Can You Mix Bleach And Baking Soda? – Clearest Answer & Instructions

Extreme cleaning products are too expensive for only small bottles yet create such an irritable scent. Once you apply them to your laundry, you’ll have to wait for days till the scent goes away.

Then why not start creating a popular and effortless homemade mixture which can give you the desired results with little money. Let us introduce to you the mixture of bleach and baking soda.

So, there are already tutorials and instructional videos online that you can watch before applying this method. But this article by Clairoliviawayman “Can you mix bleach and baking soda” is the most informative and practical answer for you. You will be able to clean your house better once you’ve gotten hold of all the details.

What Happens When Mixing Bleach and Baking Soda? 

Both of these cleaning “heroes” work really well independently. 

Containing sodium hypochlorite, bleach is able to kill germs and bacteria which you barely observe with the naked eye. So technically, it performs finely on sterilization as a disinfectant, not a liquid for wiping off dirt and stains. 

On the other hand, baking soda is great for scrubbing greases, yellowish whitening surfaces, and deodorizing smells, which means none of its functions is for kicking off germs.

The result when you mix bleach and baking soda is that the chemical mixture will combine and embrace the features of both products. Then, it is ready to be used for extreme cleaning and sterility. 

So, if you love science and homemade cleaning liquid, we bet you’ve done this mixing technique before and are placing that left-over liquid somewhere around your house for future use. If you haven’t done this yet, give it a try, you will be amazed at how versatile and powerful it cleanses your items. 

Moreover, it will also accelerate your household cleaning process when compared to other general detergents.

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Is It Safe to Mix Bleach with Baking Soda?

The answer is definitely Yes! As mentioned above, this is a popular homemade cleanser so you should not worry at all when mixing bleach and baking soda.

Cleaning with Bleach and Baking Soda

Helpful Reminders You Should Take Notice for Safety

#Reminder 1:

The first one is to try mixing a small proportion first to see how it turns out. It may turn out too dense or too wishy-washy, which leads to inefficiency or destroys the surfaces that you’re working on.

Now science class from high school does help, right? We always only start off with a small amount of chemicals for experimenting. 

#Reminder 2:

The second reminder is to always dilute bleach. As bleach smells really strong, you will want to water it down in case someone in your family is too sensitive to smells. 

#Reminder 3:

Plus, it’s super important to remember not to let your bare skin contact with the chemicals. That’s how rubber gloves come in. And, don’t forget to keep your children and pets away from the mixing container and the cleansed areas before they dry out. Children and pets are too sensitive for such strong chemicals. 

Cats, especially, are triggered by the smell of chlorine and bleach. If you want to clean the whole house with these liquids, you’d better ask your neighbors for a watch-over beforehand. 

#Reminder 4:

One more final safety reminder to notice is that NEVER mix bleach and vinegar. Vinegar is another powerful cleaning detergent. However, it is basically acidic. 

When you mix it with bleach, the acid will release a poisonous gas that causes chemical burns to your eyes, skin, and lungs. Just never do it in any way, shape, or form.

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Pro Tips When Mixing Bleach & Baking Soda 

We would love to share some tips to help you accomplish your wanted results and also ensure you stay safe. These are the five following tips we suggest you should write them down.

  • NEVER mix bleach with hot water. The released gas is poisonous and will be fatal if you’re cleaning in a closed space.
  • NEVER mix bleach with hot water. The chlorine gas is harmful to your health and others.
  • Always water down the mixture with water. People usually use the condensed liquid out of the bottle, and this is pretty dangerous, though. Mix bleach and water with a ratio of 1:10 for safety.
  • Use rubber gloves, wear eye and mask protection. You don’t want to get skin irritates and other health-related problems, do you?
  • Open all windows in your house, or go for better ventilation during cleaning as the fumes are hard to breathe in. And also, opening your house will help dry out faster and sterilize better.

What Can You Use The Mixture For? 

Doing Your Laundry

This is one of the most common functions of bleach and baking soda mixture. As we know, white clothing items are hard to be kept white for a long time and unfixable once they get stains on them. So in most cases, we have to get rid of our favorite white shirt as soon as there is something spilled on. 

However, after reading this article, you will be able to do wonders for your white garments and get them out of the washing machine nice and spotless. 

Just pour the mixed liquid directly on your items, scrub thoroughly, then leave them there for 15 minutes. After that, wash the clothes with cold water and put them into the washing machine. 

The same method applies to dirty laundry; they will come out fresher and cleaner than ever.

Cleaning Walls and Preventing Mold

If your walls are having issues with mold, you definitely should use this amazing trick. Starting by mixing them in a bowl, then spread the paste on the walls and scrubs the mold off with a hard brush. 

Most people miss out on the last step, which is to fix the damp wall by brushing a waterproof paint layer afterward. Although scrubbing off the mold with chemicals works effectively, you can’t just move your furniture out to scrub the wall every weekend.

During the process, try to ventilate your house as much as possible. This one will give you a more pleasant working environment and reduce the cleaning time. 

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The Bottom Line

After reading this article ‘Can you mix bleach and baking soda?” you might want to give this amazing mixture a shot. It’s incredibly effective and easy-to-do. This method has grown popular among families for a long time, as it helps them out with dirty laundry, whiten and sterilize surfaces, and clean out molded issues. 

As long as you take our tips and precautions seriously, everything should turn out wonderful. Now that you’re good to go, it is totally safe to mix bleach and baking soda. Let’s make your Sunday cleaning an effortless and relaxing experience.

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