What You Should and Shouldn’t Dry Clean?

Our outfit in the first impression determines how people look at you. Therefore, you must wash and maintain your clothes properly in order to avoid wearing them out after several uses.

But how to do it? Easy-peasy!

First, check the tag of your clothes. They may have some instructions for washing the fabric. Usually, there would be common tags such as: ‘Do Not Dry Clean’ or ‘Dry Clean Only’ that you should look out for as it will determine your pieces’

Clothes Tag

Why Do Some Clothes Have Tags That Say “Do Not Dry Clean”?

Here’s the thing:

Dry cleaning is the act of washing without water. Instead, clothes are soaked in solvent and then steamed to remove the stains and dust. Therefore, some materials can have a chemical reaction to solvents such as:

  • Certain dyes can be faded and removed from the clothes
  • Imitation leathers made of vinyl can cause cracking or peeling.
  • Glue from the glitters can be dissolved and detached from the clothes.

What You Should and Shouldn’t Dry Clean: An Overall View

You might have realized that washing clothes requires specific knowledge and extra care to keep them usable for a longer time.

Let’s discover what types of fabrics that can be washable or dry cleaned.

What You Should Dry Clean



As Linen-based clothing is easily wrinkled during usage, it’s not advisable to put them in the washing machine as the strong spin cycles can wear out linen-based pieces.

Thus, it’s best to opt for a dry clean option as you can press the fabric and straighten out any bit of wrinkle.


Silk is an extremely delicate and soft material that can be split, chafe, or shred when put in a washing machine. Losing the natural softness and smoothness is unfavorable to any silk consumer. Having silk dry cleaned, the fabric can maintain its color and consistency.


If you have a sweater, you might experience the tragic accident of having your sweater shrunk after mistakenly putting it in the washing machine. As wool fibers are not smooth and it would get entangled during the washing. It’s wiser to transfer this stress to a professional dry cleaner.


Real leather is similar to wool as it comes from bio-sources. While washing machines can break and peel off your leather, dry cleaning helps the leather stay intact and not damaged.

Sequin and Heavy Detailed Clothing

Sequin clothes and clothes detailed with beads, embroidery, and feathers bring more color and sparks to our wardrobe. But keep in mind that washing sequin clothes will ruin their shape or break the glue and connection of the thread.


Suits belong to the formal clothing segment and need extra care. That’s why most of the suits are tagged ‘dry clean only’ for a reason. Many things can go wrong such as shredding fabric, shrinking lining, and bumpy shoulder pads if you put a suit in a normal washing machine.


Velvet is luxurious and not easy to preserve. Dry cleaning can help maintain the consistency of the texture and prevent it from being crushed and damaged.

What You Shouldn’t Dry Clean

Hand-washing can be applied to some fabrics. Image by Rod Waddington


Some people might think Cashmere is a type of expensive fabric so it needs to be dry cleaned. However, it is the harsh chemical that some dry cleaner uses that can damage the fabric. Therefore, it is recommended that you wash it in cold water and use little detergent.

Cotton Clothing

Although it is an unstable fabric, cotton clothing can be easily handled with hand-washing. Just a bit of soap and warm water and your favorite cotton shirt will be cleaned again.


Denim is such a common fabric that everyone can afford it. Therefore, it has a sustainable and easy to wash texture which people can simply apply hand-wash or machine-wash. Using dry cleaning service would be a waste of money for this fabric.


Synthetics fabrics are deprived of plastic and not good with high-temperature which can damage and even melt the fibers. Thus, it’s hard to dry clean them but easy to deal with them in cold water.


I hope after going through our(Clairoliviawayman) post today, you would have a better knowledge about clothing and what you should and shouldn’t dry clean.

Many people enjoy shopping trendy, luxurious and expensive clothes but don’t take into account how much effort it takes to maintain them. It’s important to know which types of clothing would fit to which style of washing to preserve the original texture and color.

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