How To Repair Scratches On Luxury Vinyl Flooring? Best Tips For You

Vinyl flooring is the most popular interior choice in a range of finishes due to its low cost, water resistance, and suitability for house renovations. However, scratches and cracks will destroy your floor’s beautiful surface over time! The luxury vinyl will then turn old and ugly as a result.

What to do then? Can you fix scratches in vinyl flooring? How to repair scratches on luxury vinyl flooring effectively at home?

Don’t worry! We have some suggestions to assist you in resolving this issue. Let’s take a look at this post to discover those tips!

Does Luxury Vinyl Plank Scratch Easily?

A piece of good news for you – vinyl plank flooring does not scratch or chip easily! This means that you normally don’t need to worry about those accident ugly scratches on your floor made by spills, pets, kids, or any major damage. 

Luxury vinyl floors and sheets are especially durable and moisture or dents resistant. In case your vinyl tile suffers from severe damage, rest assured that it is quite easy to maintain.

How To Repair Scratches On Luxury Vinyl Flooring? 

We’ve put together the following step-by-step instruction for fixing scratches on luxury vinyl flooring:

Stage 1: Sweep The Scraped Area

You must clean the scraped area before beginning the repairing process. In this way, you can quickly determine the scratches’ depth and figure out the relevant fixing method. If you are lucky enough, the scratches are minor that will only require a good mopping to solve the issue. 

You can remove a scratch on your floor by mixing one cup of floor cleaner with a bucket of warm water. Then, put a washcloth into the liquid, ensure it keeps the heat moist, and deeply clean the area.

Keep in mind that before moving on to the next step, clean the area thoroughly with a dry towel or wait for it to fully dry.

Stage 2: Smooth The Impact Spot

After that, you’ll need to polish the scratch and remove any sharp edges with the help of sandpaper. To achieve the best results, polish the afflicted area with three different types of sandpaper in the following order:

Standard P320 Sandpaper: This type will discard most of the scratches and leave you with smoother edges.

Smoother P500 Sandpaper: With a higher level of fineness, it may remove any previous wax from the scratch’s surface, allowing you to wax the plank in the next stage. Besides, don’t forget to rub the scrape in a circular direction for the best result! 

The Best P800 Sandpaper: You should apply this sandpaper for the last stage. Gently rub the scratched place until it is entirely smooth, then check the floor again if it needs more polishing.

Stage 3: Apply The Wax

Honestly, you can skip this step if your floor doesn’t have many visible scratches. 

At this stage, use wax sticks to cover the scrapes. Be mindful of the location of the scratches and apply more pressure on these spots. Believe us; the wax will help you bring back the shining beauty of your luxury vinyl flooring after you finish filling the scratches!

During the process, you can put a tiny quantity of wax on the newly-polished scratch with a clean cloth till you gain the desired shine. Additionally, remember to wipe up all the spilled wax with a clean moist towel!

Stage 4: Replace Deeply Scratched Planks

Before moving to the fourth step, you should try steps 1–3 to see whether the plank needs to be replaced. 

If the gouge remains after sanding and waxing, it’s clear that a more complex repair is required! You may either replace or refinish it; the decision is up to you! 

Even though you may need to replace the planks with deep dents,  it is still less expensive than changing the whole new floor.

Now, you’re ready to install a new luxury vinyl plank by removing the damaged tile and using a scraper to loosen it. In case it still won’t come out, hold a hammer and pry bar to continue!

Vinyl floor scratch repair: Relacing a new plank process

Next, remove any leftover glue to apply new glue on the back of a plank. After that, push the new tile into the position where the old one was removed, ensuring it fits the old one.

Tips To Prevent Scrapes On A Luxury Vinyl Floor? 

– Move Furniture With Caution: Assure you don’t pull them over the vinyl. Covering furniture’s feet with soft resin pieces is the best way to preserve the floor’s surface.

– Place a doormat at the entry door to help you trap away tiny stuff like rocks or sand that stick under the bottom of your shoes and possibly damage the floor.

– To keep the areas that you regularly walk out of scratches, we normally seek the help of rub pads. They can prevent you from falling and help to avoid friction that can scratch the finish over time.

– Sweep the floor every day to protect the vinyl finish from potential stuff that may harm the surface.

– To keep your floors in good condition, we suggest using floor protectors. Specifically, these helpful furniture pads protect any surface from scratch and act as noise absorbers.

Final Verdict 

After reading this content, you surely now know how to remove scratches from vinyl flooring properly. Apparently, although vinyl plank flooring is quite resilient, it can still easily get scratches again and again.

So, the best method to treat this issue is prevention that can save both your time and effort! Some highly recommended solutions are to avoid pulling heavy furniture on the floor, rubber feet, doormats, rub pads, regular cleaning, and floor protectors. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s note all the prevention methods we have listed above to protect your beautiful floor from now! Thank you for reading our post. See you then!

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