Winter Coat Care: Should I Dry Clean My Wool Coat?

To have a jacket ready for the chilly winter ahead, it’s time to take good care of your favorite item. Why do I have to dry clean my wool coat? When should I dry clean my wool coat? And how to keep my wool coat clean throughout winter?

We’ll provide information to help you take care of your favorite wool coat. Let’s get started!


Should I Dry Clean My Wool Coat?

When your beautiful wool coat needs cleaning, dry cleaning is the best solution. This cleaning method is suitable for the texture and material of a wool coat. After dry cleaning, your wool coat will be in better condition.

4 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Wool Coat Dry-cleaned

Suitable Cleaning Mode

Different fabrics require separate washing modes. And, dry cleaning ensures that the sensitive wool fibers of the jacket are not stretched or damaged.

No Water Damage

Water can damage wool coats. Therefore, dry cleaning with organic solvents will ensure the “safety” of your coat. The solvents used in dry cleaning do not damage sensitive materials on your favorite item.

Make Sure The Wool Coat Looks Like The Original

We often worry that our favorite wool coat will tear, damage the wool yarn, or even lose some accessories, etc. But with dry cleaning, these issues never happen. Your wool coat will not be squeezed and cleaned by water, so the decorative accessories on it will be kept intact.

Extend The Life Of Your Wool Coat

Traditional cleaning will damage the wool without you even knowing it. So, what are the signs of damage on your wool coat? For instance, Fabric fibers are stretched by soaking in water. Even your shirt will tear over time due to the effects of detergent. Dry cleaning with the right organic solvent will give your wool coat a better and longer-lasting condition.

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When My Wool Coat Needs to Dry Clean?

  • Please clean your wool coat at the end of the winter before storing it in warmer weather. Body oil, sweat, and invisible stains attract moths and other insects.
  • Wool coats labeled dry-wash only should be washed two times per year at the end and the beginning of the coldest months.

How To Keep My Wool Coat Looking Fresh?

  • Gently brush the coat after you wear it to remove any dirt on the surface. Brush one direction only, starting from the top, and go down whenever it starts to look clear.
  • You should use wooden coat hangers or padded ones for your coat.
  • To repel unwanted bugs, look for cedar loops, blocks, and packages to place on a hanger and inboxes. Cedarwood can lose capacity after months. So you can use sandpaper to rub the cedar and cedar will produce oil again. Never keep woolen coats (or any clothing) in dry-clean plastic bags. You can use a cloth sewing bag or mesh bag to avoid dust when your jacket is in your wardrobe.
  • During warmer seasons, keep your sweater in a newly-cleaned, dehydrated, and well-ventilated place. Don’t store in the buggy or dirty storage areas such as lofts, garages, and cellars.

In Conclusion

We all want to use a wool coat that lasts for as many seasons as possible. It will be easy if you take good care of and choose the right clean method for your wool coat.

With the above advice, we hope you have the best answer to the question, “should I dry clean my wool coat”. Applying our tips will help keep your wool coat in its best condition. Good luck!

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