Pine-Sol Vs Fabuloso: Which One Is A Better Choice

For many years, Pine-Sol and Fabuloso were two opponents of the multi-purpose cleaners on the American market. Both cleaners lead the market with their outstanding features. 

However, Pine-Sol vs Fabuloso-which one is better is still a concern to many people. It is understandable as choosing the right cleaner will have a significant impact on your cleaning result. 

As a customer who has experienced both of these cleaners, I would help you compare the similarity and differences between these two in today’s article. Therefore, you can pick up the most suitable cleaner for your house! So let’s have a closer look! 

Fabuloso vs Pine Sol

Pine-Sol Vs Fabuloso Comparison 

Although both items are excellent house cleaners on the market, Pine-Sol and Fabuloso possess many different features. Below we will compare them in smaller categories: composition, range of fragrances, cleaning ability, disinfecting ability, cost, and pros and cons.


Pine-Sol consists of ingredients such as Isopropyl alcohol, Pine Oil, sulfonic acid, cleaning agents, and alkyl alcohol ethoxylates when it comes to composition. 

Fabuloso is also a safe liquid cleaner for the floor with different elements. Its ingredients include sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate, lactic acid, sodium chloride, water, fragrance, and colorant. Furthermore, users can also find C9-11 Pareth-8 in this cleaner composition. 

The outstanding feature is that these products don’t have an ammonia component. Therefore it is safe to clean color things. And besides using them for floor cleaning, we can utilize them for fabrics.  

Range Of Fragrances 

Pine-Sol is defined as an all-purpose household cleaner, as it can disinfect and clean all the hard surfaces.  Its smell is difficult to describe as the fragrance is a mixture of fresh lemon and tropical flowers. And the scent is so strong that it can chase away the unpleasant smell.

On the contrary, Fabuloso has a sweet smell. Furthermore, it brings users five different fragrances to choose from. Each scent has its typical features to conquer even the most challenging customer. The Fabuloso I used had the lavender fragrance, and frankly, I love the smell a lot.  

How Well It Cleans

The cleaning ability is the main factor that decides which cleaner is better. And both of these items are given more than four stars on the Amazon website. It means the two units get a lot of good feedback from customers.

I have tried both Pine-Sol and Fabuloso to remove the soap scum, and both did very well. But when it comes to cleaning the soiled surface, I am more inclined to Pine-Sole as it performed better than Fabuloso. 

Disinfecting Ability 

From my point of view, as a disinfectant, Pine-Sol can kill over 99,9 percent of germs on the hard surface. On the other hand, Fabuloso possesses antibacterial properties that give the best result when used with warm water. 

The smell is the factor that makes these two items approach customers easier. But the difference is while the original Pine-Sol gives a strong smell, Fabuloso comes up with a sweeter fragrance. And both scents can turn down the foul odor from mildew and pollutants. 

The outstanding feature I like about these two products is I could use them to clean a wide range of hard surfaces such as the floor, bathroom, toilet, or even remove the stain from the garment. 


As a customer, you must be interested in the cost of these items. I think it is true to say the quality often comes up with the price. 

Why so? Let’s have a look at Fabuloso items are sold on the market at 7.88 dollars for 210 Fl Oz, which means you will have to buy one once at 0.04 dollars. 

Meanwhile, Pine-Sol is a bit more expensive. You can purchase 200 FL Oz Pine-Sol at 9,78 dollars. It is equal to 0.05 dollars for one ounce. 

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Pros And Cons 

#1. Pine-Sol


  • Used for multi-purposes 
  • Kill 99 % gems 
  • Provide good scent 


  • More expensive than other cleaners 
  • Keeps away from children 

#2. Fabuloso


  • Use for multi-surface cleaning 
  • Smell clean for a long time 
  • Reasonable price 


  • Works less effective on soiled surface 
  • Should not be in contact with children 

The Bottom Line! 

So Pine-Sol vs Fabuloso, which one is a better choice? From my experience, it‘s Pine-Sol. Although being a bit more expensive than its peers, it is worth your try. However, the decision is yours! In case you can’t stand the strong smell and prefer something sweeter, take Fabuloso. 

Finally, I hope this article was informative to you. And I still firmly believe the cleaner you choose would leave your room shiny, clean, and full of fragrant scents.

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