How To Get Rid Of Tea Tree Oil Smell – Effortless Methods For Homemakers

Tea tree oil has been the topmost widely used type of essential oils for a long time. You can use it to replace perfumes to scent yourself or mate it with some other ingredients to help therapeutically.

However, many said that they felt dizzy when accidentally smelling tea tree oil spilled, or even happened to have some irritation effects. Is it true? Is tea tree oil bad for you? And how to get rid of tea tree oil smell? 

Carry on reading to find out.


Why Shouldn’t You Use Tea Tree Oil? 

1. Change Your Taste

Scientists have made a study upon two types of mouthwash to identify the differences between the tea tree oil-contained product and the one having Cetylpyridinium Chloride. 

The result is surprisingly contrasting to many thoughts as the mouthwash containing Chloride is better. You may know tea is a good herb, but not in this case; its bitter taste lasting for a while in your tongue can cause your taste perception to change or even create choking in small kids.  

2. Irritation for Skin

Many cosmetic brands use tea tree oil as a treatment for the skin, yet that doesn’t mean this oil’s good for all. For some with especially sensitive skin, it could cause irritation and skin redness, which applies to people who suffer from Eczema. A recommended solution is to use other alternative essential extraction such as Lavender, Rosemary, or Manuka, giving a more gentle impact on your skin and a pleasant smell.

3. Allergies

Is it possible to be allergic to tea tree oil? Yes, it is. The reaction can range from inflammation – the lightest reaction to rashes- the most serious one. 

When you apply the oil on the dry or broken skin, you can soon see those reactions. 

Plus, if you have any allergic reaction to some items like eucalyptus, guava, and cloves, you may also be allergic to tea tree oil. Asides from skin allergies, you have to deal with other issues such as congestion, cramps, swelling, flushing, and light-headedness. 

4. Issues with Scalp 

Many said a natural remedy for dandruff problem is to use tea tree oil, yet this method is not scientifically proven. Although it still shows some great results in handling the problems, this technique is not a long-term solution since it causes dryness and itching effects for people relying on it for a long time. 

These side effects will eventually grow over time into severe damage like hair fall or rashes if not treated the right way.

How To Get Rid Of Tea Tree Oil Smell – How To Remove It In Different Situation 

On Skin

Since it can reduce inflammation and enhance white blood cell activity, tea tree oil is known to benefit from fighting against acne and antiseptic for minor cuts.

Still, applying this oil on your skin may end up with its smell lingering around your nose all the time and annoying you much. So, here is how you can get rid of tea tree oil on your skin.

Step 1

If you have just spilled it on your skin, you can immediately cover it with vegetable oil to prevent tea tree oil from seeping into your skin. Then, take a small cotton pad and wipe it off. 

Step 2

Continue doing step 1 for two to three times to make sure that you completely remove the tea tree oil out of your skin. Remember to use a whole different clean cotton pad for each time of wiping.

Step 3

Wash that area of your skin with water and mild hand soap for a couple of times. At this time, you can be free from the tea tree oil smell. 

If you still smell it, you can rinse that area with white vinegar and wash it with water after 5 minutes.

Note: In case you have already applied it on your face, you shouldn’t try those steps above as it may somehow cause you irritation. Instead of that, you can lessen the annoying smell by using lavender essential oil. 

Lavender oil owns similar properties to tea tree oil, such as antiseptic or treating acne. You can use it alongside tea tree oil as they are a perfect combination.

On Hair

We are likely to use tea tree oils without worrying too much about handling them. Therefore, we usually wind up facing some bad effects of this oil and even its smell. 

One of the accidents that commonly happens is that people add tea tree oil into their shampoo, resulting in dizziness due to the oil’s sense. 

So how to clear that awful smell away from your head? A way to do that is to use stronger essential oils to add to the shampoo to minimize the tea tree’s smell. 

Plus, you should also throw the shampoo bottle containing tea tree oil away, just if you accidentally grab it in use again. 

On Hard Surface 

What should you do if you spill some tea tree oil on a hard surface? How to remove it and its smell? Follow these given steps, and you are good to go.

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is grab a clean towel and dab onto the area having the aroma oils immediately to clear away the oil. 

Then, you mix dish soap and warm water with the ratio of 2:1 and put them in a spray bottle. Next, spray the mixture thoroughly onto that area and let it sit there for two minutes. 

Step 2

After two minutes, you take a different towel to wipe off the mixture and repeat step 1 for two or three times. Note that you should use a completely clean towel to take off the oils for each cleaning time carefully. 

Later, you should use water and towels to bring out the leftover soap residue to avoid slipperiness. 

Step 3

Put some white vinegar on that spilled area and allow it to sit for five minutes. Then, use a clean towel to wipe off the vinegar.

You can repeat this step a couple of times to help soak up oils and stop the aroma from setting.


Want to eliminate the tea tree smell in your room? What about charcoal? Have you ever thought about it? 

Charcoal has long been the ingredient widely used to remove the odor in everyone’s house. And it works in this case too. 

All you have to do is place a bowl of charcoal in the room, having the tea tree oil smell and leave it there overnight. The charcoal will absorb all the annoying smell and give you back a room free from smell. 

On Fabric

As mentioned above, many often use tea tree oil instead of perfume to scent themselves. Yet, what if you don’t feel like that smell anymore? What to do to take it off your clothes? Here is the instruction. 

Step 1

Rinse the piece of clothes under cool water for two minutes to extrude the oils and block them from seeping into the fabric fibers.

Step 2

If there is any stain on your clothes, you can use a pre-laundry stain remover to spray on the stain, and then wash the fabric with laundry detergent.

Step 3

You can redo step 2 for sometimes if the fabric is still smelly. After having ensured the smell lifted, you dry it and use it as usual. 

In Short 

After reading, We hope you can know how to get rid of tea tree oil smell and do it at ease. Moreover, some side effects of tea tree oil are given above for your reference and note down to avoid any bad happening to you. 

Good luck with your work. Thank you for reading.

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