How To Remove Wood Stain From Concrete – Problem Solved!

Concrete surface is slightly rougher compared to other flooring material. Consequently, it is prone to staining, which can take you a lot of time to remove. The wood stain may still scrape your concrete regardless of how prepared you are. It’s even worse in the case of unsealed concrete. 

If you haven’t had much experience with this, let me give you a big help with some simple tricks on how to remove wood stain from concrete. Get yourself ready, and let’s go.

How To Remove Wood Stain From Concrete

I am about to show you five easy-to-apply ways to get rid of wood stains from concrete after my trying times. These methods are contingent on you and your ability to obtain the necessary cleaning supplies. 

Believe me; these projects are so easy that you can totally complete them by yourself without any further assistance.

Bleaching Method

In this method, you will need to prepare: bleach, a scrub (long shaft), protective gloves, and protective eyewear.

As for bleach, I usually use oxalic bleach (or wood bleach) since household bleaches are ineffective in removing wood stains. On my first attempt, I did use the home bleach available in my bathroom, which squandered my time and provided no benefits.

It would be best if you work in a light-filled and airy atmosphere, as a stuffy environment will make you dizzy. You also need to wear old clothes, protective glasses, and gloves during the procedure to protect yourself from any hazardous gases released. 

Now let’s learn how to deal with the wood stain by bleaching method:

Step 1: Combine the bleach and water according to the package instructions. You must complete it in the exact quantity specified. 

Step 2: Distribute the combined mixture to the concrete’s damaged area. Allow the mixture to rest on the surface within at least 20 minutes after applying it.

Step 3: Once 20 minutes have passed, wash your concrete floor with clean water. Now that your job is done!

Sandblasting Method

Similar to the bleaching method, this process also requires you to wear protective glasses and clothes. As for the sandblaster, you can rent from any home improvement store.

Step 1: Check if your wood stains are completely dry. If not, you can use a dry towel and a fan to boost up the drying process.

Step 2: It’s time to get out the sandblast to remove the wood stains away from the concrete’s top. 

Step 3: Once finished, clean the leftover sand, and you are done!

Muriatic Acid Method

For this treatment, you will need Muriatic Acid (known as Hydrochloric Acid), concrete sealants, a bucket, protective eyeglasses, clothes, and gloves. Once you have prepared them well, wear all the protective gear and get ready:

Step 1: Combine water and muriatic acid in a mixing bowl (the ratio is 1:20, with water being the major). Then mix the solution well.

Step 2: Distribute the solution onto the stains and wipe it off. If the stains do not completely fade, add some Hydrochloric Acid to the water to make it stronger. 

Step 3: After driving the stains away, reclean the marked area with clean water.

Step 4: Now that you’ve got spotless concrete. It is time to apply concrete sealant to prevent further stains.

Concrete Sealing Process (source)

Applying Absorbents

This method requires you to prepare a towel/old cloth, baby powder, liquid dish soap, and Nylon Brush. In case baby powder is not available, you can use sawdust as an alternative.

Here is the whole process:

Step 1: Use towels or old cloths to remove as many wood stains as possible. Dispose of the towels or used rags in the garbage after wiping.

Use a Towel To Remove Wood Stains On Concrete (source)

Step 2: Once you complete cleaning the wood stains, protect the area with plastic film and secure the borders with tapes. This way helps keep the air out.

After 24 hours, take the covering out, clean the absorbent, and put the dirt in the trash can.

Step 3

Now, mix the dish soap well with water and transfer the mixture to a spray bottle. Then distribute them into any remaining stain and rub with the nylon brush until lather forms. Scrub away all the stains until they totally disappear. 

Poultice Method

This poultice method would need poultice, a towel (or cloths), acetone, a bowl, plastic wrap, a brush, protective clothes, eyeglasses, and gloves. Make sure you put on protective gear and glasses before doing the first step below!

Step 1: The initial step is to combine poultice with acetone in a bowl. Mix them well until they become a thin paste. If its consistency is similar to peanut butter, it means that the paste is ready to use.

Step 2: It is time to distribute the poultice solution onto the wood stains. Apply it with a brush, and remember to be generous. Then, cover the applied areas with plastic wrap and tape around the margins after distribution. It would be best to let the areas dry and stay in for at least a day since it takes a long to dissolve the stains.

Step 3: Once twenty-four hours have passed, take the poultice solution with your brush. Then, use a moist towel or cloth to clean off all remaining. Ultimately, it shows a clean, spotless concrete surface.


Hopefully, you have known how to remove wood stain from concrete after reading my post. Remember that you can select one out of five methods below; it depends on your availability.

Whatever you choose, always remember to put on protective gear to protect yourself from dangerous chemicals. Though I mentioned this many times before, it is never unnecessary!

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