How To Refinish Terrazzo Floors And Polish Them

I love terrazzo floors because, for me, this type of flooring is quite artistic, especially when it is polished. However, when the surface becomes dull with scratch, dirt, or the color changes, it looks really bad. So for me, keeping this kind of flooring polished, clean, and new is important.

Then, what if your floor already had some issues and you want to finish them? Is it possible to do so? This article will show you how to refinish terrazzo floors with a long list of all the methods I normally use. I will also give you my tips to clean the flooring properly!


How To Refinish Terrazzo Floors?

When you already see some damages, discolor, stains, or cracks on your terrazzo floors, it is always better to try fixing the issues as soon as you can. The longer you leave the issues unsolved, the harder it will be for you to fix them later. 

As someone who owns terrazzo flooring and has been taking care of it for years, I will guide you on how to refinish the flooring to return its polished look.


Step 1: Prepare The Floor

Before doing anything else, it is highly recommended for you to prepare the floors first. In this step, you will need to get rid of all the coverings you have on the floors and anything else sticking to the floors, such as carpets or mats

Also, you can use some stone cleaner to clean the whole flooring. Try your best to get rid of all the dirt.

Step 2: Grind The Terrazzo Floor

Many people will skip this step, but you should not if you want your floors to get the shiniest look you can. 

First, start with grinding your entire flooring until you see it in more detail. Next, change to another terrazzo grinder with a finer grit, and keep on grinding until you are happy with the shininess and detail.

Step 3: Patch Up The Cracks And Holes

This step is crucial for your floors to look great afterward. Your job is to find the holes and cracks on the terrazzo floors and patch them up. This step needed to be done before the polishing step. 

To ensure your floor will look great, pick the epoxy that has a color that matches your marble chips’ color. 

Step 4: Seal The Terrazzo

When you are sure all the cracks and holes are patched up completely, it’s time to seal the terrazzo, so the floor will be able to avoid damages from oil stains and moisture pills. For this step, you will need to apply a sealer to the terrazzo floor. 

Step 5: Polish The Terrazzo

This is my most favorite step because I absolutely love terrazzo floors that have the shiniest look. There are three methods for you to choose, and here are the details:

  • Method 1: Diamond Polishing

This one is my favorite because, after this polishing method, the floor will look really good, and more importantly, it will not be as slippery as other polishing techniques. 

Diamond polishing sounds better for those who like to walk quite fast and carelessly at home because they will have fewer chances to slip and fall off. 

  • Method 2: Terrazzo Polishing Powder

This method is cheaper to do. You need to apply the powder to the floor, buff the floor, and repeat the process a few times until you are happy with the result. 

  • Method 3: Recrystallization

Recrystallization is another thing you can do, and it is also cheaper than diamond polishing. 

Note: While diamond polishing can last for many years, recrystallization and powder polishing methods will need to be rebuffed after a few years. 

How To Clean Terrazzo Floors? Useful Tips To Remember

Never underestimate the importance of proper cleaning. When you use the wrong cleaner with certain chemicals or pick the wrong cleaning method, terrazzo floors will be affected and damaged. Here are five simple tips you should always keep in mind to protect the floors:

Tip 1: Say no to acidic cleaners, including natural ingredients like vinegar. You should always check the ingredients to find out whether there are some acidic chemicals there because the acid will damage the shininess of your floors. Instead, you can pick a cleaner with a Ph-neutral level.

Tip 2: Cleaning your terrazzo floors regularly will help them to look good for a longer time. If you leave dirt and pills on the floors for too long, the floors will get dull with time.

Tip 3: Vacuum or sweep the floor frequently to eliminate any trash, dirt, soil, sand, and more on the floors. 

Tip 4: You do not need to use strong detergent to clean terrazzo floors without stubborn grease or debris. Normally, only water will work. When you have greasy pills, add some mild soap and wet mop the floor, and the strains will be removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Terrazzo Need To Be Sealed?

The simple answer is Yes, you should seal your terrazzo flooring. This method is to protect the floors from stains and penetration. If your floor is new, you will only need one coat, but you will need two sealer coats for the older ones. 

How Much Does It Cost To Refinish Terrazzo Floor?

Depending on the size and the refinishing methods you use, the cost will be different. However, you will need to pay up to five dollars to refinish one square meter of the terrazzo flooring if you choose polishing powder or recrystallization methods. 

For diamond polishing, the cost can be around $20 for each square meter.

Why Does Terrazzo Crack?

When the epoxy is moving, cracks form.

Final Thoughts

So, do you know how to refinish terrazzo floors now? I am sure you are, as this blog already lists the step-by-step guide for you to follow and gives you useful tips to keep in mind. To expand the lifespan of the shininess of your terrazzo floors, you should always pick the right cleaning methods and cleaners.

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