Is Dehumidifier Water Clean? What You Must Know Before Using This Water

As water coming from dehumidifiers looks so clean and pure, many people have wondered if we can actually use it or even drink it or not. So, is dehumidifier water clean? And what can we do with this water?

Stay tuned; we are going to discuss more about this water to inform you about the Dos and  Don’ts with it. 

Can You Drink Water From a Dehumidifier? <Via Aaron Yoo>

Is Dehumidifier Water Clean or Drinkable?

Is Dehumidifier Water Clean?

In theory, the water coming from a dehumidifier can be clean if it meets certain standards. First, your dehumidifier tube needs to be clean and does not have any rust, dirt, or mold inside. 

This requirement is not easy because after you use the machine for a while, contamination from the air and humidity will get into the tube, form mold, and get directly to the water. 

The air itself, on the other hand, needs to be perfectly clean, too. However, it is not easy to have this perfect living condition as the air is getting more and more polluted globally. For this reason, water from dehumidifiers is not as clean as it seems, even when you do not see any dirt on it. 

Is Dehumidifier Water Safe to Drink?

As we explained above, it is almost impossible to have a perfectly clean living space and tube from the dehumidifier; the water is not clean and, for sure, not drinkable. 

It is not worth the risk of consuming this type of water at all. If you drink the water, you might not feel any difference right away. But after time, the contamination and mold in the water will silently affect your health negatively and make you sick one day. 

Heavy metals found in the air and some areas’ tab water can cause harmful reactions in our bodies, and these metals can get into your dehumidifier water, too. So, we highly recommend that you only drink water from water purifiers or trust-worthy water-producing brands.

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Is Dehumidifier Water Safe for Plants or Pets?

For Plants


As we mentioned above, dehumidifier water might have mold, rot, or dirt from the air or tubes, so it is not completely safe for humans in most cases. But for plants, it is quite safe to use this water. When you have some trees on your table, house, or garden, it can be pretty convenient to water your plants with this water. 

In case you are growing plants to eat, you need to think twice before watering your plants, especially vegetables that you will eat directly. If your living condition is too polluted and your dehumidifier’s tube is too dirty or moldy, then we suggest you not use that water to grow your plants. 

When you are sure the air in your living space is clean enough, it will be fine to take advantage of this water without worrying.

For Pets

It might be true that many animal’s immune systems are much stronger than humans, but we do not think giving your pet water from a dehumidifier is a good idea. Just like humans, they can also be affected by the contamination found in the water. 

So, if you love your pets and truly care about their health, do not risk it and give this type of water to them, especially baby pets such as kittens and puppies. Unclean water might mess up their immune system and digestive system and give them diarrhea, sickness, and other health problems. 

What Can I Do with Dehumidifier Water?

When many people do not mind pouring the dehumidifier water directly into their sewers, many others want to take advantage of it for many reasons. Our clean water resources on Earth are not unlimited, and many people have tried to save as much water as possible. 

The good news is that there are many ways to use dehumidifier water and get benefits from it, and here are our suggestions!

Watering Plants

Just like we mentioned above, water coming from dehumidifiers can be safe for plants. If you have small trees or flowers at home, a little bit of dehumidifier will be handy to give them every day. 

Ironing Your Clothes

Even though dehumidifier water is not clean enough for drinking or cooking, it will be fine to use for ironing your clothes. As water coming from this machine normally does not have color, it will not affect your outfits’ general color and look. 

In case you feel the bad smell from the water, you should not use it for your clothes because the smell can stick on the fabric and make you feel uncomfortable. So, only use the water when you do not smell anything bad. 

Clean Your Sink or Floor

It will be fine for cleaning sinks and floors, no matter if the water is clean or not. You can always use water from a dehumidifier for cleaning many types of tools, as long as the tools are not used for drinking or eating purposes.

Final Words

In our living conditions nowadays, it is not easy to have a perfectly clean living atmosphere, so you need to be careful about using water from dehumidifiers. 

Is dehumidifier water clean? With all the information we provided in this blog, we are sure you now understand what to do and not do with this type of water. As it is pretty cool to take advantage of the water, you should never risk ingesting it.

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