How Do You Remove Scratch Marks From Laminate Floors?

Even though laminate falls on one of the toughest flooring types and is suitable for high-traffic areas, scruffs, scratches, and damages are always there, waiting to take a toll. Many people like me choose laminate floors because they can last for decades.

On my way to discover what would best benefit my laminate floors, I recognized refinishing or sanding laminate is inappropriate. So it would be best to find better ways to fix these errors.

Let me share my experience about “How do you remove scratch marks from laminate floors?” with you. Let’s check the details out below.

How to Remove Scratch marks from Laminate Wood Floors

How To Remove Scratches from Laminate Flooring?

Here are the top five simple ways that you can do to remove the annoying presence of scratches on laminate floors. 

Apply Touch-Up Marker And Filling Pencil

The first method indicates using touch-up markers and filling pencils. This way of erasing scratches is super easy and economical. All you need to prepare is a marker or a pencil that matches the floor’s color. These markers are always available on any office supplies, diversifying in selling price and shades.

Applying these markers and pencils on the laminate floor is pretty easy. Once you have done clearing the floor, let it dry completely. Then start applying the markers or pencils on the scruffs.

This process is like drawing on the floor. You need to locate the scratches and add layers to the marks. Remember that the more layers you apply, the darker the floor turns out to be. If you are satisfied with your layering, prepare a woven fabric to blend the new color with the old laminate shade. 

Though this can not ensure a long-lasting appearance of the laminate floor, it would be best to have a crack as it is simple, time-saving, and economical.

Use Wood Wax

Now, let’s talk about the method that deals with deeper scratches- wood wax sticks. Where to buy this material? Easy peasy! These kits are on sale from the same producers that manufacture your laminate flooring. 

If there is not enough information about the manufacturer, you can pop into any home improvement store and buy wood wax sticks matching the color.

These kits often come with numerous shades of one color and attach with an applicator. Before filling in the scruffs on the laminate floor, you have to burn the wax to melt and then apply it onto the surface with the help of an applicator.

This method is challenging and time-consuming to apply, but the results are higher than expected. If there is any excess wax, a knife might be helpful to remove it and flatten the surface. Once you’re complete, swipe the applied area again with a wet cloth.

Apply Melted Crayon

Crayons are useful in removing scratches

Can you imagine that your kid’s stuff turns out to be useful when it comes to removing scratches from laminate floors? At first, it may sound slightly ludicrous. Nevertheless, this method works just like the wax filler method mentioned previously. 

To start with, you need to find the right shade before melting the crayons in the microwave.

Next, add the melted crayon to the scruffs and scratches, and do not forget to remove excess crayon with a knife to smoothen the floor surface and clean with a wet cloth at the end.

Even though removing scratches can not compare to wood wax, it is still a great idea to try when the other methods are not viable.

Try Burn-In Sticks

The next method is to try burn-in sticks, which are suitable for fixing laminate floor scratches. The sticks are a filling substance that works suitably in more severe scratches that fill-in pencils and touch-up markers can not hide away.

Most of the time, laminate floor manufacturers are in charge of distributing the burn-in sticks, yet they can be active at any home improvement store.

The burn-in sticks kit comes with several shades that can easily match your needs. It would be best to read the instructions thoroughly to make sure that you know how to apply them.

You will need an electric knife to heat the sticks and cover that melted substance on the scruffs as a filler. After you apply the filler, remember to remove any surplus filler and leave the material for a couple of minutes to dry out.

Apply Color Putty

Once the floor is clean, apply the putty onto the scratch area. Remember to fill the scuffs evenly to match with the floor’s color. To check if the surface is even, use a knife to measure the surface. 

While the putty mark is still new, it would be best to remove any excess marks before they dry out, making it harder to get rid of them. 

Use Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a material that you can utilize to kick away scuffs on laminate floors- particularly minor marks. All you need to do is to dab the toothpaste directly to the scratch. Do it until the scratch disappears. In the end, clean any paste that remains with clean water and vinegar. 

Replace The Old Plank

If the damages are not repairable and the scruffs and gaps are huge, installing a new plank is the best option. Getting support from a consultant or an expert would help you choose the right planks type.

How To Prevent Scratches From Your Laminate Floors

Now, let’s discover ways to prevent scratches from your laminate floors.

Clean The Floor More Often

Throughout the day, you bring home dirt, debris, and little rocks on your shoes. These things can be the cause of damaging the laminate floors. That explains the essence of cleaning the floors using friendly products, such as a soft brush and microfiber cloth or mop.

Remember to sweep once or twice weekly. It would be best to mop as regularly as you can. You need to ensure that you do not let the mop absorb too much water because it can lengthen the time waiting for the floor to dry out completely. 

In addition, you should only look for cleaning products designed for laminate floors to keep the best status of the floor.

Use A Rug

Placing rugs in high-traffic areas to prevent scratches

Rugs turn out to be so effective in preventing scratches. Locating the high-traffic areas of your rooms, then putting a rug over these areas to protect them will help.

Carpets may be functional but not so aesthetically appealing. That is why you can place throw rugs in places where your pets and your kids love playing. Also, it is wise to position the furniture on the rugs if necessary.

Do Not Drag Furniture

Our advice is, “Never drag your furniture.” Instead, it would be best to lift them. Dragging the wardrobe on the laminate flooring can leave behind noticeable scratches. 

Especially when you want to move things like heavy chairs but are not with somebody, do not hesitate to seek help from others.

The Final Verdict

Then, How to Remove Scratch Marks From Laminate Floors? Scroll up and read again, as I’ve provided detailed and clear guidelines above conducted from my experience dealing with this problem.

One thing you should engrave in mind, prevention is always better than cure. Go for applying preventative methods to blocking the chances of scratches appearing on your floors, and you’ll no longer need to seek help in vain again.

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