Kitchen Tips: How To Get Rid Of Garlic Smell In House

Garlic is an indispensable ingredient in cooking that is beneficial for human health and makes the dish more delicious. Moreover, people also use it to soak in wine or apply it in beauty products.


However, the smell of garlic is very unpleasant and difficult to remove. After cooking, garlic often leaves a foul odor in your house. That is why you need to know some effective ways about “how to get rid of garlic smell in house”. 

Let’s take a look at this article below to find some tips to deal with the garlic smell in your house. 

How to Get Rid of Garlic Smell in House? 


Deodorize Garlic Smell in The Kitchen 

#1: Open Windows and Doors

The first way is to open all the doors and windows of your house. The natural wind will help harmonize and circulate the house’s air and bring the original fresh fragrance back to your kitchen. 

However, this natural way seems not to be very useful when the garlic smell is exceptionally strong. In this case, you need to move to other methods below. 

#2: Turn On The Fans and Exhaust Hood 

After you open the window, but the smell of garlic is still in the house, let’s turn on the fan and the exhaust hood to chase the smell away from your house.

A small note here is that you should turn on the hood both after and during cooking time. Let’s apply right now, and you can see the difference.

#3: Boil Cinnamon Sticks

As you know, cinnamon has many usages and is popularly used in medicine or cooking. Besides, they can also do an excellent job in disinfecting and deodorizing. Therefore, you can take advantage of them to remove the garlic smell from your home.

To dispel unpleasant garlic odors in the house and replace it with a gentle cinnamon flavor, you have to boil a few cinnamon sticks in a pot of water for 5 minutes, let it cool, and put it on the table in your living room. The garlic smell will gradually disappear, replaced by the faint cinnamon scent.

#4: Simmer Lemon Water

This method will bring to your house a smell of refreshing citrus. First, you slice a lemon and fill it with a full water basin. Next, you get the pot to a boil, set the heat to medium-low, and simmer the blend. The lemon’s acid will help blow the garlic scent away from the house and leave a pleasant fragrance.

You can also try this way with oranges or grapefruits. The acid content in the fruits is similar and will produce an equivalent result.

#5: Bake Cookies

You may not think about it, but baking can help deodorize garlic in your house. The reason is that the cake’s aroma will overwhelm the garlic smell and make your home more fragrant.

However, you must make sure only to bake cakes with a mild aroma, not too strong; otherwise, it will make your home stinking.

#6: Use Baking Soda Mixed with Vinegar

Vinegar is a common element in families’ kitchens to serve cooking needs, but not everyone knows its usage as an effective way to deodorize garlic odor. 

You just need to mix some baking powder with vinegar to make a paste. Then, you use this blend to clean the items that you want to remove the garlic smell. In this way, you do not have to worry about the awful garlic smell on the kitchen objects anymore.

# 7: Coffee and Tea Grounds

This is also one technique to eliminate the garlic smell that many people use, especially coffee lovers. This method is straightforward, quick, and highly effective! For items that need deodorizing, you need to cover the coffee grounds or tea grounds onto these items. 

After that, for a few hours, the smell of garlic will be gone. All you need to do is take the item out and rinse it off. In this way, you will not have to worry about the smell of garlic anymore! Also, your widgets will smell like green tea and coffee!

Alternatively, you can also use coffee grounds to place in the corner of the house to remove annoying garlic odors.

#8: Old Newspapers 

You may not believe it, but using old newspapers is one of the most effective ways to deodorize garlic. You can use old newspapers to cover items that need deodorizing and leave them there overnight. 

The next day, we guarantee that your items and your home will no longer smell of garlic. 

#9: Use Essential Oil Lamp

You can light a lamp with the scent of essential oils you like and put it on the living room table. The smell of essential oil will release and replace the terrible garlic smell. 

Although this method is a bit expensive, your house space is always cozy and has a delightful scent.

#10: Orange Peels

After eating oranges, you can use their peels to get rid of the garlic smell in your house. You can put these peels into every corner of your home. For the best result, you can simmer these peels with some cinnamon sticks. 

Orange and cinnamon essential oils mixture will bring a sense of fragrance. If you make a lot of orange and cinnamon solutions, you can store them in the fridge to make them odorless and use them next time.

Deodorize Garlic Smell From Kitchen Objects

#1: Deodorize The Garbage Bin

Even though the trash bin is cleaned, the smell persists. To remove this trace of garlic smell, you use a newspaper, burn and move around the trash; indeed, the smell will be eliminated. 

However, you must always be careful about fire and explosion.

#2: Clean The Sink

The sink has a sour, bad smell from leftovers. In washing dishes, many dregs remain in the garbage filter and wastewater pipes, including garlic residue. This not only makes your home smell terrible now, but it can create a very unpleasant odor plaque if you wash things for a long time. 

Fresh lemons, fresh oranges, and grapefruit peels all have quick and effective deodorizing effects. First, you rinse the sink with hot water to soften the plaque. 

Then you pour crushed peels of these kinds of fruits into the strainer and rinse for a few minutes. Flakes of food leftovers and odors will go away. It would be best to clean about 1-2 times/week.

#3: Eliminate Odors in The Refrigerator

If you have a habit of storing garlic in the refrigeration over a long period, it can cause your refrigerator to smell bad. Therefore, the deodorization of the fridge is very important.

First, you should clean the fridge, remove the garlic that has been left for a long time, tidy up, and classify the areas for different kinds of food separately to ensure safety and hygiene for you and your whole family.

After eating oranges, tangerines, we will take the peel, wash, dry them, and then put them in many places in the refrigerator. After three days, the garlic smell in the fridge will be gone. 

Besides, you can take about 50g of tea in a cloth bag and put it in the refrigerator; the smell will surely be eliminated. After one month, you can take the tea out to dry in the sun and continue to use it; the effect is still beneficial.

#4: Clean Up Food Containers

If you store garlic in the food containers, especially the plastic boxes, its smell is easy to stick.

In this situation, you should cut thin lemon slices and place them in plastic containers. 

Alternatively, you can also use baking soda mixed with vinegar to create a thick paste and apply it to clean smelly plastic containers. This is also considered one of the most effective ways to deodorize garlic.

Deodorize Garlic Smell From Hands 

#1: Toothpaste

If you can suffer the greasy sense of toothpaste, you can apply this method. 

Toothpaste with flour and baking soda is efficient in bleaching and deodorizing. You simply apply a thin layer of cream to the surface of your hand, rubbing your hands together as if you were washing with soap, and then rinse with water. The garlic smell will be completely removed.

A small note is that you should choose a toothpaste with a pleasant smell to create a sense of comfort after washing. 

#2: Lemon Juice

Lemons help deodorize and whiten as well. So, if your hands stick to the garlic smell, you can use the lemon juice. You should cut lemons into small pieces, then rub them on your hands for about 1 minute and then wash them. 

You can incorporate a little salt when scrubbing to increase the efficiency. However, if your hands have an open wound, you should not apply this method. 

In case there is no lemon left in your fridge, you can replace lemons with oranges. You can immediately cut off oranges, rub them on your hand for about 1 minute, and then wash them. This way not only removes the garlic smell on your hands but also makes you more relaxed.

#3: Baking Soda and Salt Mixture

Baking soda is a popular deodorant that can be found in most grocery stores. This is an extremely versatile ingredient, and you should have it available in your kitchen.

First, you need to use two teaspoons of baking soda and ½ teaspoon of salt with a little water to create a paste. Then, you apply the paste to your hands and rub well. You can also use a brush to brush your nails to help remove the garlic smell better. Finally, you rinse with water.

#4: Stainless Steel Soap

Basically, it involves the chemical reaction between garlic and stainless steel because garlic contains sulfur molecules. When you cut the garlic, the molecules will stick to your hands. Cleansing hands with water will increase the bad smell because it produces the sulfur factor to convert to an element called sulfuric acid.

When you finger the stainless steel, the steel molecules bind to the sulfur molecules on hands, thereby conveying the molecules with the metal’s odor and removing the garlic smell from your skin.

This method is really efficient. However, it is difficult to remove the garlic smell from the crevices under the nails. Therefore, you should combine using this method with one of the other ways.

In The Bottom Line 

Above are the quick but very effective ways about “how to get rid of the garlic smell in house”. With the sharing above, garlic smell will no longer be the haunt of you and housewives. 

We hope that all of you will successfully remove the terrible smell of garlic out of your beloved house for a fresh and healthy atmosphere.

Good luck!

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