Is AdvanTech Flooring Waterproof? – Answer as Desired

AdvanTech Flooring has recently become the new trend in the construction industry and favorited among householders. The product is so good that it has been dubbed a “pioneering innovation for the construction sector.”

If you are also a fan of this type of floor, I guess that you could not deny its numerous benefits, including easy installation and hard, quiet wood! 

Yet, there is normally one concern about this flooring as “Is AdvanTech flooring waterproof?”. Do you have the same concern? If yes, read this post for a thorough answer and other useful facts related to this topic!

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Is AdvanTech Flooring Waterproof?

The answer to this question is Yes. Specifically, AdvanTech Flooring can prevent water from penetrating the wooden planks. 

In case you drop your cup of coffee on the floor, there is nothing to worry about since the floor can be as clean as new with a couple of sweeps!

What Are The Pros And Cons Of AdvanTech Flooring?

Apart from waterproofing, AdvanTech Flooring still has other advantages and disadvantages. Scroll down to read if you are curious about them!


Water Resistance

Water resistance is the prominent feature of AdvanTech Flooring, making it outshine other brands in the industry. When compared to other hardwood floorings, it offers one of the best water resistance ratings. Also, AdvanTech Flooring has one of the lowest swelling, warping, or cupping tendencies. 

The AdvanTech Flooring lasts during extended building periods and proves to offer long-term water resistance surrounding the construction site. Indeed, it is durable enough to withstand the most extreme moisture conditions!

Easy Installation

The AdvanTech Flooring’s joints are the most remarkable characteristic. It features a tongue and groove attachment, making it simple to put together. If something is described as having a tongue and groove connection, it simply implies a side-to-side panel that can fit with other panels—a method of attaching panel edges.

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In addition, the joint edges are not easy to notice, which will help add extra aesthetics to the floor. 


I have just mentioned the two most efficient benefits of AdvanTech Flooring. Now, it is time to talk about the only drawback it has!


Is advantech expensive? Unsurprisingly, AdvanTech Flooring is costly due to its high standard and performance. So, I think it is a fair trade-off to purchase AdvanTech Flooring with moisture protection features, ease of installation, long-term warranty, and many other benefits. 

Compared to other flooring brands on the market, this brand may lose a few points regarding price. However, from my experience using both AdvanTech and other companies’ flooring, AdvanTech can last for a long time!

The Final Verdict

So, is AdvanTech Flooring Waterproof?” My answer is yes, AdvanTech Flooring can 100% block water! Although it possibly costs higher than other flooring products, AdvanTech is worth purchasing due to its high water-resistant capacity and ease of installation.  

Therefore, you will have beautiful house flooring that will endure long if you head for this option!

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  1. NO its NOT WATERPROOF” read the data sheets- and find some that is past its 3-500day warranty (changes depending on source). It is classified as rating 1 water resistant. About as water resistant as your 10$ rain jacket- mysteriously you still get wet. The term Waterproof” is thrown around without the testing or knowledge to back it up. Consider the zip board the coating is only on one side of the wood. Advantechs gorilla glue in compressed with the fibers and can only seal the fibers it completely encompasses. These products may be the best thing we got right now… but dont follow the hype train and believe everything you read word for word


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