Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Clean Hardwood Floors? – What You Need To Know

As many people are afraid of the risk when choosing a homemade cleaning product, they often go for cleaning agents at stores. Like you, I don’t want to take that risk because I’m worried that it will harm my beautiful wooden floors.  

At that time, the most frequent google search on my laptop was “Can you use hydrogen peroxide to clean hardwood floors.” Normally, wooden floors can easily change color if you wash them with an inappropriate solution. That’s why I’m so nervous about this question. 

I decided to try it once, and the results did shock me a lot. Since then, I’ve been utilizing hydrogen peroxide for years. Let me show you how I do it in this article.

Hydrogen Peroxide on hardwood floors (Image)

Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Clean Hardwood Floors?

Many consider hydrogen peroxide among the best home remedies for cleaning hardwood floors. It’s famous for being safe and its ability to clean dirt and sanitize wood. No stubborn dirt can stand still towards this cleaning agent, and even pet stains can’t.

So how can hydrogen peroxide do this cleaning job perfectly? It’s quite simple as the hardwood floor usually includes many small holes that absorb and give off moisture. Hydrogen peroxide will then suck these liquid stains out and return a nice clean surface, whereas other normal cleaning solutions have no clue how to deal with them. 

Though one of the functions this solution brings about includes discoloration, you won’t have to worry about fading your floors unless you utilize it wrongly. If you are still nervous, please check it out in some hidden corners to see the effect first.

How To Clean Hardwood Floors Using Hydrogen Peroxide Properly?

Below I have conducted guidelines on how to clean your floors with this powerful solution.

Eliminating Dirty Spots

This criterion must be one of the most priorities to your concerns as many people have to face multiple dirty spots on their floor. To start with, you must prepare the following items:

  1. One 3% hydrogen peroxide bottle
  2. A spraying bottle
  3. Rubber gloves
  4. A piece of non-abrasive microfiber cloth
Cleaning floors with hydrogen peroxide

First, you use a bottle to directly spray hydrogen peroxide to the dirty spot and wait for some minutes. Next, eliminate the residual solution with a piece of cloth. In some cases, you can utilize more force to remove stubborn spots.

Removing Stains From Your Pets On The Floor

Cute pets can sometimes be annoying by leaving stains on the floor. Don’t be worried, as hydrogen peroxide will save your day. It can remove pet stains and rancidity. 

When spotting your pet stains, you should mash a bit of fabric in peroxide solution and put it on the stain for one night or a minimum of eight hours. 

Wait until the required time passes and clean the solution above with your microfiber cloth. What if the stains haven’t gone yet? Let’s repeat doing this until you’re satisfied.

In cases where you know that these stains won’t go off that easily, mix the peroxide solution and sodium bicarbonate. Once you’ve sprayed this mixture over paper towels, directly cover those towels on the surface and be mindful of puffing it sometimes.

After eight hours, take away the towels then sprinkle sodium bicarbonate on the dirt. You should wait till it dries to vacuum and remove it.

Here comes a problem with using hydrogen peroxide to wipe off pet stains. Sometimes, your wooden floor might change color or get damaged under the use of this solution. If so, I recommend you sand them properly and refinish this area to protect it better and retrieve its original appearance.

Cleaning For Overall Hardwood Floor

This section is the most secured among the three. It requires a combination of a 35% hydrogen peroxide solution (buying the type-cleaning) and one gal of water. 

Your mop non-abrasive microfiber will be in charge of cleaning the excess solution. It’s okay to soak it in there and have a cloth wipe the area afterward.


That’s all my own experience when using hydrogen peroxide for my home. I always guarantee a safe process and a promising result if you strictly follow my cleaning instructions. Now, let me ask you, can you use hydrogen peroxide to clean hardwood floors? 

Keeping track of the suitable concentration you are utilizing would be a nice idea during this cleaning task. Don’t forget to share your result and your experience with us once you’ve done! 

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