How To Stop A Bed From Sliding On Hardwood Floors

I used to wake up in the middle of the night when my bed would roll across hardwood floors. Then, I could not go back to sleep. It really stresses me out for a long time. Since it harms my health not being able to sleep back after waking up at midnight. 

I have done some research and experiments to find the solutions. How to Stop a Bed from Sliding on Wood Floor? In the end, I have got the answers. If this is a problem that you have, keep on reading to know the solutions.


Why Do Beds Roll On Hardwood Floors?

The underneath side of most beds lacks any traction, which makes them easy prey on smooth surfaces like hardwood and marble floors! As such, if someone gets out or steps in your bed at night, it can move around easily enough without much effort. 

This affects the quality of sleep as these circumstances may make getting up through the morning feel tiresome. Thankfully there are several measures I’ve found helpful in reducing how often this happens – see below!

How to Stop a Bed from Sliding on Wood Floor?

You might think that heavier beds don’t slide. Wrong! 

Obviously, beds with light bed frames move on hardwood floors or other smooth surfaces – but heavy ones also do this. Not only do they allow movement, but they also can cause wear. So what to do?

Place a Rug Between the Bed and the Floor

One of the best ways to keep your bedsteads in place is with a rug. A large, thick pile will allow you impressionist grooves that are perfect for creating an elegant look and feel without worrying about them moving or shifting while sleeping on it!

Remember, the thicker pile of the carpet means your bed’s legs are going to stay put on your floor!

Plus, We’ve all had those mornings when we step on the cold ground, especially in the winter, only to have our toes go numb from being in contact with it. A rug is an excellent way of preventing that. It’s also a great option if you don’t like wearing slippers because there is no need for shoe covers!

Wrap the Bottoms of the Frame with Rubber

In my experience, this method best fits bed legs in U-shaped. It’s a great way to keep your bed in place that has been posted on several forums and blogs as an affordable alternative for those looking to save money.

All you need are old bicycle tires (best with tread), a cutting tool, and some rubber. 

Simply cut two old bicycle tires the right length and wrap them with rubber with the outside of tires facing outwards, so there’s friction between them and the floor. This can keep your bed from sliding!

You might question the aesthetic value of this type of leg. Still, they’re usually hidden from view, so you don’t need to worry about their appearance too much unless you spend lots of time under your bed.

Apply Rubber Feet to the Feet of the Bed

Using rubber pads is a great, either permanent or temporary, way to prevent furniture from sliding on different types of surfaces, including hardwood and vinyl.  

Rubber feet are easy to find and come in various types. They can be attached with an adhesive on one side, so you don’t have the hassle of screwing them into place every time. Or, they have screws built-in, which makes it easier than ever before!

This solution is durable and can hide perfectly from view when lying on top of your mattress, which means there are no unsightly marks or stains left behind in case you ever need to move it around again! 

However, this type of mat could be more visible against other surfaces like carpet because they lack adhesive qualities. So, if aesthetics matter most – then consider other options instead.

Permanently Attach the Bed Frame to the Wall

If you try to stop your bed from moving but all fail and recognize you have solid walls, it might be worth considering this method. All you need is to drill your bed’s frame head to the wall behind.  

Attaching the bed to your wall is an easy way. With a set of wall plugs, a drill, and some relatively long screws, you will be able to attach the bed to your walls.

Nonetheless, this means creating 3 small holes on the wall so just make sure to consider that before doing this method because once again: 3 small holes won’t be pretty, and you might not want them to show up when guests come over. 

To ensure the best sleep possible, make sure that bedding is placed in your desired spot and try to sleep on that bed for a few days before really fixing your bed onto the wall. If not satisfied with your room’s current layout, consider opting out as re-configuring on an ongoing basis is not possible after fixing.  

Put Bed Risers on For Additional Space for Storage

Did you know that you can use bed risers to elevate your bed by 6 inches (15 cm) to 2 feet (.61 m)?  

A bed riser is a great way to add extra storage space and grip on your floor. Not only can it provide you with an elevated surface, but by picking up the base of your bed frame, it will give more room for clothes or other mementos that take up less than regular-sized closets!

Whether you have a tall or short bed, there are risers to suit your needs. It is available at most home goods stores. You can find them in even cone-shaped or pyramid shapes, so choose the one that looks best when putting underneath the bed frame. 

Position Your Bed in The Corner of The Room

If your bed is against the wall, it has added support to stop it from sliding. Place it in an L-shape with one side touching and head against another. This will stop any rocking or sliding effects from occurring due to contact between both walls while laying down at night.

Placing it in a corner

If you have more than one person sharing the bed, this position can be slightly irritating. Just imagine, one of them has to lie close to an inside wall, and they’re stuck there due to their partner blocking on the other side. Annoying, right? 

Also, before replacing your mattress off into a corner, please consider all these factors below as well. I mentioned it earlier! I would not recommend this method if:

  • Your room has unusual corners. 
  • The room is for older people. This is because the method needs two people climbing on the same side or from below, which isn’t ideal for older individuals due to limited mobility issues caused by the aging bodies.
  • If you have kids and they like to jump on the bed forcefully (or even just run) as they may slam it against walls and hurt themselves.

Remove the Wheels If Your Bed Frame has Them

The wheels on your bed frame are a major contributing factor to the problem of it sliding around. Despite having locked the wheels, your bed can still move. So, the best solution is to remove those wheels. All you need is to lift up each leg and unscrew them with a screwdriver, then put all the hardware in a bag for future use if needed!


I have a bed that rolls on hardwood floors. The first time was really surprising for me, but after the third time, it became more annoying than anything else. When I discovered How to Stop a Bed from Sliding on Wood Floor, I felt much better about this situation.  

The solutions above are all that I came up with after trying them many times, so I am sure that they work. Try them out and share with me your experience. I’d love to see it.

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