How To Make Tile Floor Shine Without Wax

The tile floor is one of the favorite flooring choices, with elegant looks and many colors. This variety can smoothly match all styles of most interior decors. 

It seems to me that I could comfortably choose and use it in any part of my house, from the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. 

However, I need to clean my tile floor from time to time, and it can be a hassle to use wax. So you can read on to learn several DIY tips from my experience on how to make tile floor shine without wax!

How can I make my Floor Tiles shine without Wax

How To Make Tile Floor Shine Without Wax

Have a glimpse of ways to keep the tile floor clean without using wax, as followed:

1. High Gloss Tile Sealant

This procedure can enhance the tile floor’s shine and preserve the tile floor’s beauty for a long time.

Although there are many different sealants for high-gloss tiles, I choose the best one. There is a high-gloss sealer for stone tiles that fits porous surfaces rather than ceramic tiles.

Please note the high-gloss sealer that has been applied to the ceramic tiles. I have tested it on a hidden area or a sample tile to ensure that it binds well, and the result is pretty good.

Because the glue may fade or scratch over time, it’s tough to keep the results indefinitely. To have a clean and shiny look for the tile floor, I recommend peeling off the sealant and reapplying if the glue has faded or been scratched.

2. Baking Soda

If the sealant idea is appealing to you, I recommend trying baking soda. I have found that baking soda can remove grout stains and stubborn tile effectively, resolving the unclean appearance of the floor very well. 

This method is really simple as well. First, I mix warm water with a sufficient baking soda until it creates a thick paste. Next, dip the brush in the baking soda mixture and scrub on your tiles and grout. 

Don’t forget to leave it for about ten minutes and rinse my tiled floors with water. You can repeat the entire process until all stains have disappeared. 

3. Solution Of Soapy Water

In my viewpoint, the solution of using soapy water is always a good option! To begin, make the soapy-water solution by mixing warm water and soap. Then, mop your tile floors with this combination, but remember to squeeze the mop before cleaning your floor. Once you find the grout darkens, scratch it.

I have a good tip for you to improve the absorption of the soapy-water solution, which is to wipe the entire surface with a light and soft towel.

Towards stubborn stains, I prefer using a sponge or soft brush to clean the spot before rinsing it with water gently. To be honest, everything comes off easier this way than I think it would.

4. Ammonia-Water Solution

I have to admit that the ammonia-water solution is pretty effective at removing floor stains and restoring the shine of the tiles, just like the other mentioned methods.

To prepare the ammonia-water solution, I add a few drops of ammonia in hot water in the mop bucket and thoroughly mix it. After that, carefully put the mop into the cleaning solution, wring this mop out entirely, and mop the floor to remove stains, dirt and disinfect it.

Finally, you might use a sponge soaked in the cleaning solution to scrub the stains away from the stubborn stains gently. Rinse the floor with fresh water and dry-mop it.

5. Vinegar Solution

Interestingly, vinegar can do the trick to clean and disinfect the dirty tile floor without harsh fumes. When drying, vinegar often leaves a natural and fresh smell, which is nice when applying this method. 

To start, I mix some warm water with vinegar in a bucket. Regarding the significant stains, I prefer spraying the baking powder on those wet tiles and scrub your floor with the cloth before washing them with the dampened mop. 

You will likely feel impressed with vinegar’s ability to make the tile floor shine when finding out about this method. 


How Can You Make Your Shower Tile Shine Again?

Regarding your bathroom, ordinary soap and water can not work efficiently against soap scum and hard water stains. In such cases, an acidic cleaner is required, such as car wax. 

How Do I Make Dull Ceramic Tile Shine?

I will make a cleaning solution of Ammonia, Borax, and White Vinegar with the ratio of ½ cup x ½ cup x ½ cup. Also, add a gallon of warm water to this mixture and stir mildly to make sure it combines well.

Next, I mop my tile floor with this cleaning solution, rinse the floor, and let my floor dry naturally. 

Why Is My Tile Floor Always Dirty?

Two main reasons that make your tile floor always dirty:

  • Lots of grout will be left on the surface of your tiles if you don’t put enough effort into taking care of your tiles. These grouts are often visible when they grab traps and dirt on their surface. 
  • Another factor, ironically, is your detergent which could dry on the tiles and trap dirt. The detergent needs to be rinsed cautiously for this reason. This situation can even worsen due to its severe accumulation, making your tiles look so dirty eventually. 

To test whether there is any detergent build-up, I highly recommend you pour a couple of tablespoons of water on a small region of your floor. Remember to scrub with a green Jiffy pad, and if you see any suds appearing, it means that your floor is soapy. 

The Bottom Line

All tile floors could get dull and dirty and lose their shine if you ignore them. Although many people use wax to polish the tile floors, it’s undisputed that these methods are effective, as I mentioned above. 

Now I’ve passed on the answer to how to make tile floor shine without wax. Use my insightful directions and refresh your tile floor! Regardless of which method you apply, I promise all stains can be eliminated with seeming ease!

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