How to Get Rid of Yellow Stains From a Rug on Flooring

How long has it been since you last take out of your rug and clean your entire floor? – If you do not perform this task frequently, there is a likelihood that one day, you come across ugly yellowish stains beneath the rug area.

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Why they appear there and are so stubborn to remove with regular cleaners? Find the complete answer and easy solutions right below.

What Causes Rug Stains on Your Floor?

There are two reasons for the yellowish lemon stains on vinyl or linoleum floors.

The Materials of The Floor

The floor can create stains itself in case of unfavorable conditions. For example, the linseed oil – one of the floor’s inevitable elements, is easy to oxidize and change color due to the lack of sun exposure.

Where there is less direct sunlight such as your bedroom or bathroom, especially under the thick rug, the chemical reaction can happen over time. It causes the yellow discoloration at that part of the floor. Fortunately, you have many tips and tricks to bring back the original state in a matter of minutes.

The Rubber Backing of Certain Rugs

The antioxidants of rubber backing are good on the one hand to improve the rubber’s integrity. However, it is the main reason for unwanted stains under the rug.

Specifically, the rubber products become dry rot and brittle after the frequent exposure to UV or long-time usage. If so, the rug’s fibers tend to react with adjacent products such as vinyl or linoleum leaving yellowish stains behind.

Such stains are hard to remove permanently, but they can significantly dimmer using several household cleaners.

How to Get Rid of Yellow Stains from A Rug on Flooring?

Natural Sunlight

If lack of sun exposure is the problem, just remove all rugs and items blocking the way of natural lights to your floor.

Let natural light wear out the stains – source image

Leave the stained areas uncovered under the sunlight within a period until all stains are gone and the floor’s surface is back to its original color.

Simple as this method is, it only works for light stains. Not to mention, the waiting time depends on how long and how large the affected areas have presented under the rug. Typically, it will not be short.

Baking Soda

Baking soda, the well-known natural cleaning treatment, makes it simpler and quicker to remove hardened dirt or stains.

What to prepare: baking soda, soft household cleaner, clean water, and cloth/mop.

First, you must remove the rugs and clean the floor as usual with clean water or the non-toxic household cleaner.

Then, wet the yellow stains with clean water before sprinkling baking soda on. Allow them to settle for 10 to 15 minutes. Lengthen the time if the stains are significantly stubborn.

Use a soft cloth or mop to wipe the baking soda and excess water away, and check whether the stains are already gone. If not, repeat the treatment with baking soda several times until the floor is back to its original state.

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How to Prevent Stains from Showing Their Face Again?

Yellow stains are easy to remove using either or both of the two treatments as above. However, keep in mind that they can return right after a while if you fail to take more care of your flooring.

So, take note of these caring tips:

  • Ensuring your floor, more or less, is exposed to natural lights
  • Removing the rugs frequently to check the beneath areas
  • Doing a weekly cleaning of both the floor and the rugs so that the stains have hardly chances to appear
  • Staying away from floor rugs which have materials readily reacting to vinyl or linoleum floors

Wrap It Up

Getting rid of yellow stains from a carpet on flooring is not only ensure the beautiful look of your house, but it also helps protect your family from unwanted dirt and mold from stains. Also, ensure the baking soda always available on your kitchen for any quick cleaning as wished.

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