How To Level Furniture On Uneven Floor Effectively And Easily

Have you ever noticed your furniture is not sitting still because your floor is uneven? If you do, you should learn how to level furniture on uneven floors as soon as possible because this situation can become dangerous. 

For me, fixing the whole floor is too expensive and complicated, so I chose to level my furniture instead. During this blog, I will share all the things I have done to keep my furniture standing stable, even on my uneven floor. 


Why Should You Level Furniture On Uneven Floor?

Not only can unbalanced furniture make you uncomfortable and unsafe in your own home- it could actually be quite dangerous! The more that wobbles around on its base, the less stable it will become over time with just one loose screw here or there.

Suppose you have an older home with uneven floors. In that case, it’s a good idea to keep the furniture balanced by fixing it for your safety. Especially when you have small children or pets who easily get affected when the furniture accidentally falls off. 

How To Level Furniture On Uneven Floor?

Are you noticing that your furniture is leaning or wobbly when touched? Leveling can be a quick fix. Many pieces of furniture have adjustable legs for immediate adjustment. Here are some things you can do:

Adjust The Furniture

A level can help you determine the slope of your furniture. You may be able to spot uneven pieces simply by looking at them and checking for a bubble that is higher on one side than another. 

Level With Shims

With shims, you can quickly fix the issue. After you spot a shorter leg of your furniture, put the shim underneath and check if all the four legs are working well and stay stable on the floor. Amongst all other methods, this is my first-to-do one whenever I spot some unevenness in my furniture.

Use Rugs

A rug can be useful to help your furniture become more stable

A throw rug is a great option for this! Place the rugs on top of your flooring, and then place one over it. This will keep everything hidden but also levels out any bumps or inconsistencies in height so you can put furniture right onto that spot without worrying about its stability.

Attach Furniture Levelers

This method is a bit more complicated, but I had to do it when my furniture had a damaged leg. The first thing you need to do is measure the gap between your furniture’s short leg and floor. If one of them doesn’t stay on when shaking it, then check which side has more space with a tape measure for this measurement – record both values in inches/centimeters!

After that, you need to drill a hole in the center of each leg. You can flip the furniture over to work with all the legs. You do have to drill pilot holes if you want to install new feet on your antique furniture. Consider using a shim for antiques that won’t get damaged.

Furniture Coaster

Have you seen wobbly tables in a TV show that are fixed with an object like coasters or other random items? Just like that, there’s an easy way to level them out. All it takes are some cardboard pieces and newspaper slips underneath your furniture as if they were shims for wood floors!


Now that you know how to level furniture on uneven floors. I hope your home is the most comfortable after trying at least one of my tips above. If you are still unsure what to do first, do it like me: try on every method until you find one that best suits you. 

I hope you find my tips useful, and I will see you next time!

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