Pine Glo Vs Pine Sol – A Quick Comparison

Pine Glo vs Pine Sol is unquestionably efficient cleansers and disinfectants for home use. No one can deny that the two products are almost identical, regardless of the price difference on the market. 

Pine Sol, however, is claimed to be more costly and effective than its counterpart. But does Pine Sol live up to its reputation? Keep scrolling down to learn more. 

pine glo vs pine sol

Pine Glo Vs Pine Sol – Features Comparison

It would be best to look at the following features with the disinfectants to compare these two home-based cleaners:

Cleaning Ability

This feature emphasizes the significant contrast between the two items. This considerable disparity in capabilities might be due to the substantial price gap between the two devices. I prefer pine Sol over Pine Glo since it is a little more practical and has better cleaning qualities.

Pine Glo seldom removes adherent or tenacious stains without using much physical power, but Pine Sol works in the vast majority of situations without taking extra physical force.

Influence On Consumers Health

Current rules controlling cleaning chemicals and disinfectants indicate that they are not as harmful as other cleaning items.

Their impact on the respiratory system is the most severe health consequence since both items trigger allergic responses by acting as allergens.

The responses might be moderate to severe, luckily they are seldom deadly. According to previous studies, Pine Sol causes skin irritation when it comes into contact with users’ skin. Nonetheless, between the two products, I can say that Pine Sol generates a more tolerable discomfort than its counterpart- Pine Glo.


Based on my experience using both cleaners, I can tell that fragrance strongly indicates the two cleaners’ differences. Pine Sol does not contain much pine oil. A small amount of pine oil is available to give the product its distinct, natural smell. 

Most users respond that the scent has a gratifying and pleasant aroma, and it lasts for a long time after applying. It is not harsh, and it also does not degrade quickly.

How about Pine Glo? Well, Pine Glo is a so-so option because it contains no high-quality natural pine oil due to the artificial, laboratory-made compounds that give it its distinctive scent. 

The compounds were designed to scent like a pine-like scent, making it smell like a cheap knock-off, not to mention the smell quickly degrades into an unpleasant odor.

Disinfect Ability

Disinfection is a term that describes the process of removing numerous or all harmful organisms from items such as desks and chairs. Only a few species, such as a spore-forming bacterium, survive treatment. Wet compounds, such as Pine Sol and Pine Glo, are famous for disinfecting surfaces with similar impacts.

When contrasted to an equivalent quantity of Pine Glo, Pine Sol shows itself to be a more efficient disinfectant in diluted proportions. This feature explains the price variances between the two items.

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Quick Rundown of Pine Glo and Pine Sol

Here is my quick review of Pine Glo and Pine Sol. Let’s take a look.

Pine Glo


  • Affordable
  • Decent Cleaning Ability
  • Safe For Consumers


  • Unpleasant Smell
  • Weaker Disinfection Ability

Pine Sol


  • Pleasant Smell
  • Strong Disinfect Ability
  • Safe For Consumers


  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has provided you with a detailed comparison between two popular disinfectants – Pine Glo vs Pine Sol.

The winner of this round is Pine Sol. Given its higher price, it has more significant benefits than Pine Glo, including safer for users, stronger disinfection ability, and a more pleasant scent.

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