You Want to Kow: Is Regrouting Worth It?

Looking at your old and ugly grouted tile, then wondering if you can fix or turn it into a brand new look? Is regrouting worth it? If yes, how can you do it by yourself? How much does regrouting cost you, then? 

If you are lost in those thoughts, this post will be your savior! Believe us; we used to have the same questions as you. After years of experience in DIY projects, we’ve come up with this blog to help people who face the same issues as us. Let’s read on to see a thorough guideline and useful information related to this topic now!

Is Regrouting Worth It?

Yes, your floor will look new again after you regrout it! Regrooving tile will also last longer and be more resistant to mold. Continue reading for more!  

When Do You Need To Regrout Your Tile?

The Tiles Are Not Stuck To The Floor

If you notice that your tiles are wobbling, or the grout between them is coming loose, and water can get behind it, this could be a sign of replacing both! Do not ignore these signs, as these parts will force you to spend quite a lot of money and time fixing them after a long period of time.

Moreover, wet and unstable tiles may not be safe underfoot, especially if you’re walking around without shoes on your feet. If the floor is slippery because of wet or loose tile grout, it’s time to reseal them before they become too damaged!

Mold Begins To Emerge

Water that has gotten underneath your tiles can cause mold to form even after you’ve cleaned it up. If this is happening, it is a good time for an over-the-top regrouting job or hiring professional cleaners to get rid of these harmful creatures! 

Tiles Have Been On The Floor For A Long Time

If you install tiles once and do not repair or replace them after a long period, then now may be a good time to repaint them!

Normally, a tile’s life expectancy is around 15 years. You should ask the original owner about the age of the tile if you bought it from them. If the original owners did not take care of their tiles, they will get dirty again over time and be hard to clean or replace!

The Grout Is Discolored

Your grout could be discolored for many reasons; you might catch a sign of it when you clean the bathroom and shower tiles. The cause behind this might come from the age or the usage of certain cleaners. A stained surface in your home is ugly, but you can avoid this in the future by installing fresh new grout!

You Need To Re-grout Your Tile If You Clean It Wrong

Indeed, grout is difficult to clean. Roughly scrubbing the grout can make it less beautiful and last for a shorter time. If you have been lax in your technique before, now is a good time to regrout and do a gentle clean-up! Use neutral PH cleaner if interested in preserving the shine of tiles for long periods of time!

How Much Does Regrouting Cost?

It is best to re-grout by yourself in case you want to save more money. If you hire someone else to do it, you will have to pay for the materials and the labor. Typically, the average regrouting cost is £17.50 per 12.5kg grout bag plus £150 per day for labor (plus tools).

How To Regrout A Tile In The Right Way?

It takes about two hours to remove 16 square feet of 6-inch tiles completely. Then, you need 30 minutes or more to put new grout on.

Here are some necessary tools to finish the task: 

  • An oscillating multi-tool
  • A rotary tool 
  • A grout grabber
  • An angle grinder
  • A grout saw 
  • A hammer 
  • A screwdriver

Guide in Great Details:

Before re-grout, you need to get rid of the old grout first! It is not easy and takes a long time. 

Now, protect the appliances in your house before you start removing the old grout so that flying pieces of grout do not damage them. Cover them with a large blanket or drop cloth and make sure they are all covered.

If you need a protective covering, use tape to secure the edges, and make sure that you cover the drains! You can do this job both by your bare hand or seek help from an electric grout grinder. Yet, be at most careful when using it to avoid damage to your tile! Prepare a saw to remove the grout between the tiles.

1. Mix The Grout

You can purchase premixed grout or make the mixture at home by mixing the purchased grout as described in the instructions. We highly recommend you to go for a latex-modified grout for your bathroom and other wet areas, as this type of grout is water-resistant. 

Besides, do not prepare the grout if you plan to do the task after more than half an hour! Mix it once you decide to start the re-grout right away! Be also mindful about the amount of water you add to the mixture; too much water will make it less thick. 

Lastly, do not forget to equip a proper glove to protect your hand while working on it! 

2. Apply The Grout

Once you have mixed the grout, put it on the wall or floor with a plastic towel. Specifically, use a grout float to press it in deep. Hold it at 45 degrees to the wall or floor. Then, fill the joints with extra grout until you are sure that it is all filled up. Be aware that you must work because grout hardens and dries quickly!

3. Remove Excess Grout

Once you are finished with the grout, clean off any excess! Use the float at an angle and move it diagonally across the floor to remove all the excess grout.

4. Clean The Tile Surface

To get the grout haze off, use a damp sponge. You should rinse the sponge often and change the water if it gets cloudy!

5. Apply Final Grout Sealer

After you are done with the tiles, make sure to apply grout sealer. In detail, this will stop water from getting through. When you are done with that, wipe out the tile surface to avoid staining.

How To Maintain The Grout?

There are two ways to protect your cementitious grout: One way is to seal the grout with another layer of sealant, the other way is to use the combination of baking soda and water. 

Moreover, daily cleaning is also a good method to maintain your grout tile! You can simply clean it with a mild shower cleaner or homemade vinegar solution. By cleaning it every day, you can keep and prolong the age of your grout easily!

Daily maintenance for a durable grouted tile! (source)

How Often Should You Regrout?

You don’t need to regrout tile very often if you clean the grout regularly. Believe it or not, you won’t have to replace the grout every 12 years with the daily maintenance methods we’ve mentioned above. If there are many problems with your grout, it may need replacing every 8-10 years.


Is regrouting worth it? The answer is YES. With some easy steps, you can help your grouted tile look brand new!  Besides, the answer to how long you need to regrout will depend on how you maintain it! With proper daily care, your grouted tile can even last up to more than 12 years! 

If you need help deciding whether this project is a good idea for your home, feel free to reach out. You can also share our post with friends and family who might be in the same situation as you are right now—it only takes one comment to make an impact!

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