How To Wash Spin Mop Head In Your Washing Machine

Most homes possess at least a mop as it’s useful even if it’s not used frequently. If your house has hard floors, a mop is undoubtedly a great assistant to clean them.

But, do you know how to clean them properly? We bet most of you haven’t even once looked into the proper method of washing a spin mop head.

Cleaning your household equipment is incredibly essential. If you let your cleaning equipment dirty, then the overall hygiene of your house might be low as bacteria can spread all over it.

Yes, your mop can quickly get dirty just after a few uses, providing the ideal environment for bacteria to grow on. Without sanitizing and a proper cleaning routine, you might risk yourself living in a contaminated environment.

However, you can now free yourself from that dirty situation with Clairoliviawayman‘s cleaning guide below. From now on, you can keep your home as well as your mop clean.

Can you put the spin mop head in washing machine?

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How to Clean Your Mop

First of all, you have to rinse and clean the mop after every time you use it.

Yes, after each time of use, wring it thoroughly to discard all the dirty water. Then, also clean your mop bucket with soapy water and thoroughly rinse it.

After that, deep clean your mop to remove the remaining water and cleaning products. Let your mop sit under running hot water of your laundry sink (or your kitchen sink) to get more dirt out.

Continue to rinse until the water is clear as well as remember to always move the mop to get it cleaned on all sides. Any leftover dirt or cleaner can only be smeared around the next time you clean.

Once you’ve cleaned the mop thoroughly, wring it out, discard the water and let it dry. For better results, you can also hang it upside down until it dries completely.

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How To Wash Spin Mop Head In Washing Machine

You might wonder why you should machine wash your mop when you can do it with your hands. That’s because over time, the amount of dirt stuck on your mop will be too much for you to hand wash it.

Also, remember to check if your mop is machine washable or not before you do it. Otherwise, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean it thoroughly.

Cleaning Instructions

The first step is to remove the head from the mop handle.

Some have twist-off mop heads, while the others are clip-in. If you are unsure how to remove your mop head, please read the manufacturer’s instructions.

The instructions may also include the information on the cleaning cycle of your mop head, but experts recommend following a gentle cycle at high heat.

You can also mix the laundry detergent or some bleach in the water for extra cleaning, especially when your mop head is particularly dirty.

Once it comes out of the washer, recheck it to ensure that it’s clean. You might have to rewash it with more bleach (if necessary) if it comes out dirty.

Not Machine Washable Mop Head

Of course, there will be mop heads that are not machine washable. If that’s your product, feel free to soak it in bleach instead.

Find a big enough bucket (you can also use your mop bucket) to contain the “potion” and dip your mop head in.

The ratio of the potion mixture is half warm water and half bleach. Once you’ve finished preparing the potion, let your mop head sit in the mixture and soak for thirty minutes.

After that, get it out and rinse it under running water until all the bleach comes out.

Drying Your Mop

You have to dry your mop carefully before each use no matter if you machine-wash or soak it.

Let it dry out thoroughly after every time you rinse it or clean it to remove all the moisture and prevent the growth of bacteria inside the mop head.

Twist it using the mop bucket to get rid of dirty water as well as rinse the mop bucket when doing.

If you have a little more space (the outside is preferred), please hang the mop head out under the sun to dry. The sun’s rays will act as a sanitizer bleaching the mop head and remove more bacteria than when it dries inside.

If you can only dry the mop head inside, take advantage of your foot sink or a bathtub to let it drip dry. Place it upside down and make sure that the area is well ventilated so that air can flow around the mop head.

If a mop head stays dampened for an extended period, bacteria will grow and multiply. Therefore, drying mop heads after cleaning is critical.

Once it is dry, place it in a cool and dry area in an upside down position to prevent the mop from picking up dirt and dust.

That Being Said

Keep your mop head clean is no massive task. We know many of you have a habit of not cleaning your mop head or rinsing it out after using, but it’s not good to both your house and your health.

Please spend a few minutes cleaning your mop head to keep dirt and bacteria out of it.

Cleaning with a clean mop will make your house cleaner while using a dirty mop only will help to spread dirt and bacteria around it.

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