Prepare Your Clothes For Dry Cleaners – 6 Tips To Protect Your Garments

Have you ever taken your clothes to a professional dry cleaning service and it comes back not as you expect? Before you blame it on the service, there are some noticeable things you should be careful to prepare your clothes for dry cleaners. 

Follow these simple yet effective tips before dropping off your garments for optimal results! 


Read The Label

While most clothes are safe to dry clean, some of them aren’t. Make sure to check the tags on your garments to see if they can handle dry cleaning or not. If they can, the tag will say “machine wash or dry clean” or “dry clean only”.

Sometimes there will also be special instructions in the form of symbols that come with it. For these types of clothes, you might want to separate them from the rest. 

This will make it much easier for the cleaners to identify pieces that need special treatment. Therefore, it will undoubtedly help them do their cleaning job well and gives you the desired results.

Laundry symbols

Empty The Pockets

Many people neglect to check on pockets before giving their clothes a dry clean. This will risk two things, including damages to whatever it is you forget in the pocket and to your apparels themselves. 

Most cleaners check the clothes before cleaning anyway, but it will be best if you take the time to empty the pockets yourself.

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Mark The Stained Areas

Another thing you can do to take some workload off the cleaners is to mark the stained areas on your clothes. It can simply be done by sticking some masking tapes next to the stain. 

Provide Information

Most importantly, you had better rinse the stains as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage to your clothes. However, if the situation doesn’t permit, you can leave notes to let the cleaners know about the cause of the stains or when it happened. 

As such, this helps them figure out the optimal way to remove the stains while keeping your apparels in top condition. 

Check For Existing Damage

Take some time to run through your clothes and look for any holes, missing buttons, loose threads, broken zippers, and more. It’s important to give your cleaners a heads up about these specific concerns so that they can come up with a plan for special care or even repairing your clothes. 

Dry Clean Your Clothes As Soon As Possible

We have to emphasize that you should take care of your dirty clothes as soon as possible to prevent permanent stains. The longer a stain stays on your clothes, the harder it will be to be successfully removed. Remember not to treat the stains yourself at home because you might run the risk of making it worse. The solvents specifically designed to tackle stains are always a safer bet.

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In Conclusion

No doubt, dry-clean-only clothes are usually expensive ones. To make them last longer, you should pay close attention to some tips to prepare your clothes for dry cleaners. Sticking to these few simple steps will help you get more bang out of your buck with dry cleaning service. Good luck!

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