Is Toilet Water Clean? – The Hidden Facts To Discover

Have you ever wondered if toilet water comes from the same source that we use from our faucet, is it clean enough for you to use for the stuff like cleansing the floor, washing dishes, or even drinking?

If you are curious about this issue, let’s follow the parts below to figure out the answers to “is toilet water clean?”


Is Toilet Water Clean? – The Facts About Your Toilet Water 

The toilet water is clean or not usually depends on how your house is plumbed. Here let me show more details.

The Toilet Water in The Tank May be Clean 

Is toilet water clean? Yes, maybe if you are talking about the water in the tank.

That’s because water flowing to the toilet comes from the same soft water system that supplies most of your home appliances, such as bathroom sinks, washing machines, kitchen sinks, etc.

Thus, the toilet water in the tank is theoretically as clean as the water running to most other fixtures.

However, if you do not sanitize the tank for a long period, tons of harmful bacteria, mold, and dust will grow and pollute the water inside it. That is why you can see the water there usually turns gray. 

The Toilet Water in the Bowl is Quite Dirty

What’s about the water in the toilet’s bowl?

If you have a completely clean bowl and no one has used the toilet before, the water inside it is 100% clean.

Nonetheless, suppose someone has used the toilet. In that case, the water may be very dirty since it contains not only the left-over pees and poops after flushing but also numerous harmful bacteria, mold, algae, and so many other dangerous creatures.

Furthermore, the water gets dirtier, and the bowl will have many yellow stains if you seldom clean the toilet’s bowl. Consequently, it may cause you irritation if this dirty water accidentally touches you when you flush.  

How Often Should You Clean Your Toilet To Keep The Water Clean? 

Now you know that the toilet may be filthy if you do not sanitize it quite often. So how often should you clean your toilet to keep the water clean?

First, daily maintenance is necessary so as to get rid of the messes that are stuck on the side of the toilet’s bowl while they are being flushed. 

Additionally, if you want to avoid the stubborn or yellow stains from appearing in the bowl, you need to take a step further – using a brush to scrub them off. 

The next step is to use the cleaning solution, such as bleach, vinegar, or baking soda, and scrub every corner of your toilet to remove the tough stains and bring back the new appearance for it.

Baking soda is an easy-to-find ingredient that helps to eat away at tough stains

Final Thoughts 

Is toilet water clean?” – Yes, maybe if you work on your best sanitizing the toilet regularly. However, most of the time, the toilet water is quite dirty for you to touch or use for any other stuff. 

Thus, let’s maintain the cleaning cycles so that your toilet stays bright and immaculate. 

Goodbye! See you again!

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