What Are The Resolve Carpet Cleaner Ingredients?

Carpets surely add a cozy vibe to your home. But a carpet with stubborn chocolate, coffee, and juice stains is a nightmare to clean. 

Thanks to the science and technology behind it, Resolve Carpet Cleaner has become our savior to solve this matter.

Knowing what Resolve Carpet Cleaner ingredients are will help you choose the right product and handle the cleaning job better.

Resolve Carpet Cleaner Ingredients

Resolve Ultra Pet Stain & Odor Remover Spray

Resolve Carpet Cleaner works based on the chemical reactions between its ingredients.

Therefore, Resolve Carpet Cleaner has quite a wide range of ingredients, from basic to extra powerful one.

The basic Resolve Cleaners can be used daily and often come with a mild texture and a simple ingredients list including:

  • Water
  • Surfactants
  • Fragrance
  • Peroxide

The maintenance Resolve Cleaners are secret weapons when it comes to stubborn stains. This type of cleaner contains a list of stronger, more complicated ingredients like:

  • Isobutane
  • Monohexyl ether/propylene glycol methyl ether
  • Acrylic acid
  • Sodium salts
  • Alcohol/isopropyl alcohol/rubbing alcohol
  • Bleaches
  • Enzymes

How to Clean Carpet Using Resolve Cleaner?

Step 1: Choose the Right Method and Product

Before cleaning, knowing the method that you’ll use to clean the carpet is important. There are three common methods you can choose to treat a carpet.

  • Steam cleaning – suitable for large areas and deep cleaning. 

Hot water steam or hot water extraction will be injected into the carpet with a high-pressure jet spray. It makes removing dirt from the carpet easier and cleans more thoroughly. 

  • Dry cleaning – the best choice for high-traffic areas that need a throughout surface cleaning and fast-drying time. 

This method requires less water than steam cleaning.

  • Bonnet cleaning (soft cleaning) – the most common method to quickly remove stains and spots. 

All you need to do is spray the cleaning agent onto the stains, leave it there for about five minutes, then blot with cloth. 

Based on the ingredients differences, different textured Resolve cleaner serves various purposes. A mild texture product is good for steam cleaning and dry cleaning. However, products with powder or foam texture can be used for dry cleaning as well. To quickly treat stains and spots, a spray cleaner always comes in handy.

Step 2: Remove Dirt 

Remove as much dirt on the carpet as you can by vacuuming in advance will give the chemicals in Resolve Cleaner more room to work on the stains and dirt. Later on, make it easier to remove them from the carpet. 

Step 3: Carpet Cleaning

Spray or pour a fair amount of the cleaning solution onto the area you want to clean, blot it in with a cloth so the chemicals can go deep into the fibers. Leave in for three to five minutes, then vacuum. 

Repeat the process if necessary, and remember to shake the bottle well before using for the best result.

Final Thoughts!

Over-wetting is a common problem when it comes to cleaning carpets. A wet carpet is more likely to catch dirt, smell far from refreshing, and to make matters worse,  become an ideal environment for bacteria. 

If the carpet seems too wet, suck as much water out as possible, and let it dry thoroughly before reusing.We hope you found useful information in this article about Resolve Carpet Cleaner ingredients and how to clean carpets. Enjoy your spotless and odorless carpet! See you!

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