How To Remove Pet Vomit From Wool Carpet

Your pet eats rotten food and then vomits on your expensive wool rug. Cleaning that mess was a pretty horrible experience.

And it’s a nightmare when you don’t know how to remove pet vomit from wool carpet. To prevent things from getting worse, read the information below.

How To Remove Pet Vomit From Wool Carpet?

Things To Prepare

  • Disposable gloves
  • A spoon 
  • A towel (Microfiber cloth is highly recommended) or paper towel 
  • Baking soda or cornstarch
  • Warm water
  • Cleaning solution: You can use both store-bought carpet cleaner and homemade cleaner

In case you want to use a homemade cleaning solution, you can try the recipe below:

  • ½ cup of vinegar or 1 tbsp hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 tbsp cleaning solvent
  • 1 tbsp soda

6 Steps To Deal With Fresh Pet Vomit


Immediately detecting and disposing of a pet vomit will help to reduce smell and minimize carpet damage. To remove fresh pet vomit, follow these step below

  • Step 1: Put on gloves 

Never use bare hands to clean up vomit. You don’t want your hands to smell bad or have weird substances. Worse yet, the invisible bacteria in the vomit can get on your skin. 

It would help if you used disposable gloves to cover your hand. In case gloves are not available in your home, you can take a plastic bag instead. 

  • Step 2: Remove the vomit

The first thing you need to do is to remove visible food particles. You’d better use a spoon and try to get as much as you can. Any blunt item is fine as it will minimize damage to your carpet. Do not forget to disinfect this tool immediately after using it. 

Then, use a dry towel to soak up the vomit. Microfiber cloth is a good suggestion as it has little impact on the surface of the wool carpet. Remember to wash your towel carefully when you are done. You can also use a paper towel and throw it away afterward.

  • Step 3: Eliminate vomit spot

Now, most of the vomit has been removed. However, there are still some things left. To deal with those spots, baking soda is a great option. Sprinkle a little on the wool carpet and wait 5-10 minutes. When it’s thoroughly dried, use a vacuum cleaner to clear all clumps.

  • Step 4:  Wash off stains

It’s time to prevent stains from your wool carpet. To get the best result, you should choose the cleaning solution carefully. Using store-bought carpet cleaner is the easiest way. Experts highly recommend the products with enzyme-based. 

Another suggestion for you is to use a homemade cleaner that has been shared above. It will take you a little longer, but in return, it is safer for your carpet. 

Anyway, checking the manufacturer’s instructions is the first thing you need to do. Some chemicals are prohibited as they are harmful to your carpet.

Spray the solvent on the stain and gently wipe the area with a clean towel. Never scrub the carpet, or you will end up with widespread stains and damaged fibers. This stage can last quite a while until all the colors are removed. 

  • Step 5: Remove odor

After removing the stains, your carpet definitely still has unpleasant odors.  In this case, baking soda turns out to be a perfect savior to remove it. You can take this step the same way as step 3. Baking soda can also absorb excess moisture. Alternatively, vinegar or spray deodorizer is the right choice. 

  • Step 6: Clean again and dry the carpet

By this stage, your carpet is almost spotless. However, it is not the end of the cleanup process. One useful suggestion is using warm water to rinse the area again. This helps prevent the formation of stains left behind by cleaning solution. 

Last but not least, let your wool carpet be wholly dried. Many people sometimes let the rug have time to dry. A wet carpet is easy to get dirty and slippery. Stains can also form for this reason. 

As a result, you should hang the rug in a slightly sunny place. If it is cloudy outside, you can switch on a fan to dry the carpet. Remember to keep your pet away for the time being. 

Remove Dried Pet Vomit From Wool Carpet

Maybe it has been a while since your pet vomits on your carpet. Don’t worry; it’s not a big deal. The cleaning process may take longer, but the effect stays the same.

After putting on gloves, you should use warm water to reduce stickiness. Then clean the area slowly from edge to center with a towel. You should be aware of two things: do not use any cleaning solution and do not rub the carpet. If water is not helpful for dried vomit, you can add one tbsp vinegar to the water and continue cleaning. After that, treat it the same way as fresh vomit (starting from step 3).

One thing about dried vomit is that its smell lasts longer than fresh vomit. To remove odor, try deodorant sprays after baking soda. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid harmful situations.

Here are six steps to clean up dried pet vomit:

  1. Put on disposable PE gloves
  2. Use warm water to damp dried vomit  
  3. Eliminate the vomit spot
  4. Remove stains by cleaning solution available in your house
  5. Use baking soda to remove the odor 
  6. Rinse the carpet again and hang it outside

The faster you find out the vomit, the more comfortable you can clean it. But in case you are too busy to do the cleaning process right away, what will you need to keep an eye on? 

Firstly, you should remove vomit before leaving if you have enough time. If you don’t,  sprinkle little absorbent material on the carpet. This action helps to prevent the vomit from being pushed deeper into the rug. Once you are free, follow these steps above to clean your wool carpet.

In Conclusion

This article gives you the best advice on how to remove pet vomit from wool carpet. The first thing you need to do is keep calm and follow those simple tips step by step. Do the cleaning process as quickly as possible. Overreacting only reduces the efficiency of cleansing. 

Hopefully, you will succeed in saving your favorite rug from pet vomit. If you have other useful tips, let’s share them with us.

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