Six Simplest Steps On How To Protect Wood Floors From Furniture Scratches

If you love luxury and retro style, wooden floors will always lay on top of your house decorate list. Not only does it have a beautiful appearance, but it is also famous for its timeless durability. 

Yet, you definitely know that the biggest drawback of having hardwood floors is that it is easy to get scratches from the furniture. We understand your feeling, that feeling when looking at your “used to be” flawless and polished hardwood floors now full of scratches.

Stay tuned! We are here to guide you on how to protect wood floors from furniture scratches effectively! Follow us!

How to protect Hardwood Floors from furniture scratches

How To Protect Wood Floors From Furniture Scratches? 

Caring for wooden floors is no longer difficult if you know how to deal with them. Here are the six simplest methods to solve this problem that we’ve tried and succeeded:

Do Not Let Heavy Furniture In Strong Contact With Wood Floors

In our opinion, heavyweight is probably the biggest cause of floor scratches. Sometimes, we accidentally placed, pushed, and pulled heavy items that made strong contact with the wooden surface when arranging furniture. 

So, how to fix this problem? Our answer is to try as much as you can to arrange furniture on the hardwood surface gently. We always ask for help from family members with overly heavy stuff, as we are afraid the floor will be damaged.

Hence, pay attention not to cause any too strong impact or force during transportation! Push and pull objects are restricted to protect the wooden floors as well. Instead, lift and gently place the furniture in the desired position.

During this process, make sure there is no debris and dust on the floor. If debris accidentally gets caught between the wooden floor and the furniture legs, it will also create scratches.

Additionally, reinforce them firmly before arranging the furniture your floors have pre-existing scratches (as mine).

Use Pads And Glides For Furniture

From our perspective, using seat cushions or interior lining is a good idea. Specifically, they are made from soft materials that will not cause any scratches when in contact with wooden floors.

However, everything has two sides. These pads may come off during movement. If you want something sturdier, you can try tap-op cushions (nail the cushion to the legs of the furniture). Yet, it will be troublesome if the nail is misaligned. Continue reading if you disagree with this method!

Try Installing Furniture With Wheels

Installing wheels allows you to move furniture smoothly without any problems. Still, this method only applies to certain items. For example, this solution works well with installing wardrobes, chairs, and other similar furniture. 

With such a useful function, installing wheels still has a few minor limitations. You will have to be careful when choosing wheel materials, as some wheels are not suitable for wood floors.

We tried hard nylon wheels, but they still scratched the surface of our wooden floors. Hence, that’s also why we suggest you install rubber wheels for furniture. As a small reminder, routinely care for your wheels to remove any sticky or scratchy objects is vital!

Use Carpet For Wood Floors

Use carpet for wood floors (image: Wonderlane)

We consider that carpeting is a very useful method that everyone should try. In addition to protecting the wooden floor, it also helps to enhance the beauty of the house. There are various types of carpets with different sizes and styles for you to choose from, simply pick the one that suits your house style most and let it cover the wooden floors! 

We love its soft surface as we can put any furniture on top without worrying about anything. How great it is!

Check Furniture Feet

Besides dealing with furniture scratches, it’s still better to prevent than to find a solution. So, how to prevent furniture from harming your hardwood surface? 

We always check the old furniture, especially their legs. That helps us promptly detect and find solutions when problems just start to occur.

Our suggestion is to prepare a sheet of sandpaper. Next, gently rub the furniture’s feet until they are smooth and even. That’s all your duty in this step!

Take Care Of Your Wooden Floors Periodically

The final step asks you to pay more attention to the arrangement of furniture in your home. Leaving them for too long in one spot is not good for that floor position. Every few years, we will rearrange the furniture once and for all. In this way, we can evenly distribute the weight of the furniture on the floor.

Also, we always make sure the wooden floor is clean, and no debris gets caught between furniture legs and floor. Along with it, promptly fixing the scratched floors is one of our useful tips for you.

Some Last Words

Installing hardwood flooring is a great choice if you are a fan of luxury and elegance. However, ensure you know how to protect wood floors from furniture scratches for a long-lasting and flawless surface! 

In summary, there are ways to protect the wooden surface: Avoid pulling heavy stuff, use pads and glides, furniture with wheels, carpet, check and maintain the floor condition. 

After this article, we hope our experiences can help you get all the information needed. Have a nice day!

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