How To Stop A Wool Rug From Shedding – Ultimate Tips

When I first purchased my wool rug, I was excited to have a new addition to the living room. However, soon after purchase, it became apparent that this rug sheds like crazy! It doesn’t stop shedding, no matter what you do to it. 

If you are thinking about buying a wool rug for your home or office space, keep reading because I will share with you how to stop a wool rug from shedding and looking awful below!


What Causes A Wool Rug To Shred? 

Shedding is inevitable for new rugs, yet they stop after light vacuuming or wear has occurred. However, if your current situation does not improve within a couple of months, there may be two contributing factors: the material of choice and make/model design issues.  


The material determines the quality of a rug it’s made from. Let’s take wool as an example in this article. The type of wool determines the durability and style of weave for that rug. 

Wool from high-mountain breeds can be very durable, while lower land breeds tend to have a coarser texture with more shedding over time. 

This is because these sheep are sheared too frequently, and their wool is left short, so manufacturers will take their short fibers and cover them in an adhesive agent to bring them together. Over time, the glue breaks down, and the little bits begin to shed.

How It Is Made

The way a rug is made can also affect its shedding. Wool rugs that are hand-knotted shed much much less than those tufted by machine because of the time it takes to complete each stitch!

Hand-tufted rugs shed because of the process of making them. The making process of these carpets uses a tool that shoots wool tufts through their webbing. 

Then, manufacturers will shear them to level and undercoat them with latex glue before putting them up on canvas backing. This shearing procedure may leave millions of tiny wool strands in a pile, which will lead the carpet to shed. 

How To Stop A Wool Rug From Shedding?

Move Carpet To Low-Traffic Place

The thing I did when I brought home my wool rug is to make sure that it’s placed in those low-traffic areas because high-traffic areas can increase shedding by up to 50%! 

Wool fibers shed easily and will increase if they’re moved around too much or subjected to the constant action of high traffic areas like your doors or living room, where kids spend most of their time playing. 

To combat fuzz from occurring, I suggest lightly vacuuming over low settings. Still, it is best to move them away from any busy path as less contact will result in less shedding.  

Purchase A High-Quality Carpet Padding

Although putting the rug in a low-traffic area can reduce wear and tear, it will still shed. Therefore, preserving the fibers while using them will help them shed properly.

You can get a high-quality rug pad to put underneath your carpet. I did this before, and it worked amazingly, to be honest. This way makes for more comfortable footing when walking around all day long and protects against excessive wear & tear from heavy traffic areas​​. 

To me, one inch is the ideal difference in length and width of the two to ensure that the rug will cover the padding.  

Rake The Rug Regularly

Based on my experience, weekly rug care is the key to keeping the rugs looking at their best. You can do it more often if needed. 

Usually, I use a special rake to do the job. Other tools like brooms or a pet brush can work too, but be sure not to use harsh products on delicate fibers as this may damage them over time.

Trim The Excess Wool

This method is one of my go-to methods as it is very easy to do. 

My advice for this one is: When trim tufts of wool that emerge above the carpet surface with a sharp pair of scissors, cut them even with surrounding carpets to not undermine their appearance. Also, avoid pulling on fibers, or else more shedding will occur. Collect the loose fibers and balls with your hand, and voila, you’re done. 

Vacuum Regularly

The first few months of owning a wool rug are crucial to its life. So, I often vacuum it at least once or twice per week. If you do, too, please do it with caution and avoid heavy-duty vacuums as well as beater bars so as not to damage the pile construction.  

Frequent Dusting

New rug sheds! It sheds for quite some time (usually six months) and then reduces.  

During that time, I dusted my rug every day to keep the fibers from sticking to the upholstery and leaving a bad appearance. If possible, you can also dust it frequently. 

My way of dusting is to take it outside and shake it as hard as possible to make loose wool fibers come off. After removing loose fibers, I put the rug back in a low-traffic area to protect it from excess shedding.

Keeping Pets Away 

Pets love to knead your rug and will surely have a lot of shedding if you allow them near. I advise you to place the rug somewhere untouchable to your pets or make them stay away, or else you could end up with an unruly coat!

Avoiding Dirt Accumulation

If you have placed your rug at the door, make sure to clean off all of your footwear before stepping on it. You don’t want any dirt getting into that beautiful piece and then wearing away its fibers with each step!

What To Do With A Wool Rug That Is Already Shredded?

Do you own a rug that sheds? Do you want to stop it from shedding? I will share these few things I have done, and they work:   

  • A new rug needs time to “slough off” the excess fibers that are in its pile. After a few months, these will dissipate and leave your floor looking clean again!
  • Vacuuming once per week on the lowest setting will do just fine for most people’s needs. Over vacuuming with strong suction or using a beater bar can damage your rug and make it shed more.  
  • Rotating your rug every six months or so will help even out the wear. You may notice increased shedding in areas of heavy foot traffic, but it’s worth rotating for faster results! Walking on the carpet helps move these hairs around and speeds up their shedding process!
  • Some poorly-made rugs shed a lot, and they may never stop shedding. In that case, the solution is a high-quality rug with superior materials and construction methods to combat this shedding issue!
  • Keeping your rug in proper shape is a way to avoid shedding. You can do this by frequently cleaning and caring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does The Shedding Last?

The shedding issue may be very severe with new rugs. After having had a rug for one or two months, it will settle down and stop shedding. 

Is It Ok To Vacuum A Wool Rug?

With proper care, wool carpets and rugs can last decades. Still, vacuums with too much suction could damage the fibers and decrease their lifetime of use as well! It’s also important when choosing your cleaner to consider whether or not there is a beater bar along or soft bristles on board. 

Final Thoughts

Wool rugs are beautiful, but they can quickly become a mess. When you find that your rug is starting to shed, it’s time to take action. This post has covered what causes wool rugs to shed and how to stop a wool rug from shedding

I’ve tried it and the outcome seems satisfying enough. It’s time you try these tips out and see if my advice solves your headache!

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