic garage is the most significant of all. Insects, most usually, crickets can fly into the garage and make the place unhygienic and stinky.

Hence, in this post, let’s dive deep into how to get rid of crickets in garage so that you can always keep the garage clean, sterile, and hygienic!  


How To Get Rid Of Crickets in Garage

Reduce The Clutter

Decluttering your place will reduce the shelter for crickets

Clutter, or waste, is what we always realize that we have, we need to throw away, but in the end, we just always forget and ignore it in the place. The same case applies to the garage. That being said, clutter becomes a shelter for insects, mostly crickets.

Hence, your first task is to reduce the clutter to remove all the “house” for crickets to reside – the less space for insects to live, the fewer crickets your garage has. 

In addition, by removing the waste, you can also keep the garage clean, clear, and spacious, providing yourself with pure and clearer air. It is also easier to organize and find objects in an empty, big garage, right?

Clear Up Outside The Garage

Now that you have already removed all clutter inside your garage let’s move on to the next task: Clear up waste outside the garage. Some people may be surprised by this idea because you have to empty the outside space while your goal is to avoid crickets inside the garage, right? Then, let us explain to you.

Cricket is an animal species that has strong, long wings. Given that fact, they can fly from one place to another faraway place without any difficulty. Hence, the crickets can live inside clutters outside the garage, and whenever you open the garage door, they will fly quickly into the garage, safe and sound. 

The garage is warmer, cleaner, and has more food sources, so there is a high chance that whenever you open the door, insects residing in the waste outside the garage will “immigrate” to the garage without your notice. So, please clear up the waste outside your garage, either.

Fix The Cracks and Holes

Do you know that crickets can also live in cracks and holes in your garage? These irritating animals, with such a versatile body, can turn any place into their habitat. So, if you want to get rid of annoying crickets sound in your garage, please fix all the cracks and holes. These animals don’t have any more shelter to hide.

Cracks and holes can appear on any place, from windowsills, door frames, edges, ceiling, and on the wall. The tiny crickets can easily fly into these small holes and reside without your notice. Day by day, they will breed and multiply, making the pest problems even more challenging. When the summer comes, you can hear the bothersome crickets chirping that destroy your relaxing time. 

Given these facts, we suggest you do monthly, or if available, weekly inspection around the garage to see any cracks and holes to fix. It is easy to resolve: just find any material that is as big as the gaps’ diameter and then fill them to avoid any crickets flying into it.

Use Chemical Sprays

Let me introduce you to the top effective insect removal remedies of all time – chemical sprays. As its name, you will use chemical substances to directly kill off the crickets, take their life on the first try, and effectively get rid of crickets in your garage.

That being said, the chemical sprays contain a high amount of deadly substance that could kill insects in a short period. And that also means that if you accidentally absorb these substances, your health may be affected, too. Hence, if you want to use the chemical sprays, please wear masks and gloves. Also, remember to sanitize your hands afterward either.

Usually, insects, including bugs, cockroaches, and crickets, live in the garage’s edges or small, damp areas. Hence, we advise you to spray the substance directly into these areas for higher effect.

For some people, using insecticides is cruel and inhuman because we kill one life with toxic substances. We think it is a fair point, but on the other hand, it is a must to consider that these animals will bring harmful bacterias and viruses into your house, so it is sometimes acceptable to take such cruel actions. 

In short, the chemical sprays are the most effective insecticides to deal with pest problems, but it also has some side effects. If you decide to choose the fast and most powerful way like this, you have to protect yourself adequately.

Use Glue Traps

If you have done all the methods mentioned above, but the annoying insects remain in the garage, you may consider using glue traps to discharge all crickets effectively. We want to clarify that glue traps are not insecticides, so if you prefer non-chemical options, then the glue traps are also available for you.

In short, glue traps are sticky, adhesive stickers that are just as small as a tablet. The typical method to use is to open the folding cover, place it anywhere you want on the floor and wait for the insects to trap inside. 

When crossing the adhesive sticker, the animals will be stuck firmly into the trap and cannot escape anymore. With such a method, you will not “kill” the animal inhumanly; you just catch them inside a sticker and then throw them away. 

Besides, the glue traps are super effective and convenient, but there is only one weakness: the glue can slowly fade away. So, whenever you buy these traps, just purchase in a small number so that you can use up all in the short term.

Close All Windows

As mentioned above, crickets have firm, thick wings, making them strong enough to fly everywhere from place to place. Hence, no matter how much you declutter the garage or clear up waste outside the yard, crickets can still fly into the garage and secretly reside whenever you open the windows. Hence, please remember to always close windows after finishing your work and while doing your job, either.

Some people may question that if we close the windows all the time, there will be a shortage of fresh air inside the garage. Your concern is not wrong, though. 

Understanding your problem, we recommend you to buy some fans or air conditioners in the garage. If you plan to work there for a long time, turn on the air conditioner to allow the fresh air filling in the room. If you just work for a short period, just using a fan to blow away humidity is enough.

Wrapping It Up

We have gone through some techniques on how to get rid of crickets in garage. Crickets have long been a big concern for garage owners, so people have already come up with many schemes to remove these annoying insects. 

The top 6 methods mentioned above are just what directly influences our garage, based on our experience.

Each remedy has its weakness and strength, and, according to your flavor, house condition, and allergy, there may be only a few methods that suit you well. Please have further research regarding the relevant problems. Thank you for reading!

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