How To Stop Desk From Getting Dusty – 6 Tips For Busy People

Why does dust keep building up on your desk?

The desk is not the only source of these tiny particles. They also come from the surrounding area and settle on your desk then. Floors, fan blades, and air-conditioners are common causes for the dust to circulate.

Hence, keeping those places clean is the solution to minimize dust buildup. Consequently, you do not need to waste much time dusting the desk day by day.

But for more detail, how to stop desk from getting dusty? Well, our guide will inform you right away. 


How To Stop Desk From Getting Dusty 

The following are six tips on how to stop desk from getting dusty. No.1 and 2 should be yearly tasks. No.3 and 4 take only minutes. And no.5 and 6 is just a piece of cake. 

Wiping Ceiling Fan Blades

The ceiling fan is often so high up; hence, its blades do not get cleaned regularly. When the fan works, dust on its blades will fall onto the desk. This is the reason why you should wipe down the ceiling fan blades with the frequency at least once or twice per year. 

Standing on a step ladder will help you to see whether the fan blades are dusty or not. You can then remove the fan from the ceiling to clean or wipe the fan blades directly without disassembly. Follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Cover the floor with an old sheet to catch dust from the ceiling fan while cleaning.  
  • Step 2: Use a dry duster with the long arm to carefully dust the whole fan. 
  • Step 3: Wipe the fan with a damp cloth.
  • Step 4: Pick up the sheet outside, shake the dust out, and wash it.  

Changing Filters Of The Air-conditioner 

Filters of the air-conditioner play a key role in keeping dust out of the HVAC equipment (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning). Hence, just in the short term, a considerable thick layer of dust will build upon these filters. If you do not clean or change the filters regularly, they will keep trapping and then spreading dust into your room. 

Some signs are letting you know that it is time to change the filters of the air-conditioner.

  • The air-conditioner gets too hot. 
  • The air is not cold enough.
  • The electricity consumption increases.
  • You find respiratory problems
  • A significant amount of dust appears near the air vents. 

Before opening the air-conditioner cabinet, do not forget to turn off the power. Next, based on the dust cover thickness, you will decide to clean the filters or make the replacement.

If the filter cakes with dust, you must say google to it. But in case that dust lightly covers the filter, cleaning it by vacuum is fine. 

Cleaning The Floor

Generally, the floor is a high-traffic area with tons of dust. Regularly vacuuming the floor is not only to keep it clean but also to ensure its durability. 

A room with many windows and a high density of movements often needs about three-time vacuuming weekly. On the contrary, about once a week is probably a suitable frequency to vacuum the one with fewer windows and lower movement density. 

Floors with Carpet

Normally, people do not sweep the carpeted floor. It would help if you vacuumed to remove all dust on it instead. Besides, you can use baking soda or shaving cream to get rid of all stains on the carpet

Floors without Carpet

Firstly, you sweep or vacuum the floor to ensure no dust or garbage before turning to the next step. Secondly, you prepare a bucket of water with some mopping detergent and mop the floor. One note is that the floor tends to get cleaner and dry quicker with hot water.

Dusting The Desk Regularly

It often takes minutes for you to dust your desk. The more frequently you do this task, the less dust will stay on the desk. For more convenience, we suggest keeping a microfiber cloth nearby so that you will wipe the desk every day. 

Avoiding The Furniture Oil Or Wax 

Many people believe that furniture oil or wax can give the desk an impressive shine. But they are never a good idea to stop the desk from getting dust. Applying the oil and wax on the desk may make a good chance for dust to stick to the desk much easier. 

So, why don’t you try some other useful alternatives?

Honestly, cleaning the desk regularly is also great enough to maintain the nice looking desk. If your situation still needs to use cleaners, it must search for suitable products based on the desk materials of wood, metal, or plastic. Regardless of which cleaners you are about to use, please avoid the stuff which can make the desk sticky. 

Using An Air Purifier

Image from Aaron Yoo

Besides the cleaning tips above, placing an air purifier in the room is also a solution. In comparison with the HVAC system, the air purifier can work much faster and more efficiently.

An air purifier includes one or multiple filters along with a fan to circulate air. The intake point inside the device captures dust as well as other pollutants when air moves through the filters. And then it pushes the clean air back out into the room. 

Paper, fiber, and mesh are three common materials for the air purifier’s filters. Like the air-conditioner, the air purifier requires regular filter replacement to maintain efficiency.
You should check the device and replace the new filter (if needed) every three months. 


How to Stop Your Desk From Getting Dusty? It is not a hard problem to solve anymore. Try the six simple tips we mentioned above, and there is no longer a desk full of dust to get you insane.

And if you also have useful tips, let’s share them with us.

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