How To Keep Fruit Flies Away From Bananas – A Thorough Tutorial

Have you ever noticed that the fruit flies literally seem to come from nowhere? It’s just like they nourish in the air. Yet, according to scientific research, fruit flies that affect bananas have some specific sources. 

Almost every fruit flies penetrate your house from the outside when you let the windows, the pet doors, or the main doors open. Besides, the garbage bin is also favorable for the thriving of fruit flies.

Many people haven’t managed to know how to keep fruit flies away from bananas, even though they have tried many ways. But, don’t worry, we will share with you the most cost-effective methods to deal with fruit flies or even eliminate their roots. 


How To Keep Fruit Flies Away From Bananas?

We will divide our tutorial into two main sections. One is to prevent the fruit flies from coming into your house, and the other is to exterminate them if you have, somehow, let them in. Let’s first start with prevention.

Methods To Prevent Fruit Flies From Appearing

Prevention is always better than solving the problem. Hence, you should focus more on the avoidance methods.

#1. Wash The Bananas

Washing your Bananas is an avoidance of Fruit Flies

Washing bananas before consuming is a good habit because this cation can wipe out the bacteria and debris on the banana’s skin. As a result, you can enjoy your favorite fruit without worrying about getting some digestive-system-related diseases.

Interestingly, many people have taken washing as a useful method to prevent fruit flies from affecting bananas. The reason is that fruit flies often lay their eggs on bananas’ skin, so washing the bananas on a regular basis will tackle down the chance of fruit flies appearance.

Furthermore, flies are believed to remember and realize their breed’s scent and trace, so they will land on the spots that were invaded by the previous fruit flies. Washing will remove all these unwanted marks on your bananas and result in no fruit flies.

#2. Take Out The Garbage

Everyone has a garbage bin in their house. This tool is efficient in containing the redundant and used stuff. Yet, if you don’t manage to take advantage of your garbage correctly, it will come with reverse effects. And the most obvious one is the fruit fly.

When you leave your garbage bin opened and inappropriately processed, it will attract not only fruit flies but also many other insects and bugs. The smell from the bin is disgusting to human-kind, but it is alluring to fruit flies everywhere trying to come into your house.

Therefore, to exclude fruit flies before they can affect your bananas, you should know how to cover the garbage bin and empty it regularly. Plus, you can place the garbage dumping spot outside the house.

#3. Clean The Kitchen

Regularly cleaning the kitchen can prevent fruit flies

The cleaning method is relatively the same as the washing bananas method above. However, this one is more thorough. Since moist and disordered places are the ideal environment for the fruit flies’ nourishment, a tidy and organized kitchen will exterminate even the rarest chance of flies’ breeding.

Moreover, a clean kitchen will prevent the fruit from being rooted and fermented so that you can store them longer in the natural temperature without the fruit flies’ attack.

#4. Use Fridge To Store Bananas

A refrigerator is a common household appliance in any family. There is no doubt about its functionality in keeping our food and drinks fresh. Yet, many people don’t have the habit of containing food in the fridge. The reason is that when being placed in the refrigerator, the food can be fresh and used longer, but the taste isn’t as delicious as putting it outside.

This is just a problem for people who want to eat bananas because of the flavor only. If you wish to take bananas due to their nutrition or as a must-have fruit for your gym-meal, just use the refrigerator. When storing bananas in the fridge, of course, there is no chance for the fruit flies’ impact.

#5. Rely On An Exterminator

This is the last resort if you have failed all these above ways to deal with fruit flies. An exterminator is an expert in carrying out numerous procedures to prevent and eliminate fruit flies in your house. 

Commonly, people rely on this method when the budget is not a problem to them, and the fruit flies situation is becoming uncontrollable. Asking the exterminator to get rid of fruit flies should be done regularly for the best result.

Deal With Fruit Flies By Setting Traps

Suppose you haven’t managed to avoid the fruit flies from coming to your house. In that case, you need to cope with the irritating creatures by these methods below.

Although you can opt for the anti-fly scent products on the market, some of their chemical components are harmful to your health and expensive. These four home-made and  organic traps will help you out:

#1. Apple Cider Vinegar Trap

Photo by Tiffany Woods

Before building your apple cider vinegar trap, you should prepare these tools:

  • A funnel
  • A jar
  • ½ cup of apple cider vinegar
  • A small piece of ripe fruit
  • A small amount of dish soap

Slightly boil the ½ cup of apple cider vinegar. When the liquid heats up, you need to contain it in the jar. The amount of the mixture in the jar should be proper to drown a fruit fly. Pour some drops of dish soap into the jar. The soap will keep the flies from hanging on the jar.

The funnel can be seen as the entrance for the flies to come into the jar, but they won’t manage to find the way out. After going through the entrance, the flies will definitely drown.

You can use the rotten piece of fruit to attract the fruit flies. In some cases, the flies don’t drown because of the liquid. You can solve this problem by putting the jar in the fridge to freeze the flies.

#2. Fruits Trap

Necessary components for the trap:

  • A jar
  • A toothpick
  • Plastic wrap
  • Some pieces of rotten fruits
  • Soapy water

Cover the jar that contains the pieces of rotten fruits with the plastic wrap. You can steady the plastic wrap by tieing a rubber band and utilize the toothpick to poke some holes on the wrap. Next, place the jar in the spot where there are numerous fruit flies.

When you notice that the flies penetrate into the traps and can’t get out, this is time to eliminate them. Submerge the jar into the bucket of the soapy liquid for at least 5 minutes to drown the flies. Clean the jar and make another trap.

#3. Red Wine Trap

Building this trap is straightforward. Prepare any kind of bottle and pour a small amount of red wine into it. Honestly, there hasn’t been any scientific proof about why red wine attracts fruit flies. Yet, this trap really works.

The flies will smell the red wine’s appealing scent and go into the bottle to enjoy their favorite but deadly drink. When consuming a specific quantity of wine, they will become drunk and can’t find out the exit. This is the time for you to pour boiled water into the bottle to exterminate the flies.

Bottom Lines

Fruit flies are one of the most irritating and dirty creatures in the world. It’s even worse when the flies are stealing the nutrition from your bananas before you can enjoy them. 

With all the cost-effective methods we have provided above, we hope that you will know how to keep fruit flies away from bananas.

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