How To Stop Washing Machine Moving On Laminate Floor

Do you know what is frustrating? When the washing machine of your home starts moving across your laminate floor. I have been there, and so have many others. 

Back then, I was so excited to find my new apartment until I realized it had a laminate floor. Every time I turned my washing machine on, my floor would start shaking and moving. If you are in this situation too, read on to find out how to stop washing machine moving on laminate floor.


Why Does Washing Machine Move On The Laminate Floor?

Based on my experience, four main factors cause your machine to move on your laminate floor.

The Weight Of Load Is Uneven

It’s always important to follow the recommended weight for your machine. If you load it unevenly, whether by adding too much or less material than what is needed on top of it – vibration can result in the washing machine moving on the floor or even getting damaged.  

It might take a while before noticing any signs when using an unleveled unit. However, these problems become more apparent over time.

Washing machine on Laminate Floor

Appliance Levelling

If your machine is shaking hard during spin cycles, it could mean that the appliance isn’t level. You can quickly check if this has happened by putting a spirit level on top of the vibrating appliance and seeing if there are any discrepancies between where one meets another or not quite sitting flush against its body, for example, near an edge(s).

The best way to avoid a wobbly washing machine is by making sure all four legs are firmly planted. If you place it on carpet or if there’s something under its pedestal-like base and you don’t balance it right, the vibrating can get worse and have even more of an effect than usual.

Still Attached Transit Bolts

If you just got a brand new washing machine and it started vibrating in the first wash, there’s no need to panic. It is most likely because some shipping materials are still attached. Typically, it might be one bolt on each bottom center mount for top-loading washers or three more installed around the back.

In other cases, there’re likely to be some spacers/clamps that may have been used during the installation of your particular model. It’s important to read the instructions before turning it on because these bolts and clamps can cause serious problems. 

Make sure you take off any shipping materials from around it not to damage anything when you operate it!

Flooring Is Uneven

Uneven flooring is also one of the reasons why your machine is moving on the floor. Then, a spirit level is a good tool that will allow you (or the professionals!) to quickly check if an unevenness exists in any flooring OR walls without having to remove anything from its current location first.

How To Stop Washing Machine Moving On Laminate Floor? 

After considering which of the reasons above cause your machine to move, let’s screen through some of the solutions:

Remove Shipping Bolts

As mentioned above, there might be some bolts stuck underneath your machine, do remove them first. If let alone, they can damage the underbelly of the appliance, which is responsible for connecting with other parts like motors in order to do its job- spin clothes around until everything has been cleaned!

Get An Anti-Slip Rubber Mat

Getting a multipurpose rubber mat to prevent your machine from moving is the next solution. However, depending on what type of mat is available for purchase might be difficult or even expensive since not every mat fits perfectly underneath machines. 

The ground underneath a washer (including mine) often has tiny imperfections that lead to increased vibrations during washing. So, in this case, a rubber mat is ideal to use. 

Purchase Washing Machine Vibration Pads

The best way to keep it from shaking is by applying anti-vibration pads. There are strips that go under the feet of the machine, for example – these are often called “anti walking” because they prevent vibration. 

Level Your Appliance

Did you know that adjusting the feet of your machine is the key to making it level? In fact, almost all washing machines possess adjustable front-ends and self-aligning backsides. Just by leveling your appliance, you will see the machine shake less intensely than before. 

Balance The Load

The load of laundry can have a significant effect on the shaking in your household’s washing machine. Different types and sizes of clothes require different balances between water.

For this reason, balancing your laundry load will prevent moving or damaging machines. When using the machine, ensure you put the clothes and stuff with the same amount of weight inside the machine so that it runs smoothly. Besides, do not forget not to put more clothes than you should in the machine at once. 


Do Anti-Vibration Pads Mark The Floor?

The answer to this question is yes for my specific case. Sometimes, certain anti-vibration pads have a base made from rubber and are known for marking laminate flooring when they’re installed on top of it. Because there’s nothing in between the pad and your freshly cleaned wood floors, which could cause abrasion or friction marks as well! 

The good news is that these types of marks can easily be removed by simply vacuuming them up. So, don’t worry too much about having permanent markings left behind after you move your washer/dryer back into its space at home, let alone replacing any broken appliances. Who knows how long ago those were last used (if ever).

Do Washing Machines Only Move On Laminate Floor?

The sound of a washing machine flying across the room can be quite an annoyance. Is it just laminate flooring that causes this? You might think so, but unfortunately, no! 

It all depends on how much vibration your appliance is experiencing and which factors are involved – such as quality installation or type (hardwood vs. linoleum). Yes, these types will often have more issues with movement versus other surfaces due to less friction between them.


Today’s blog post gives you some of my personal tips to teach you how to stop washing machine moving on laminate floor. If you follow all of these tips, I am sure you will see the difference. In my case, I only succeed in fixing this problem right after knowing the reason and tackle it the right way.

Remember that preventing washing machines from shaking is really important because moving machines can cause you many problems and even dangers. If the problem persists after you try all of my tips, don’t hesitate to contact a professional for help.

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