Is It Safe to Put Lacquer Thinner in Your Gas Tank?

If you search “Is it safe to put lacquer thinner in your gas tank?”, there are multiple answers out there. Many videos on Youtube even guide you to pour lacquer thinner in the gas tank to clean your vehicles.

It is widely known that Lacquer thinner is one of your best assistants while cleaning. But hold on a minute! Are you sure it is safe to use for vehicle cleaning?

Let’s read this article from Clairoliviawayman to find out the best answer. Also, see our small hacks to clean your vehicles with paint thinner.


Is It Safe to Put Lacquer Thinner in Your Gas Tank? 

It Is a Big No-no!

Nowadays, vehicles are so modern that they provide everything we need, such as electric pumps, auto sensors, etc. These parts are so sensitive that they can be easily damaged if cleaned inappropriately. 

Lacquer thinners usually contain acetone, which can deteriorate the gas tank and other parts of the fuel system. Specifically, it can melt your plastic-made details.

What Possibly Happens If You Put Lacquer to a Gas Tank?

Though many youtube videos show that devices still work well after being cleaned by Lacquer, we don’t recommend using this substance. Besides melting your plastic parts, it will deteriorate your vehicles and cause erosion since acetone is a corrosive element. 


Old Vehicles

People used to put lacquer thinner in the gas tank to remove clogs from the converter. It did work somehow since the old vehicles have carburetors instead of injectors like cars nowadays. However, modern converters have unique construction so this old method is no longer suitable.

Heavy Vehicles

They were constructed with more metal, which helps them endure thinners. Thus, this method was widely used decades ago to reduce smoke from these vehicles.

What Alternatives to Thin Lacquer? 

There are numerous products out there that are made specifically to clean your converter cleaners, so why do you have to use Lacquer? Here are the lists of what you can use instead of Lacquer thinners:

  • Cataclean 120007 Exhaust System Cleaner
  • CRC 05063 12 Fluid Ounce Guaranteed
  • Solder-It (CAT-1) Best Catalytic Converter Cleaner
  • Autoprofi OXICAT Best Catalytic Converter Cleaner
  • Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner

What Tips Can Help You Overcome This Issue?

If you cannot run to the department stores to buy alternatives, here is my hack to clean your catalytic converter:

  • First, you need to remove the converter. 
  • Next, dip it for around eight hours in detergent. 
  • Then you can use a hose to wash it from in and out. 
  • After that, reinstall your device and you are good to go now!


Now I bet you know the answer to the question: ‘’Is it safe to put lacquer thinner in your gas tank”. Understandably, cleaning vehicles is one of the most complicated jobs that not everyone can handle. Though paint thinner is advantageous when removing stains, it is not safe to use in your fuel system. 

However, with my tips, I am sure you have other better choices for your devices.

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