Is Bamboo Flooring Waterproof? – Benefits Of Using Bamboo Flooring

What makes you feel most tired or worried thinking about your floor? Is it because they are porous and moist? 

Porous flooring can cause many problems such as staining, discoloration, flaking, damage, and insect attack. This is the reason why some people accept to spend a lot of money to get waterproof flooring. 

However, instead of purchasing expensive and precious wood flooring, we will introduce you to an efficient alternative – bamboo flooring. Although it comes with an affordable price and simple material, is bamboo flooring waterproof and high-quality? 

Don’t worry; our following writing will inform you about the features and benefits of using bamboo flooring.

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Is Bamboo Flooring Waterproof? 

Bamboo flooring can withstand the bad effects of water for up to 30 hours. This flooring has such a good effect because of the specialized processes of high-temperature treatment and specific sealant.

Some other users said that the waterproof ability of bamboo flooring is much better than some types of expensive hardwood flooring that they used to install.

What Will Happen To Bamboo Flooring When It Gets Wet? 

If you accidentally spill water on the floor, the protective sealant will prevent water from endosmosis to the flooring. The puddle will lie obediently in that position and wait for you to spot and wipe it.

A friend of mine who also has bamboo flooring shared that her ceiling leaked and spilled a lot of water on the floor for several hours. After discovering and cleaning, she was very surprised when the flooring didn’t have any signs of damage, such as stains or warps.

However, this effect only applies when you use high-quality bamboo flooring. When you get low-quality bamboo flooring with bad sealant and small chinks, your flooring will easily let water penetrate, which causes warping and rotting.

How  To Maintain Bamboo Flooring In The Best Condition?

Bamboo flooring is highly waterproof and has long longevity. Nevertheless, you also need to always maintain the effectiveness and aesthetics of your flooring for longer use. 

First of all, you should not wear high heels on the flooring because they will scratch and damage the protective layer of your plank flooring. Besides, regular flooring inspection to promptly replace the damaged one is extremely necessary so that you can prevent spreading from a wet piece of flooring to another.

Users install bamboo flooring (source)

Moreover, it would be better if you don’t let strong corrosive chemicals or strong chemical cleaning agents spill on the floor because they may destroy the protective layer sealant of the flooring. 

In Conclusion

So, is bamboo flooring waterproof? You probably now know for sure that the answer is Yes. Bamboo flooring can resist water very well and has many other advantages such as environmental friendliness, affordability, natural insect resistance ability, etc. It would be so lovely for your house if you install this flooring.

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